A very foggy Christmas


coffee cartoonNo, not the weather — me!

I spent much of Christmas in a fog with a headache.

There are those who would say it was the wine I drank the night before but not me. I can’t drink wine. Something in it makes me ill the next day — even just a glass or two. That wasn’t it.

I blame my fogginess on Starbucks.

My routine is to start the day with a delightful mocha latte — the large venti size. Then I am good for the day.

My Starbucks is closed on Christmas. Can’t get my fix.

Even though I get the decaffeinated version, Starbucks’ coffee has more caffeine than other brands so I get a dose.

There is also caffeine in the chocolate (or mocha) part too.

If your body is used to caffeine, you can have side effects if you don’t get it – like headaches and fogginess. Cranky might fit in there too or maybe that’s just me.

I searched the web to find an open store and there were three listed. Instead of doing the sane thing and calling to verify (you know with a phone), the beloved husband and I jumped in the car and raced to the store only to find it closed. That happened to all of them.

Dunkin’ Donut was open as was Wawa but no local Starbucks.

Yes, I made coffee at home but it wasn’t the same. We went out for breakfast and I had coffee there (the worst coffee ever).

I wonder how many other people were missing their morning cocktail! The holidays are a stressful time for many people. Open the damn Starbucks!

Created by John Wagner for the Shoebox Division of Hallmark

Created by John Wagner for the Shoebox Division of Hallmark

Disclaimer: I am never paid anything by Starbucks but I did win a free bakery item in their last contest. Since it wasn’t one of the treats I like, it doesn’t count!


32 thoughts on “A very foggy Christmas

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  2. I certainly relate to this…was I happy on the 26th when all was back to normal. I know…it’s just one day, but I NEEDED MY FIX…as did you. And you’re right, the holidays are stressful enough without forgoing one’s coffee du jour.


  3. I must be one of five people in the entire universe (although I have yet to meet the other four) who do not like Starbucks coffee… it is so bitter, like they never clean out their pots, that I have to break down and order a latte to cover up the taste of the coffee! I like my coffee black, plain and simple. The best coffee is what I make at home… I usually get an organic medium dark at Whole Foods and grind the beans every morning… it is my ritual.
    I had to stop drinking wine as it was affecting me badly… finally reached my lifetime limit, I guess!


  4. As bad as I feel for you not getting your Starbucks fix, I’m happy to hear the company gives their hard working employees a day off. I keep bottled Starbucks Iced Coffee on hand for emergencies.
    Hopefully you got your fix this morning, Kate. 🙂


  5. I thoroughly enjoy a good coffee from Starbucks, but for some reason, in the past several years I can’t have even a single dose without it causing me to get itchy and jittery and just plain aggravated and miserable. I’ve tried the decaffeinated versions, but no luck. So I’ve had to learn how to settle for standing in the store sometimes, and just inhaling the delicious aroma.

    As for wine, nope, doesn’t work for me. I have a very high tolerance for alcohol, so the ratio of how much wine I’d have to drink in order for it to have any effect on me is laughable, and then, who knows why, wine always give me a nasty headache the next day. I pretended to give it up out of good conscious, but truthfully, why partake of something that makes me miserable?

    Sorry you got the unpleasant experience of having bad coffee. Especially when you are accustomed to deliciousness, getting a cup of really bad coffee is just plain insulting. I’m sure you are more than ready for your daily Starbucks routine to resume. Feel better. 🙂


  6. When I was in the “working world” I drank coffee all day long. Lot’s of coffee! I never drank coffee at home. On weekends I would have these terrible headaches. I couldn’t figure why, until a friend told me about caffeine addiction. The headaches occurred because of “weekend withdrawal.” I started drinking coffee at home on weekends and “sho nuf,” no more headaches.

    Make sure you store a supply of Starbuck’s in the frig on all major holidays.


  7. I thought of you yesterday, Kate, when I was looking for an Open Starbucks yesterday. Drat, Nada. But lo and behold I found one and the only store open along the strip. I’ feel for you.


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