Celebrating January birthday folks

January is definitely the wrong month for a birthday. Our high here today is in the lower 20s with overcast skies and a nippy breeze. So who really wants to climb into 27 different layers of clothes and go out to party? Besides me that is?

Us January folk deserve something special. Maybe a half-year party in July!

There are many famous people born in January (besides me). You can find them here.

Today started with one of the best cards the beloved husband has ever given me. We are not the mushy “lovey-dovey” type of card people. We like a good snark and when it fits, all the better. I am probably breaking all copyright laws but here it is.

Source: Real Hallmark Shoebox greeting card

Source: Real Hallmark Shoebox greeting card

It is a Shoebox card which is one of my favorite card companies. (I could work in their pet division specializing in cat cards.)

I was on their WordPress blog trying to figure out if I could post it here without incarceration (which I never did find out). I was hysterical reading their cards especially the rejected ones.

Not only is this the perfect card because it’s exactly what my cats would do if they could but tucked inside like a gold doubloon was a Starbucks gift card. Wahoo!

Perfect! Just when I was running out from my Christmas stash.

Happy birthday to year-struck and all you who celebrate this month.

35 thoughts on “Celebrating January birthday folks

  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful year ahead.
    I share a winter birthday too and I’m with you 100% in demanding a warm 1/2 birthday celebration. We deserve a pool party once in awhile! My son is another victim of snow infested birthday parties, so I actually did give him a nice party in August one year … because I’m the mom and I make the rules.


    • You are a wonderful Mom! I went to a conference that included a Saturday morning session in a room next to an indoor pool. That hotel rented out the pool for parties and there was a kids birthday party going on with snow outside. I thought that was a really great idea for a winter birthday!


  2. Happy January Birthday Kate! You are among the elite in my book since my own little brother is a January guy too. And he is a gem of a person so I figure all Januaries must be special since it’s written in the stars. Love your snarky card from hubby. I picture you laughing all the way to Starbucks! 🙂

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  3. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Kate and honestly, I’d take THAT card over anything mushy or sentimental ANY day, it’s MAGNIFICENT, so obviously designed a cat owner, lol 🙂


  4. Happy birthday, Kate. Was January hard when you were a kid? No swimming or softball parties, I guess.

    My grandson’s eighteenth birthday is this month. I have a funny card for him, but I can’t for the life of me come up with a gift.


  5. Happy Birthday, Kate. I think of my birthday—in March—as my own personal New Year. Birthdays should be celebrated whenever they are…I mean without a birthday, or personal New Year, you are…dead.


  6. Having a birthday in Nov, Dec, or January is the pits. People always say “Oh we just gave you an extra nice Christmas gift”…right.
    Growing up we had low-key present giving at Christmas. My mom would always ask me (Nov) and older brother (Jan) “Do you want you big present for Christmas or for your birthday?” No fair. Like you couldn’t have 2 big presents in one year? A “big present” was like anything not underwear.
    Happy Birthday! Starbucks card – serious gold! Cheers!
    Shoebox company is so hysterical. That is the perfect card. (and you said where you got it, so should be OK…she tried – let her go – call the post PR for the company!)


    • I was lucky that my Mom didn’t combine my gifts. My brothers were so much older that I was the only one at home so it made it easier. I have a friend with a b-day the week before Christmas and one actually on Christmas. Not good! Hard to get people to party after Christmas. Thanks for lighting the candles!

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  7. If I had the ability to be computer savvy, there would be a big bunch of colorful balloons here instead of these boring old words. I’d probably even add in a few sparkles and shooting stars. Alas, the best I can muster is a heart-felt “Happy Birthday to you”, and a wish that your day is a special one, complete with something fun and fabulous. Happy Birthday to you!


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