R5 for February 8 – Groundhog Day, SkillsUSA, old friends, winter clothes, scheduling


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Groundhog Day – What a joke! There was a storm in Pennsylvania that day so there is no way the critter saw his shadow except for the TV cameras. Let the poor guy sleep and stop the crap about six more weeks of winter. We don’t want to hear it.

SkillsUSA For the past decade I have volunteered as a judge for student presentations at the regional level. The presentations are on vocational skills the students have learned. It is always rewarding and I learn something. This year I learned how to apply makeup, cut up a chicken and change out a hard drive among other things. This was a fun day.

How aging changes things – We had dinner with some childhood chums of the beloved husband. I noticed that there was more talk about what they did then than what they are doing now. There is always a litany of who died since the last get together. Fortunately everyone at the dinner is in the alive column!

Source: Macy's

Source: Macy’s

Whassup designers? – I had several dress-up functions this week. The weather was frigid and I looked at my favorite sweaters. The dressier ones had ¾ length sleeves. What’s up with that? I layered but my bony arms were chilly. I would have loved a full length dressy warm sweater. I will keep an eye out for that.

Repairmen – We had two repairmen come this week, both on the same day. You are given a window of anywhere from two to four hours as the arrival time frame. It doesn’t matter which company it is, the repairman always comes at the very end of the time frame. We are never scheduled for the first slot!

So how was your week?


22 thoughts on “R5 for February 8 – Groundhog Day, SkillsUSA, old friends, winter clothes, scheduling

  1. I love you used the Groundhog Day poster, and you’re right…that fella has a crummy job.
    I have an image of you on your own talk show frying chicken with Emeril and apply lip line with Trish Macavoy…and you must use the same cable man as me who’s probably so late because he’s coming from your house. R5 rock


  2. I think I would enjoy SkillsUSA just to be exposed to the different talents and abilities, and to learn along the way. I frequently spend time on youtube doing something similar. People put up the most interesting “lessons” from the kitchen or sewing or knitting, and I just like to see people sharing what they know. And to the friends…I regularly have dinner dates with three friends from childhood. The conversation is absolutely peppered with physical hardship, new medications and can be quite melancholy. I try to get us re-routed as soon as possible. We haven’t gotten round to comparing symptoms yet. Maybe I can suggest that next time?


  3. At least your repairman showed up. Shortly after we moved to Florida, we saw an ad in the paper that said “we will show up” and laughed. Turns out, not all do. We wanted an estimate for the screen over our lanai. Guy, whose firm we had hired and been happy with 5 years ago, never showed up. After several calls and no shows. We finally went with someone else. What? They never anticipate repeat business.


    • We had that happen to a tile guy. He gave us an estimate. We called to tell him we were going with him and he never returned to call. Ever! He had already invested time in the estimate. It wasn’t a hard job. Can’t figure that one out.

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  4. I can cut up a chicken, but I could learn some tips on how to apply makeup. Wow! You even learned how to change out a hard drive. Fun! Although I hope I never have to do it. I’m glad you enjoyed dipping into the world of students and their accomplishments.

    Have you noticed all the sleeveless dresses with short skirts they try to sell us for dressing up in the winter? It’s hard to stay warm and still look snazzy.


  5. I’m convinced that repairmen get this daily list of a dozen stops. Then they roll a pair of dice. Whatever number comes up they then select the name that corresponds to that number as that becomes their only stop of the day. So not only did we make the list we got a visit! The only question I haven’t worked out Kate is… what are they doing during the first hour and fifty minutes of that window of time? But I have people working on it night and day.


    • Me neither. I usually buy it already cut up or I roast a whole one. I watched this 16 something year old girl, cut one up in about two minutes, explaining it as she went. She could easily work in a restaurant kitchen already and she hasn’t started the full culinary program.

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  6. It drives me crazy that often what you find in the stores is not for the season you currently are in. I don’t want to shop for summer clothes when it is still cold. I especially don’t want to look for winter clothes when it is still warm. I’m not organized enough to know what I’ll need for next season. I hope you made a note of the sweater you want; you may need to wait until next August to find it.


    • I have a few older sweaters that aren’t as fashionable and I’m using them. I did find a long sleeved heavy black button up cardigan is a nice collar. That’s enough. Usually I can get away with my LL Bean shirts or a nice hoodie. I share your dislike of out of season shopping especially in the summer for winter. Yuk! Now I like seeing colorful clothes but you can’t wear them and I like to wear new stuff right away! (I’m like a little kid sometimes!)


  7. I love the 3/4 length sleeve – for summer! It’s really hard to find a full length sweater … and it doesn’t help that what’s available right now is either sleeveless or a thin, flimsy (cold) material!

    The Skills session sounds interesting to me!


    • Except for sportier sweaters they don’t seem to make a real winter sweater anymore. The sleeves are shorter and the fabric thinner. I bought 2 news sweaters a few weeks back and both are for the “transitional period” before it’s gets really hot. Neither one would keep me warm even with layers unless the layer was a full thermal undershirt! How snazzy would that look peeping out? SkillsUSA is phenomenal. Such a joy to see the vo-tech kids excelling. We really need students to go into the highly skilled, non-office jobs.

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