R5 for December 28 — cemetery flowers, sickness, Starbucks gift cards, TV

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cemetery – As is the custom in our family I put a Christmas log on my parent’s grave. My niece and nephew always put flowers there too. It’s our way of keeping connected. The cemetery was full of plastic and polyester poinsettias with tucks of greenery here and there. It looks very festive at this time of year. There are several acres of red and green dots across the dull winter fields.

Tempus fugit – Where did this year go? I can’t believe it’s almost over! We will spend a quiet New Year’s Eve and there will be absolutely no resolutions for the New Year. None! Nada!

I am the best wife ever – This is exactly what I told the beloved husband. He has been battling a lingering cold for over a week. One day he’s better and the next day he’s not. On one of his “not” days, I took a nice long nap for him. It wasn’t only me either. There were two cats napping on the bed. In fact, I think everyone in the house was napping except the beloved husband! We are very good to him (and yes I did make him chicken soup).

A very Starbucks holiday – Aside from the fact that our local stores were closed (I whined about this here), I had a great SB Christmas. I won two treats over the holidays (so why don’t I win the lottery instead?). Unfortunately, I didn’t like either one. I got some gift cards, too. Gotta love them! Not a chance of re-gifting those.

Just a slight disagreement! – Mollie has been investigating the cat tower which doesn’t make Morgan happy. Somehow Morgan thinks that whole tower belongs to her.

Taken just before the slaps.

Taken just before the slaps started flying.

So….how was your week?


20 thoughts on “R5 for December 28 — cemetery flowers, sickness, Starbucks gift cards, TV

  1. How was my week? Well, I wasn’t anticipating much for Christmas – some socks I’d asked for and a garden ornament I knew about. Thursday turned out to be much better because our son and his wife told us their baby is due in June! It was SUCH welcome news. This child has been so longed for for over 5 years. This morning my sister called and her husband of 51 years succumbed quickly to pancreatic cancer. I’m sorry he’s gone but I’m happy he’s out of pain. I spent today stripping the wallpaper from my dining room.


  2. Kate … Tell Morgan she has to share. That tower’s big enough for all of them. 😉 I haven’t thought about any resolutions except the usual which I usually break within the first week or two. Happy New Year to you, your hubby (hope he’s better now), and the kittens.


  3. Sorry to hear your husband isn’t feeling well…perhaps it’s a result of the Eagles downward spiral. I hope he’s feeling better. I haven’t napped in over 20 years…wish I could. No resolutions here either, Kate!


    • I can nap. The problem is that I can’t take a short one. You know those 20 minute power naps? They make me cranky. For me a nap is at least an hour and a half. I don’t do often because it can really screw up my night’s sleep.


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