Random 5 for August 23 – Family, aging, mosquitoes, frogs, customer service

The family at the shore

The family at the shore

Sweet memories — I saw roll of plastic wrap with our name in magic marker. It reminded me that this is the time of the year that we go to the beach with our siblings. We aren’t going this year. We were four couples – the beloved husband’s brother and sister and my brother all with spouses. Some have aged out of the long drive and some have health issues. We did the trip for several years knowing that any year could be our last. Last year we knew this tradition was over and we hang on to those memories a little tighter.

The invisible generation – Some say that as we age we become invisible. People don’t see us. I never thought much about it but this week I found out that it’s true. I wore my tee-shirt inside out for the entire day and not a single person noticed. Maybe I’ll cut back on the time I spend on my hair.

Skeeters! – I’m not usually bothered by mosquitoes but this has been a bumper year in my yard for the little buggers. I can’t water anything without a lot of bites. The frogs eat them but not fast enough.

A little to the right. Yes, that's the spot!

A little to the right. Yes, that’s the spot!

Speaking of frogs – Frog mating season goes from May into August but typically I don’t see activity after the heat comes in July. We had friends over on Tuesday. There was a lot of croaking and ribbiting in the pond the day before. Very unusual for August. In retrospect they were posturing and cruising for love. Starting minutes before our friends arrived, they assumed the position. I explained to our friends that we had arranged this as their entertainment. Just a dash of nature’s porn!

More customer service – As a follow-up to my Friday post on customer service nightmares, I had to make a follow-up call to a doctor. Simple question for nurse triage. Yikes. I got referred to another doctor. I’m healthy so I’m not sure why I’m getting referred to a specialist. Sigh!



37 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 23 – Family, aging, mosquitoes, frogs, customer service

  1. Although done with your usual booming humor Kate, this post is still a bit sad. Becoming invisible has its good points. You can be a conscientious unseen observer of human flaws and that’s fodder for new blog posts! But losing a tradition like your beach retreat is hard. My Mom used to say, “The hardest part about growing old is losing things, especially losing the people you love.”

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  2. I understand the holding onto fond memories when it’s time to “retire” a tradition. I also understand creeping invisibility. Maybe if we just let our hair go wild it would be easier to be laughed at than ignored? Great banner photo, Kate. I think it would be nice to hear frogs croaking…and doing whatever it is that they do. 🙂


  3. It is sad when fond traditions have to be ended (especially because of health issues) but there are new traditions waiting to be started – and wonderful memories to hold on to. I know from your posts that you and your husband are enjoying life and don’t let a few wrinkles or wardrobe malfunctions get in the way.


  4. So sorry that annual trip to the beach went by the wayside, but at least the memories are still there. I just did the same thing with my shirt this last Monday, and my wife was quick to point it out as another one of my senior moments—and your right, Kate, no one noticed, or if they did, they cared not to tell me). Keep hoping for fat frogs by fall. When you come out with a frog magazine and a centerfold inside, I’ll get worried. Time for a medical malpractice suit. 😀


  5. It’s sad to have to let go of some of life’s fun traditions. If we’re lucky maybe something new and more manageable will become the next fun tradition. I think I’m invisible, too. About a year ago I gave up wearing makeup completely and not one person has mentioned it. I thought I’d get all kinds of comments.


    • This group is spread around different states so it’s tough to get together. I’m just glad that we had them. We always rented a house at the beach for a week and a few years back we decided to invite them down. Best decision we could make. My husband and I are both the youngest in our respective families and didn’t mind the planning and work involved. The drives for the others were anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. That’s a long drive for people who are 70s-80s, some with health issues. This is when I wish we would win the lottery so we could have a private plane pick everyone up! As for makeup, once I stopped working I stopped wearing it daily. I still do when we go out but less and less. I rarely do the “eye” stuff. Good lord, I can’t believe the liner, shadow, mascara, etc. I used to do daily. For fancy I put on a little mascara and go out the door! (As you say, no one notices anyway!)

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  6. I think the aging of family and friends is harder on us then our own aging. And yes, older peeps especially women do become invisible. When I was young I was often told I was beautiful. These days I am surprised when someone says hello.


  7. Sounds like you have many memories of your summer vacations with the family, sad when they have to come to an end. The mosquitos love me (the feeling is NOT mutual). I can be outside with a group of people and nobody is bothered by them but me…I end up with large red welts every time. I have a friend who used to grab her shirt from the laundry pile and just put it on. One time it would be inside out, the next time it would be right side out. 🙂


    • I have never been a mosquito’s first choice so this year was surprising. As for my shirt, I noticed around supper time and by then who cares. It had big welty seams. Maybe people were being polite but some of those people were friends who would say something.

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  8. Sometimes I am not sure it’s worth the effort to do hair, make-up, and stylish clothes.

    And then, when I am all dressed up, I think, “Wow, people are so nice to me today!” or “They have great customer service here!”


    • I do think, perhaps foolishly, that I get better service when I am dressed nicely. I don’t go out looking like a homeless person but sometimes my hair could use a “do” or I have jeans and my old lady sandals on.

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  9. 1. Sad to age out of beach week.

    2. I wonder if “they” noticed your shirt but decided not to say anything, thinking it must be national “Wear Your T-Shirt Inside Out” day ~> there’s a day (and an app) for everything now.

    3. Blood Suckers . . . SUCK!

    4. Froggy went a courting and he did ride . . . uh huh!

    5. There’s a day, an app, and a specialist for everything now.


  10. Though I liked last Sunday’s post, I missed the Random 5. What you wrote first up was bittersweet…how things change and we’re only left with memories. Reminded me of the Simon and Garfunkel song…Old Friends.

    I’m inside out all the time. I just pretend it’s vintage Norma Kamalli. It’s also rather comforting to know no one notices the things you’re mortified over. How illuminating.

    Love the frog picture. Actually have it in my photo file. Ribbet…Ribbet

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  11. Oh I hate being referred to another specialist. My main doctor is a specialist — so if I so much as mention anything, she sends me off to someone else. Usually, I just go to my GP or ignore it till it goes away. Otherwise, I’d spend my life and all my $$$ with doctors.

    Sorry that you’re not going to the sea with your family. Aging sucks.


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