The boring basics with a twist

Morgan is checking out my "other" purchases. She doesn't want them to smell too new!

Morgan is checking out my “other” purchases. She doesn’t want them to smell too new!

Underwear doesn’t last forever. The elastic goes and the edges get frayed. For me underwear is the least exciting thing to buy. It’s like buying flour or replacing a water heater. Money out the door but no one notices.

Today I went out to buy new bras.

I am an odd size. I have a narrow body so I take a small band size which doesn’t come in flashy exciting colors. Maybe it does but the stores don’t carry it.

Because of my odd size I went to a boutique that only sells lingerie. They are more likely to have my size than a department store.

After the prepubescent sales person heard that it’s been a while since my last purchase, out came the tape measure. That’s always a scary thing.

She decreed my size is one band size smaller and two cups sizes larger than the size I’ve been wearing for the last ten years. Always the easy-going client, I agreed to try whatever she came up with as long as it was wire free.

It was a wonderful fit. When I bent over, nothing fell out! Nothing was digging and the straps weren’t slipping. It was comfy.

Madonna w-cones-

Madonna — Source: Broward-Palm Beach New Times

Despite the larger cup size I do not have two pointy cones protruding from my chest. Nothing is blobbing out at places it shouldn’t. All that extra skin you grow as you age you stuff in the cup. It’s like the elastic in the old bras. It’s tired and doesn’t snap back.

Someone should come up with a laser treatment that tightens the skin like a shrink-wrap machine. That would be so cool. They would lay you on a plate and the skin would shrink to your body.

I will wash and wear one of my new purchases. If all goes well, I am going to stock up before they discontinue the style and make me start from scratch.

That purchase was so boring I treated myself to a hot pink sweater. Woo hoo!


31 thoughts on “The boring basics with a twist

  1. LOL Kate!! all that extra skin tucked into the bra 😀 I’m with you – I despise bra shopping and sadly leave it until the underwire pops out and the edges are frayed. I suspect I am wearing the wrong size so will have to visit a proper boutique and not a department store. Hot pink is a great colour!


  2. I have to say that the old undies with the shot elastic is the best – until you realize you’re sporting a pair at the doc’s office – oops!

    I enjoy bra shopping about as much as I love getting root canal 🙂



  3. One of the best Oprah shows was when she had professionals help women buy the correct bra. Among the many women interviewed almost no one was wearing the right size until they were coached a bit. It’s funny how little we know about our own sizing! I think you’re good to go now…go buy up the available stock and you’ll be looking good. 🙂


  4. Bra shopping and wearing is a nightmare for me. I’m narrow across the shoulders and my cup size has gone up as I get older not down (after breastfeeding each of my 3 children my breasts went up in size not down too ). To top it all off since I had to have a shoulder replacement I can’t reach behind to do my bras up so have to do them up at the front and slide them around then try to straighten everything up once I manage to get the straps over my shoulders. In the current humid weather this is almost impossible as everything clings. If I wasn’t so big I’d happily go braless but not a pretty sight for others and not comfortable for me. Mind you I do stay in my pajamas as long as possible in the mornings at the moment!


  5. I know what you mean about purchasing underwear. It often isn’t cheap and no one notices (no, not even my husband). I have never found a bra that I would consider “comfortable.” It is the first thing I remove when I walk through the door at home. Because you did, you definitely deserve a new hot pink sweater to celebrate!


  6. ‘Tis the season! I detest bra shopping the most of all the shopping I have to do hence stocked up whilst away. Found one GREAT one and promptly bought one in each color. Which sounds better than it was as there were only three colors, lol! 🙂


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