Random 5 for April 5 – Aging, appointments, surgery, frogs, haircuts


RowanstoeThe piggy that went to market – My nine-year-old granddaughter had a big toe tumor removed this past week. I always feel badly when children have surgery. It’s scary. I remember when I had my tonsils taken out at age 11. They kept me overnight and no one could stay with me. I was terrified. Today most things are out-patient and if not, a parent can stay. I hear she is high on pain meds and in good spirits. Here’s hoping for a fast recovery.

Signs of aging – In the next two weeks the beloved husband and I have a total of nine medical appointments and we are healthy. Can you believe that? Some are annual check-ups and some are for testing. Back in the old days (like when I was young) it would take five years to have nine appointments!

Speaking of which – I had an appointment Friday morning. Somehow I got the timing wrong and showed up an hour early. This was an early morning appointment and it was pre-Starbucks. It was a very painful, long hour! (Yet another sign of aging.)

Frogs are out – After another dreadful winter, the frogs are sunning themselves. They are not mating yet, but I did see them eyeing each other up. Love is in the air.

The one time I forgot to put the guide on the clipper.

The one time I forgot to put the guide on the clipper.

Just a trim – I usually cut the beloved husband’s hair. I have been doing it for years and it turns out nice (except for the time I forgot to put a guide on the clipper and buzzed a row in the back). My thumb is still out of commission for anything requiring dexterity so he got a haircut at one of the local shops. Yikes! His hair has never been this short! He has roosters at the crown. As he says, “It will grow!”

How was your week?

38 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 5 – Aging, appointments, surgery, frogs, haircuts

  1. showing up an hour early pre-Starbucks? Ouch I feel your pain.

    Just last week, in a morning-drive-to-work-fog, I wheeled into my favorite on-the-way coffee shop marveling at the abundance of parking spaces. yeah, they’re closed. Permanently.

    Hope your grand-daughter is healing up well and not in too much pain!! MJ


    • Oh no! They closed one Starbucks here about two years ago and I was worried about mine. This morning there were about 10 cars in the drive through so I went in. It was jammed. There was a group sitting together. They had brought in a cake from a grocery store to celebrate something. I thought that was rude. SB sells food. It’s more expensive but they provide seating and great coffee!


  2. I hope your granddaughter is recovering well! It’s hard for a young person to be immobile in any way, so I hope she can still get around! And your husband still lets you cut his hair, huh? He trust you to remember the guide? True love!


    • Skyped with the granddaughter yesterday and although she has her moments (or so her Mom says) she seems to be doing ok. Long road though because it will swell. She’s also a gymnast so you know how that goes. As for my husband, he doesn’t really care about his hair. I’m more convenient.


  3. LOVE

    Frogs are out – After another dreadful winter, the frogs are sunning themselves. They are not mating yet, but I did see them eying each other up. Love is in the air.

    I also have too many doctors to see. It’s endless. The other day there was a fire at my skin doctors. The alarm went off right when I finished getting dressed. I would have had to go outside in my little paisley johnny-coat. Flames, firemen, the works.

    Saw a canvas bag that made me think of you. In big letters it said: The day is great, after coffee.

    I hope the little one’s toe heals quickly. Could you sign her Band-Aid, Love SB. Thanks 🙂


  4. I used to cut Bill’s hair – until we retired. I retired from that too. There are distinct benefits to aging. 🙂 Hope your granddaughter’s toe heals fast and well…. ice cream always helps. 🙂


  5. While I don’t enjoy being hospitalized, I always feel worse about young children who can’t understand why they are there instead of at home. Hope your granddaughter rebounds in short order. And good luck with all those appointments.


    • Yes. The good news is that today most things are outpatient. My mother was in the hospital for 5 days when she had a small benign cyst removed from her leg. They kept me for 6 days for my appendectomy! I recover better at home.


  6. Kate I think we are living parallel lives. My youngest broke his left arm on April Fools, no joke. Possibly both, but we’ll have to wait for the orthopedic surgeons decision Monday. Long story short he’s a 15 year old musician, or was. Next that was not the only doctor visit we had this week. My wife had three and is now on meds. and that’s too involved so I won’t go there. Then there is me and my thyroid is not right—yep on meds. No coffee for 4 hours after taking the little pill… I think that’s a death sentence. Feeling old? Try ancient, I think lack of caffeine does that to you. Love is in the air here, mosquitoes and they love our blood. My wife usually cuts my hair, but first she was cutting our grandsons hair—whoops! Seeing as she’s under the weather, I chickened out. Off to the barbers with my grandson, taking him in for repairs. Hope your granddaughter is back on her feet soon. And I hope your better. Happy Easter.


  7. My sister recently went through that “too many doctor appointments in a short amount of time” thing. Annual check-ups, follow-ups, and referrals, all squeezed together in a clump of doctor’s appointments. She was trying to get them all out of the way before her move to her new home, but she later told me the whole “sitting and waiting” thing drove her crazy when she had so much stuff going on with the move. Hope you have less waiting, and more of the “all is good for another year” type of appointments. 🙂


    • The good part is that he doesn’t care. It’ll grow is his mantra. At this point I am used to looking at this almost buzzed guy. I can’t figure out why they cut it so short. Must have been something he said.


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