Random 5 for August 7 – The art of wall painting

main bathroomToday’s grouping is not so random. I painted our main bath this week and came up with these:

I want to skip this! – Prep work is boring. There is no instant gratification. It takes twice the time with no visual reward. Skipping this step punishes you severely in the end. I know.

OMG! That’s not the right color! — The beloved husband is used to hearing this. How can you tell if it’s the right color after you’ve done a stroke or two? The old wall color is peeping through and you have that blue (or green) painter’s tape contrasting with everything. The color was darker than I expected. I didn’t factor in a windowless room. Makes a big difference but not enough to repaint. If I can’t get used to it I will sponge a lighter color on top for a mottled effect.

Step away from the caulk gun – Caulking takes a skill set I left behind at my last home along with my favorite tree (which was promptly cut down by the new owners). It’s like the blob. It creeps everywhere. As soon as you turn your back it starts oozing out of the tube at high-speed (yes, even if you pulled the plunger thingie). I had less than 15’ to caulk in a straight run so how did it end up on my elbow, knees and everywhere but in the crevice?

Aw crap! – Everything is put away when you see a missed spot. In this case a periwinkle blue was peeking out of a camel wall. Yes I had to go to the basement, get the can of paint and fix it. Although I didn’t see it for 24 hours, once I saw it I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

I was lucky – None of my current cats were interested. That’s a good thing. I once painted a bedroom pale yellow only to find pale yellow paw prints all over the house (including on the totally black cat).

At the end of the day, it was completely done (and cheaply!); I will get used to the color; and it works with my towels so I don’t need to buy new stuff.


So how was your week?

43 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 7 – The art of wall painting

  1. I’m so happy you were victorious. The bathroom looks great. My week? Ugh! Computer connectivity problems have been a plague, but I’d much rather graple with that than painting a room. Actually, I’ve never, ever painted a room. You win gold oompared to me.


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  3. We approve of the colour, a nice neutral colour, but We think a few pawprints here and there would have been even better (mol).
    We can’t understand how your kitties didn’t snoopervise, as We would have done!

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  4. People think throwing a coat of paint in the walls is easy. It’s NOT. The prep work is time consuming with no real reward and the cleanup is just as bad. In between you better have patience for the trim, cutting, etc.
    and don’t even get me started on trying to pick paint colors.

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    • Picking colors from those little squares is tricky. It’s a real crap shoot! I especially hated cleanup when the paint was oil based. It’s a little easier with the latex but there is all that taping and stuff. My cutting skills are getting a little shaky too! Glad it’s done.

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  5. Blue is my favorite color, and I LOVE the photo up front. So spare and clean…ahhh…my kinda look.

    I did have visions of three tails swishing in paint like furry rollers helping you and the Hubs out. I mean, they live there too after all, and should pitch in.

    I’m just saying. 🙂

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  6. I once painted our powder room a deep, deep blue (I saw a picture in a design magazine and fell in love) despite my husband’s warning that it would be too dark. Guess what… it was too dark (ouch!). I re-painted it periwinkle. After about 10 years, it’s time to paint again. I’m not looking forward to the prep or the multiple coats it will take, but the finished product will – hopefully – make it worth it (like yours).

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    • I have a deep blue in our bath but it’s a long narrow room with one side full of windows. It worked there but the window side is a creamy off white. The color I picked (which isn’t quite the color in the photo) would look good in any room with light. Live and learn.

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  7. Bathroom looks good. I painted mine bright yellow a few years ago and hated it for a couple of days. Now I love that welcoming sunshine on a dark morning. The rest of the day… I wear sunglasses!

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