R5 for January 11, 2015 –family celebrations, NRA, forgetfulness, slippers, pond

My pond almost frozen over

My pond almost frozen over. That’s snow on top of the ice. You can see paw prints (lower left) where some critters came for a drink.

Hell freezes over – My small pond froze over. You need to keep an area open so gases can escape or you will lose your fish. My bubbler, which should do the trick, was throwing the water too high. That resulted in a pretty ice sculpture but a frozen pond. I was surprised at the speed that very hot water can melt ice even in very cold weather.

Yikes? – We have extremely cold weather here in eastern US. Early in the week the thermometer said 11 degrees as I embarked on my errands. I was walking into the grocery store when a young (30-ish) woman was coming out. She had a winter jacket on with Capri pants and….wait for it….scuff slippers. They were a summer version, very thin sole with a fluffy (but not warm) band of Barbie pink feathery fluff. No socks. My toes curled up in my fur-lined shoes. Oh yes, there was snow on the ground.

Wrong number – I get bizarre email all the time but this week outdid them all. The NRA (yes that’s in National Rifle Association) sent me updated information on my member benefits. I’ve never been a member. I don’t have a gun. I shot clay pigeons a very long time ago. Those are round discs made out of clay or something like it. It never was alive. The interest didn’t last and I have no idea how they got my email address. I’m expecting a note from the tea party next. I’m a cuppa joe kind of girl.

Family get-together – We are getting together as an extended family this evening. If I’m lucky, there will be some great stories and if I’m not, there will be great food. It’s win-win all the way around.

Addle-brained – I keep notes during the week so I can pull this collection of non-stories together on the weekend. I find that every week or so there is at least one item that I can’t remember based on my notes. This week the note said “titles.” Not a clue!

My pond in full bloom!

My pond in full bloom!

So how was your week?

27 thoughts on “R5 for January 11, 2015 –family celebrations, NRA, forgetfulness, slippers, pond

  1. Whoa! That looks cold Kate I hope you see some thawing soon. I think its a great idea to write down your ideas and I laughed when you said you then can’t remember what the story was about. Maybe thats your brain self editing out the good and the not so good story ideas.


  2. Yep, it’s frozen over…knew it was gonna happen the way things were going. Sigh.
    My brother became an expert clay shooter. I only got tin cans on the tank sand bank.
    Maybe they heard you were up to challenging Annie Oakley? “TItles” – that’s the source…the Queen is going to give you a title….and that makes you a home grown threat to social structure…
    Everyone is pooling ( not gambling, silly) the blood pooling in feet due to the long ugly weather…fog again.
    Ready for all those blooming plants around inviting summer pond!


  3. Oh boy Kate I had to laugh at the mention of the young lady in capris! My husband works outdoors in minus 29 and more degrees (Celsius) in Northern Alberta which is a stone’s throw from the North pole 😉 so when he’s home he considers our above freezing temps ‘balmy’ and is often out and about in shorts. Needless to say he attracts a lot of attention especially from the ladies 😀 Hope you get to hear some great stories at your get-together!


  4. Well, that was some BEFORE and AFTER picture. Maybe I should have said AFTER and BEFORE. It was so nice to see your pond in full bloom. Very relaxing, and lush. Frozen? Makes me feel bad for the poor fish, and I want to knit them fish-mittens. Except I don’t know how to knit, and fish can’t wear mittens. But you know what I mean.

    I get you on that NRA stuff. All of the sudden, a few weeks ago, I kept getting coupons for $2 off a pack of cigarettes (won’t mention the brand, as they aren’t going to trick me into giving them free advertising). Everything from them went straight into the recycle bin. But it was odd, how I kept getting them, one right after the other, even though I quit smoking more than twenty years ago. It was like they were on a personal campaign to get me to start smoking again. Sorry, didn’t work. p.s. If you want to send me a coupon, how about one for dog food? Or eggs? For something I actually use? Pffft.


    • I routinely get emails from Depends and other aging products but I assume AARP is selling my email. This one threw me off. Haven’t gotten any for cigarettes and none for cat products! I do get Drs. Foster and Smith emails but they don’t have what I need on sale.


  5. That must be a way the NRA hopefully gets you to join. “Oh sure, how much is it a year?”
    As far as the cold goes, I’m not a happy Thingirl. Long johns, even with pearls, make me feel I should be welding. I just can’t tolerate it and sure hope a heat wave…40? is on the way
    I hope your fish are okay. Know how much you love them.


  6. I have seen similar get-ups when out & about — while I’m in a down coat, scarf, thermal socks and boots!

    Your summer pond is so pretty .. .it was nice to see that bit of green today 🙂



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