SkillsUSA Championships 2014

job skillsThis was the week for our local Job Skills USA competition. It is held every year by our career and technical schools. I am a judge.

The students are really awesome. They give a 5 to 7 minute demonstration of a workforce skill. I judge the competition every chance I get because it’s a learning opportunity for me.

The topics run the gamut from culinary to construction to mechanical and even cosmetology. This year there was a magician competing. He wants to do this as a career. He wasn’t in my group but I hear he was great.

These kids give me a good feeling about life. We need skilled technical workers. These jobs can pay very well and be rewarding.

There have been some very talented kids go through this program and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them with their own businesses in a few years.

We judge their knowledge (do they know how) and demonstration (can they explain their skills clearly). Some create elaborate displays. Some are funny and some are so nervous you want to put your arms around them and tell them it’s ok.

Scholarships are awarded to the winners.

They are all so deserving that at the end of the day you wish you could award more to these deserving students. If you get a chance to be involved in this, go for it.

Job Skills USA

22 thoughts on “SkillsUSA Championships 2014

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  2. The best demonstration yesterday was a young man who showed us how to repair the cord used to start a lawnmower. He tied figure 8 knots with one hand while he held the device in the other hand- and he did it all while blindfolded! Very impressive


    • It takes a lot of volunteers to pull this off. A friend of mine coordinates two categories and I judge on his team every year but he gets people who agree and then back out because of business commitments at the last minute. I admire his pluck on hanging in there and doing it every year. Me, I get to hang out with my friends, see cool demonstrations and learn new things. I see a different side of kids than you read about.


    • I do post every year. I like to give it as much exposure as I can. It takes a lot of business volunteers to pull it off and it really is fun. It’s national so they are going on all over the country. The finals are in Kansas City.


  3. What an excellent opportunity for young people to take part in. What I admire most was your comment: ” I judge the competition every chance I get because it’s a learning opportunity for me.” When we view each opportunity as a chance to learn something new, we all win. Good or you, Kate, and for those young folks.


  4. Kids are totally awesome as are people like you; helping them showcase their talents and giving them confidence plus a quick start. The last couple of weeks I’ve had a wonderful look at a few of them and wow! So impressive!


  5. This is great, Kate! It doesn’t surprise me that you would be a part of something so beneficial to young people. I agree, skilled technical workers could be key in reducing the number of unemployed workers.


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