Sassy cats – more dog stories, the Rotti grand pup

This was a lot like him. Source:

This was a lot like him. Source:

My step-daughter had a Rottweiler dog when she was in college. He was good protection especially when she went running. Despite how fierce he looked, he was a beloved pampered pet.

She always brought him home when she visited her Dad. On one trip around Christmas the beloved husband was going out for a walk and the dog wanted to go along. He was used to runs so it should have been a piece of cake.

Except that the walk was 5 miles round trip on a snow-covered street with hills and valleys on a very cold night.

Poor pup! He pooped out about a mile from home and laid down in the middle of the street. He used his soulful puppy dog eyes but it didn’t work. Soft whining sounds didn’t work.

Cuteness not working!

Cuteness not working!

He rolled on his back. My husband wasn’t having none of that! He did all his doggy tricks to try to get a ride.

You can’t carry a 100+ pound Rotti home so my husband had to convince the dog to get up. It was the last time they walked and that decision was mutual!

And here is the real Caine

And here is the real Caine


40 thoughts on “Sassy cats – more dog stories, the Rotti grand pup

  1. Ha ha, they won’t carry me either! I tried to get them to carry me when I was a pup and got tired on walks, but they’d just sit and wait – almost as though they knew how big I was going to get.

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  2. It is funny when the person is willing but the dog refuses to go on. We hit that periodically…people always stare so when you are dragging an uncooperative canine….like you are torturing them or something…the dogs do it on purpose and play to any available audience
    Cute dog!


  3. I just recently took our Toy Poodle (she’s 17) for a rather long walk. She loves to go on walks, but I may have overdid it this time. The poor girl got tuckered out half way through the round trip and gave up. There is nothing sadder looking than watching a guy WALKING on a street with a leash attached to a Toy Poodle—who isn’t. So, I had to pick her up and carry her (tongue panting) the rest of the way back home. After reading this, not only do I feel guilty about the whole experience, but I find myself grateful is wasn’t a Rottweiler. Otherwise I can just imagine if it were the other way around, and I was the one tuckered out, and the Rottweiler was feeling frisky. Then there’s nothing sadder than watching a Rottweiler running with a leash attached to this guy, who is being dragged behind all the way up the street.


  4. Your beloved is more stubborn than a Rottweiler! 🙂 We may be dog sitting my tenant and her boyfriend’s (Sasha lives with boyfriend) Rottweiler for a weekend in January. She’s a puppy but can’t be any more active than the Corgi grand-pup we watch….or can she?


  5. Poor freezing rottie! Usually the big, dark dogs quit moving when it’s hot, not cold. Or at least, that’s what mine did when I tried to walk him at noon in LA. He made a beeline for the shade and refused to move.

    My walks are at dawn and sunset now.


  6. I always wanted a Rottie…but now I am in love with Pitt Bulls. However, my husband will have none of it! 5 Miles!!! I am with you puppy!


    • My husband had a cocker spaniel as a child. According to stories it would be hard to match the obedience and devotion (even his wonderful wife could never match it!) of that dog. He does like dogs though.


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