A public service message from the girls!

“The girls” are posting today. This post isn’t for those of you who do not wear a bra. (More money for chocolate!) It’s for the rest of us who do.

After being squished in the wrong size bra for eons, they are offering tips to other equally squished boobs. They took their new size for a spin last night and are very pleased.

From comments (both on and off-line) no one likes bra shopping.

Not. a. single. person!

Not even with fun boutiques like Victoria’s Secret or  Soma.

For sure Victoria’s Secret always look like a place where prepubescent cherubs purchase brightly colored lace bras (some with polka dots and some with Hello Kitty!) that no practical person would buy or fit into. We’re not even talking about having words in big letters plastered across your ample bun.

Start your shopping experience with a cocktail as you would for swim suit shopping (a whole other bad shopping experience). All suggestions had some sort of alcohol or chocolate to deaden the pain. There was some talk of comfort food with bacon.

The girls are not suggesting you drop your new diet to go bra shopping but if things look grim…well…you do what you have to do!

bra-under-constructionYou are probably wearing the wrong size. They were. During those dark days they were riding all over the torso except where they should be. Straps were falling down or digging in. Posture was slumped forward. Occasionally they even fell out. (Oh the embarrassment!)

It’s all about the band size. Most women buy a size or two larger than they need. You need something that snugly hugs your midriff under the boobs, in the back too. If the back rides up, it’s too big.

At first it feels tight. That goes away. My posture straightened and my shoulders pulled back. It’s cheaper than a chiropractor visit.

Don’t let the alphabet soup of cup sizes scare you. I ended up in a cup size that I would expect to find on Jane Russell. (I couldn’t believe it either!) I am now thinking that Jane must have had a Z cup!

I don’t look like Jane Russell. That would take surgery, serious surgery.

For those who are click impaired, below are the main tips in writing. For a visual (and more fun) version with a British accent, click on the YouTube.

The back is too high! The perfect position for your breasts is midway between your shoulders and your elbows. Your bra should be level front to back. (How often have you had to pull down your back band because it rode up?) Women wear their bra bands too high on their torso and it throws their measurements off. Look in the mirror. If the back creeps up, your band size is too big.

Give ‘em a break! — Rotate your bras like you do shoes. They need a day of rest between outings.

Bottom line — When the band size goes down, the cup size goes up. Most people need a smaller band size and a larger cup size.

Obvious clues your bra is the wrong size:

  • If your cups runneth over, go up a cup size or maybe two.
  • If your cups dimple, go down a cup size.
  • If you have the dreaded back fat, you think your bra is too tight. You’re wrong — your bra is too big. Wearing the bra lower on your back with a smaller band size will eliminate the back fat.
  • If your strap falls down, your bra band is riding up and you need to go down a band size.
  • Most department stores and boutiques offer free fittings and a nice salesperson who is willing to run back and forth with different sizes and styles until everyone is happy.

Here is a link to another helpful article.

Information source: Linda Becker of Linda’s Bra Salons. The video is from Simply Yours. It’s worth listening to just for the delightful accent! Added thanks to Oprah who made finding all this easier.

We will resume normal programming tomorrow! That is if the girls get over themselves and relinquish control of the blog.

29 thoughts on “A public service message from the girls!

  1. The picture of the bra with a crane on either side illustrates why my late husband (a mechanical engineer) almost got a job working for Maiden Form bra. Keeping the girls up is an engineering puzzle.

    Buying a bra in the correct size may look better, but it doesn’t necessarily feel good. It’s so nice to take the darned thing off at bedtime.


    • So you think I could make money on this? Not likely! You are lucky (really although I’m sure when you were 20 you didn’t think so). Many of my fuller busted friends from my youth had to have reduction surgery because of back issues. Despite my numbers, I am not big at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t need to watch it but I did anyway …. just for the accent. A 34 J ??? Did I hear right?
    What I couldn’t understand is why that girl was standing around in her panties? Was she getting a panty fit too?
    Loved it!! 🙂


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