Sassy cats – Time moves on

It’s been over two months since I lost my old cat Jake. Adjustments had to be made. For me it was less work and a lot less worry with a sense of loss. Not sure what the impact on the cats was. (How can you tell?)

One thing I know is that after he was gone, they still treated “his spots” as…well…his spots.

One spot was his bed near the heat register. Old cats like warm. Here he is in his favorite (but not only) bed.

Jake surrounded by his fan club. (Sorry about the fuzzy. Black cats are hard to photograph. Any cats are hard to photograph!

Jake surrounded by his fan club. (Sorry about the fuzzy. Black cats are hard to photograph. Any cats are hard to photograph!

After two months, Morgan finally climbed in to enjoy it.

Morgan making it her home.

Morgan making it her home.

Another passage.

38 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Time moves on

    • Cats aren’t as expressive as dogs but they get it. Because of the commotion when I took out the carriers for annual checkups, I knew they saw a correlation to seeing him off in a carrier and never seeing him again. I don’t know if I should have let them smell his dead body (we buried him at home) for closure.


  1. I think cats mourn in their way. I know when Henry died Dolly missed him. She didn’t especially like him but when he was gone she seemed a bit sad. I wonder if Jake’s bed will be Morgan’s domain now not to be touched by other paws?


  2. So sweet … I’m glad Morgan made it her own spot. It sounds like Jake was the alpha cat and maybe the others were hesitant to move in because of that. And I’m sure they’ve missed him … I’ve always believed cats have emotions too.


  3. When my GSD died, the rough collie mourned. He stood at the end of the garden where we’d buried her, and stood to attention with his front paws on the mound. After about 15 minutes, he came in, but didn’t want to eat and snuggled down into her blanket where he had always slept and didn’t move for what seemed like hours.

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    • I think dogs mourn more publicly than cats do. I know the cats missed having him around because he always reminded me of dinnertime. Hazel has taken that job now. Like I could forget! He was old and had little interaction with the rest so I’m not sure what they thought. He went in the carrier and didn’t come back (that they saw). Hazel went bonkers when I pulled out the carrier a couple weeks later. I wonder if she thought someone else was getting moved out.

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    • I think it was a combination of things — yes, he was feared because he would bop their head if they did something he didn’t like but it’s getting colder and even though I washed all the slobber off, perhaps any residual odor has faded. They are indeed the opportunists as we find out if we get off a chair to go to the kitchen. By the time we come back (a minute or two) there is a cat fully stretched out and sleeping.

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