Another edition of Friends


This weekend we will attend a Seder at the home of some longtime friends. Over the course of this friendship, we have had some funny things happen that have turned into epic stories.

A new kind of pizza! – We were invited to their home for pizza night early in the friendship. We were going to pick one up but at the last-minute the hosts decided to use a pizza kit and have toppings available so everyone could make their own. Each of us got a half pizza to top. The problem was that they didn’t have enough pans or shelves in the oven so my pizza was put on the oven floor. Blackened pizza is not as tasty as blackened fish!

Company coming! – Invited to dinner at our house, our friends brought an apple pie. It was not just any apple pie, it was made by an upscale bakery. It was late fall and the weather was cool so they put the pie on their picnic table outside their home before they drove over. When they brought it in, I noticed that there were little “friends” coming out of the crust slits. That fragrant scent was too much for the local ants who also came to dinner. They immediately took it out to their car but I heard off the record that they ate the pie at home after scooting off the offending invaders!

What’s in a date? – We were invited to Seder dinner. The date was about a month after Passover. We had been going for many years and I thought the timing was odd. Since they weren’t strict Jews I assumed they switched the date intentionally. About a week later I received an email asking why we didn’t show. I forwarded the original email with the wrong date. As it turns out the day was correct, the month was wrong. This is a golden nugget we laugh about this every year.

Happy Easter/Passover to all.



45 thoughts on “Another edition of Friends

    • Yes. Saturday’s Seder was another story. They put up tarps on the back patio because the day was cold. It would have worked except for the gale force winds! It’s never a dull moment!


  1. Happy Passover. I hope you have a pleasant Seder with your friends. Maybe you’ll come home with a new story.
    This weekend my oldest daughter is celebrating Passover with her in-laws. Daughter #2 is celebrating Easter. And daughter #3 is packing for Disneyworld.


    • Tonight should be interesting. They are having a large group and decided to have it on their covered porch. They put up tarps along the sides because it’s not warm here but currently there are high winds. I am hoping that the wind dies down and all is well. Tomorrow we celebrate Easter with my brother who is cooking (Yay!). Disneyworld sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate!


  2. Thanks for the funny stories. We were once invited to a graduation party of our good friend’s son. It was on a Saturday, which I put on my calendar, but for some reason had Sunday in my head. I got a call Sunday morning asking if everything was okay. Ooops, just a knucklehead move on my part. We ended up going over there Sunday to eat leftover party food. Have a nice weekend. 🙂


  3. Ants = additional protein . . . plus they temper the sweetness of the apples.

    Your blackened pizza sounds awful. It takes a lot to ruin a pizza for me, but burned = BAD.


  4. I love the pie story. Can you blame those ants if it came from such a swanky place? I would love to attend a seder but have never been asked to one. There’s a part of me that longs to be Jewish so I can legitimately dip apples in honey for a sweet year.
    To not show up without even calling. They probably couldn’t believe it since you are always so correct. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear what was said.
    I’m just saying. You were there in spirit, I’m sure.
    Like what you wrote. Love this in hindsight type of writing. We all have such stories.
    Ask Hazel 🙂


  5. Ah, yes. Nothing like the Jewish and Gregorian calendars to confuse everyone over the correct day of a holiday. The true purpose of a Seder dinner is to abbreviate and/or dispense of all rituals to get to the actual meal!


  6. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you and the “Beloved Husband!” May the warmth of friends and family bring you happiness and joy as you eat, drink and be merry. We will miss being with you!


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