Hair hair everywhere

Source: Georgia Gifts Catblog

Source: Georgia Gifts Catblog

It happened again. It’s that time of year.

I was on my way somewhere and noticed that my clothes were accessorized with a pound of cat hair. A full pound. 14 carat cat hair.

It was a mix of colors. All the cats contribute from the basic black and more somber gray tones to the calico mix. I should put in a call to Ralph Lauren.

My cats, even though they are indoor cats and not subject to extreme weather fluctuation, develop a winter coat and shed it in the spring.

Actually they shed all year-long but the spring is the worst.

Yesterday I was looking at a counter and could see a coating of cat hair. I washed everything down. It’s hard to contain. It like nuclear radiation infiltrating everything. It knows no barriers.

The little darlings get combed regularly but it doesn’t matter. One of the cats is like a porcupine. Whenever you touch her instead of releasing quills, she releases cat hair.

I have started looking for fabrics that don’t attract cat hair. There are very few but the tighter the weave and shinier the finish, the less likely to attract. Maybe.

It isn’t only a cleaning inconvenience, this is also hairball season. Oh yeah. Yesterday I saw one that had so much grey hair it looked like a dead mouse. I had to double-check it. No mouse. Only hair.

As annoying as it is for me, I wonder how the cats feel. They are scratching like crazy (maybe they have spring allergies?) and rolling on carpets to get the dead hair off.

Another few weeks and we will all be sporting our new summer clothes. Capris and sandals for me and a whole lot less hair for them.

We will celebrate with a margarita for me and a tuna buffet with a catnip chaser for them. Cheers!

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48 thoughts on “Hair hair everywhere

  1. How I loved this…now this is very Jean Kerr. A full pound. 14 carat cat hair…the imagery soars. I remember what it’s like to be coated with gray. I think that’s why it’s one of my favorite colors, it was forced upon me since Missy was the shade of slate and molted in my closet where she liked to nap. Let’s face it, when you have cats, it’s you who lives with them. Nice piece to read at midnight 🙂


  2. Teddy sheds very little even in Spring. But Jack! I can see his hair floating as he walks past. It is everywhere. He’s a sweet cat but a fur shedding nightmare all year round.


    • My black cat Jake doesn’t shed all that much. When we adopted Hazel who is a very short hair muted tiger stripe, I was stunned at how much she sheds considering the shortness of her hair. Seems she has more hair than the longer haired cats. She’s like Pigpen. As she walks you can see the hair flying around in the sunbeams. She also sheds all year round but now it’s especially bad. I always say I could make an afghan out of her fur.


  3. Love that cat made out of cat fur too funny. I have a white cat that is not so popular in the warmer months. She leaves a fur stain where ever she goes. Now its cold, she is not so generous. I hear you loud and clear Kate. Its my pet hate about my pets.


  4. I once craved a white cat. They’re so pretty. I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I brought her home anyway, long-haired white cat. She wasn’t as pretty as a white cat can be. Her proportions weren’t quite right. And she was–How can I put it?–not very bright. Needless to say, her white hairs shone like the sunshine on our black pants. Some cravings come and go, never to return.


  5. I once had a black and white kitty. Somehow her black hair knew to stick to my light clothes and the white hairs stuck mainly to my darker clothes. I miss her but not her hairballs. How awful one of those must feel in their poor little tummies.


  6. Are you sure you weren’t in my kitchen yesterday photographing the hemisphere of grey hair on my counter? Except mine was all from brushing just one cat, Sophie, whereas you say yours is a four-cat melange! Hmmmm.


  7. What I really hate is when I am in a rush and taking something dark out of the closet and discover that one of the cats has used it to rub against…and it’s covered in fur! Takes foreer to get it all brushed clean.

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  8. I remember those days when I had cats. I’d cover beds and furniture in sheets and towels…not a very classy look. There’s a saying “no outfit is complete without at hair,” sounds like your outfit was complete. 🙂

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  9. Poor kitties. So hot and uncomfortable with all that extra fur– and there you are making light of their situation. You best make that tuna buffet top rate, or you’ll have a cat mutiny on your hands. Mark my words. You disrespect a cat, there are consequences!


  10. When I was the witchy cat woman with two black cats, I could get away with wearing black clothes. Now that we have Boss Cat, who is a tortie/ calico/ tiger with a Hitler mustache, well, it doesn’t matter what you color you wear, some of the wrong color cat fur is going to show up.


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