And the winner is…

I know this lady and isn't she gorgeous? Source:

I know this lady and isn’t she gorgeous? This is from 2014. Source:

It is award season. There are all sorts of awards — movies, television, plays, etc. There was a time I enjoyed the shows.

There were the wonderful outfits and fabulous jewelry. Celebrities were sporting new hairstyles and beaus. All fun stuff. It’s like an issue of Glamour magazine.

The entertainment was first class. The jokes priceless. (Still love Billy Crystal!)

Then something happened. Just like everything else, I aged out of the target audience.

After seeing bits and pieces of a couple of shows recently, I kept asking, “Who is that?” I have no idea who these starlets and stud muffins are. Why do they look so young?

I am unfamiliar with most entertainers under the age of 40. Same for musicians. How did this happen?

It’s not just the people. I don’t know the movies either.

I know Gone Girl because of all the hype and the book and that one about the girl hiking on the west coast (notice I don’t know the title) but I never heard of Boyhood before. Where did that come from?

The Budapest Hotel also won. We watched it or more accurately, I watched it and the beloved husband slept through it. It was quirky but I liked it.

We rarely go to a theater to watch a movie and prefer to watch them at home. There is a 20 minute rule in our house.

We will watch a movie for 20 minutes and if neither one of us likes it, we turn it off. That’s hard to do in a theater after you’ve paid big bucks. (Ok, not hard. We could walk out or like our neighbors, go to a different movie in the same theater. We still prefer to watch at home.)

If one of us likes it (like The Budapest Hotel) and the other doesn’t, we will keep it running. The other person will read a book. If it’s the beloved husband, he will make believe he is reading while he naps.

I enjoy tribute shows like the Kennedy Center Honors because most of the honorees are older than me. Or because I know who they are.

Perhaps I’ve spent too much time watching The Big Bang Theory reruns to keep current.

Or maybe I am aging out of life! No, it can’t be that. Life is just not keeping up with me.

Can’t wait for the new hairstyles at the Oscars!


43 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Kate … A couple of years ago, I stopped watching TV – except for “Project Runway” or the ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. We used to go to movies every weekend. Now it’s a rarity. The only way I know some of these younger stars is thru my subscription to People magazine – which I get for the crossword puzzle and a few stories. The crossword puzzle helps me keep current. Sort of. 😉


  2. I think I probably have a little edge on the “aging out” because I work in a university. I pick up on what’s current just listening to them and sometimes I have enough curiosity to check things out for myself so that we have something in common to talk about. I may know, but I can’t say that I often care. I didn’t even watch the Golden Globes this year and that was a first for me. I will watch the Academy Awards, but even they don’t hold quite the same appeal. I have wanted to see Boyhood for some time now, and I heard about it on NPR. I will probably have to go see that one by myself. Everyone I’ve mentioned it to looks at me a little funny! 🙂


    • We will get it from Netflix when available and apply the 20 minute rule. They have a good synopsis there along with ratings. Sometimes I don’t like the films up for awards at all. Then again…sometimes I do. Believe it or not, I get recommendations from my 85 year old sister in law who is far more current on movies and books than I am.


  3. I totally get this! I’m 51 and have aged out of it, too. Helen Mirren is one classy, sexy dame. I would love to grow up to resemble her alas I think she’s at least 5″ taller. Regardless – wowza!

    I have also applied the 20 page rule to books – if the first round of pages don’t grab me, back in the book bag it goes 🙂



    • My husband has a 50 page rule for books. He almost gave up on Gone Girl because of the slow start. Helen is my age and I think she looked so much better than the young starlets with their boobs and various other body parts hanging out.

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  4. I, too, often “have no idea who these starlets and stud muffins are” and wonder “why they look so young.” Also, so many of the starlets look the same. It’s hard to tell them apart. I did watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the start of the Golden Globes, and they were hilarious. I do love to look at the dresses, but I don’t have the patience to wait through all the thank-you speeches.

    I loved the Grand Budapest Hotel, enjoyed Gone Girl, and am looking forward to seeing Boyhood.


  5. I am definitely with you on this Kate! “Aging out of life!” love it. That’s just how I feel watching award shows where none of the winners (or worse yet, none of the audience) are familiar to me.


