Sassy cats – The sage of the pee towels

Back when Jake was alive I had a collection of white towels. I called them pee towels because that’s what they were.

Hey Cupcake! Come quick! There's a pee lump in the box!

Hey Cupcake! Come quick! There’s a pee lump in the box!

Jake was fastidious with his toilet. He didn’t like to walk in a litter box that had pee lumps. With three other cats in the house, even with frequent scooping, there were pee balls in there. In that case he would look for something soft and absorbent to pee on.

At first it was throw carpets. He was considerate. They always were the ones that you can toss in the washer.

Once he mistook my hip waders for something soft and absorbent. It took a long time to get that dang smell out of the rubber vinyl.

I started to put a towel down for him to use at his discretion to make laundry easier.

He never pooped on them. They were “pee” only. He would poop in the box or yowl to go outside and poop there. No accidents or miscalculations.

The towels were washed with bleach therefore they were white. We used them to dry off outdoor furniture and  for other tasks but they were always called the pee towels.

Jake has been gone almost a year and we still have his pee towels. We used them last week when the dishwasher broke and flooded the kitchen.

“I’ll get the pee towels!”

Some things never change!

Here is the morning ritual between Jake and Morgan up until a few months before his death. No cats were injured or encouraged.


40 thoughts on “Sassy cats – The sage of the pee towels

  1. It’s funny to think of a cat being so fastidious and it amuses me to hear the vocabulary you developed to work around his habits. I never thought of the clumps as “pee balls,” but that’s what they are. You took such good care of Jake. He was definitely a character!

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  2. That Jake had it figured out.
    We started keeping the “special” towels in the laundry room so no one grabs them. RC has figured out that when she decides the facilities needs freshening, she only need to leave a memo blob in the bathmat. She is considerate and rolls the mat up so nothing is accidentally squished by foot. A reminder on the cell phone would be better, but we’ve refused to buy her one

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    • Jake started with the shower mats which he would fold over although there was one case of a person getting urine squished between newly clean toes (can’t be squeamish in a house of animals). I would have bought him a cell phone if that would have worked! I like keeping the towels upstairs in a remote (how do visitors find it?) closet. Freaking out guests is one of the pleasures of having them. Otherwise it’s all work! (PS: I always enjoy your comments!)

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  3. Teddy doesn’t like to use the box if there is anything in it other than litter and I don’t blame him I wouldn’t want to use a toilet that wasn’t flushed by the previous user. Jack is less picky but he does stand up before he is quite done so there are wee-wee pads put down for that.

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  4. I use the more PC term of “junk towels.” While they are used for all kinds of
    things, such as mopping up floods, cleaning outdoor furniture, etc….we have so many of them because of the pee mopping issue. For us, is is the elderly demented dog.

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    • Pee towels are more fun and totally gross out visitors (which is my most favorite thing to do). Yes, aging pets, sigh! There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them but my workload lifted considerably when Jake passed. Shots, towel cleanups, figuring out if he was outside, etc. However, I would have preferred to have him around.


  5. Tigger doesn’t like using a “used” litter box either . . . so he calls us to come flush it out after each use!

    Glad you’re finding a good use for Jake’s towels. Amazing that it’s been a year already.

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  6. aaww some things are never worthy of tossing out. Pee towels are one. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Speaking of pee towels. I pee on towels. They are *my* towels in my potty patch in my bedroom. Pee only.

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  7. Wonder what it is with some cats and peeing? Let me be more specific, wonder what it was with the male cats I’ve had and peeing. Steve would pee on anything left in front of the fireplace. Didn’t matter what it was or the state of his litter box. If there was something on the floor in front of the fireplace, he would pee on it. Then with Emit, he would pee in his box, but he would also pee on anything soft on the floor, never directly on the carpet, But if there was something between him and the carpet that was soft to the touch? You could rest assured, he’d pee on it. So weird.

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    • I only had this issue with Jake and he was my only male cat. When we first moved into our house (which was brand new) he picked a spot on the carpet in the guest room closet where he hid until he got comfortable with the new digs. I cleaned and covered it. He was good for many years. When he got diabetes he got more finicky with his peeing habits and that’s when the towels started. All in all there weren’t many accidents but the only accident I have with the girls is when Morgan (who is a tall cat) hoists her butt too high and it spritzes over the edge. I put a puppy pee pad there and all is good. She doesn’t do it often.

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    • But do you call them pee towels? When Jake passed I almost donated them. We have a few old towels in the garage but I’m glad I didn’t. I have about 8 of them and I’ve used them for a lot of things that I don’t want to use the usually dirty garage towels.


    • Yes although it’s off-putting for visitors. One overnight guest decided to get their own towel instead of using the fluffy new one I put out for them. Yep, you guessed it. They pulled out and used a pee towel. I could hardly contain my laughter when I told them. Guess they won’t be back!

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