  6. I am a huge movie fan so yes I tend to know (almost) everyone but I don’t enjoy watching the award shows (too long, boring, predictable). Hubby and I have a similar rule except that I am not as generous and kind-spirited as you Kate and if he falls asleep during a movie I throw a (small) tantrum. He dislikes sci-fi and fantasy so we tend to watch a lot of thrillers and biopics (like Wild – about the woman who backpacks) 🙂


  7. Love that you chose a pix of Helen Mirren who’s so chic. Did you know she used to live with Liam Neeson way back when? She’s so attractive without doing anything to her face…no blowfish lips for her.
    I too love the Kennedy Center honors, and the Mark Twain Award and anything where presenters don’t all look as if they were made in shop.
    And one of the reasons you may not be so up on these fashion fetuses taking over the airwaves is cause…KATE’S BUSY WRITIN 🙂

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  8. It has been years since I watched an awards show but then I haven’t had tv service for years. I get Netflix in the mail. They don’t always have the movies I want to see that are of the streaming variety. To go out to the movies is just not an item in the budget these days.


  9. Aging out…. my new favorite phrase!

    Me too, everything you said except I don’t think my attention span is even 20 minutes anymore. Wonder if it’s proportional to your age?

    I do try and watch the Tonys. Don’t always make it through, but I try.

    Cute post.


  10. I completely agree! I don’t know who most of them are, I can’t remember the movie’s plot even if I saw it mere days ago, and furthermore, I just don’t care. I like your 20 second rule, though! I’d rather my husband sleep during a movie he doesn’t want to see (at home) than make snide comments about it throughout.

    I’m wondering, are my husband and I the only ones who still get our Netflix selections through the mail?


    • My husband usually sleeps through all movies even those he wants to see. He has a hard time staying awake from 8 to 11 p.m. then he is wide awake! It’s not unusual for him to rewatch it the next day (during the day). No you are not the only ones to get dvds through the mail. We talk about streaming but so far haven’t done it.


  11. I watched bits and pieces last night. The only reason I know anything about movies is my mother & sister go every Saturday … as long as it’s “clean.” They loved Boyhood, which has an incredible back story that I think you would enjoy too.


    • We will have to watch it if it’s available on dvd. My 84 year old brother and his wife try to keep us updated on the latest movies. It’s like having my own private movie critic. Mostly we like similar movies.


  12. I don’t watch these anymore as I don’t recognize many and don’t watch many movies or even TV. Husband watches The Big Bang Theory – reruns too. I do like Helen Muier. I think we saw The Budapest Hotel too.


  13. I love the hype, the gowns, who is with who, even the ones who interview the celebrities. It’s fun and I feel that I can go to red carpet without getting all dressed up. I will say that I’m constantly doing something else while the show goes on and only catch sound bites and eye candy as it plays away. One thing that keeps me tuned in is a member of the family won a Golden Globe, Peoples Choice and Oscar in recent history. I guess I stay tuned in to see who his competition is for his category and if it’s a very good year, he just may be nominated…a fact we know in advance.


    • That makes it so much more exciting. We have had a few locals win awards in the major shows but it’s in best documentary or one of the support functions. Still makes it interesting for the homies.


  14. I used to care about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Now I don’t. I no longer give a fig about who is married to whom while sleeping with Y and flirting with X and following this diet while exercising with that trainer. It’s just not relevant to who I am. So I pass on the awards shows.

    I like your 20 minute rule. We watched a religious “thriller” the other night that was SO BAD it became a comedy! 😛


    • Good point. I love that there is no one with a big head sitting in front of me (said by a short person). Sometimes we will toss in the hat at less than 20 minutes (that is a really bad movie) but I always try to give it a shot in case it’s a slow start.


  15. I cannot believe you just wrote this when I was just thinking this this weekend! Me to! Helen Mirren yes. Some of these other people, who the heck are they? I am turning into my husband who, when Heath Ledger died, said “Who is Heath Ledger?” (after having seen at least 2 of his movies) But I honestly have never come across the majority of these people! The world is fickle, that’s what it is!


      • You are not alone. I, somehow, lucked out last night and turned on the Golden Globe awards when George Clooney (yes, I do know him though I’ve seen few of his movies) was accepting his award and said things that were relevant. As soon as he was done I switched the channel to something else. Haven’t been to a movie theater in a very long time. We now have different priorities.


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