R5 for November 30 – elderly parents, breakfast, holidays and more



Source: The Motley Fool

What to do? – A few of my friends have elderly parents who need monitoring and care. I remember when my mother was very ill. It’s hard to see people you love deteriorate. It’s also hard to get them to do what’s best for them. Most of us refuse to face our limitations especially as we age. I have a dear friend who is working to find the best solution to help her mother. I can only send hugs. We must all navigate these stormy waters using our best information and our loving intentions.

Breakfast please – We met some friends for breakfast on Saturday. On the way I commented that I wasn’t hungry. I had eaten too many leftovers the night before. The beloved husband looked at me like I was nuts. He said, “That was 15 hours ago!” He is always hungry in the morning. Me, not so much. It was a great meal with great companionship.

Speaking of coffee — I followed up breakfast with a Starbucks coffee. When you are accustomed to Starbucks most other coffee tastes weak. The restaurant served brown water. I like my coffee strong but not bitter. I loved it in Greece and Brazil. When I flew home from Brazil I brought 10 kilos with me while others were carrying 10 kilos of other things.

No black Friday for me — I didn’t shop this week. Maybe I will visit the local Petco store and pick up some cat things on sale. I hope they don’t have a cat adoption event. That is never a good idea for me. Cats in a cage break my heart and end up in my house.

I know her! – One of my blogging buddies is a gorgeous model and a great writer. She writes stories about the people she encounters in New York City. She has also published two books. I have been following her blog for a while. This week I almost fell off the sofa when I saw her in a full-page spread in our local medical magazine. It’s not often that my blogging world meets my real world! Woo Hoo!

How was your week? Crazy shopping or crazy relatives for dinner?

Source: By John Wagner for Hallmark, Inc. Shoebox Div.

Source: By John Wagner for Hallmark, Inc. Shoebox Div.



23 thoughts on “R5 for November 30 – elderly parents, breakfast, holidays and more

  1. Kate I am at the stage where my Mum needs more help and its tough to watch them slowly give in to someone else looking after them. I always get a giggle out of your moments in time. Any more cats added to the collection? My husband has been band from showing me sad little lost kittens at the dairy, I want to take them all home.


  2. Stubborn elderly parents who refuse to do what’s best for them… I offer a terse “no comment” in response to this post.


    BTW, I will be exactly the same when when I get there.


  3. No Black Friday shopping! I have been so happy with the thought of you and your Starbucks that I have been a regular White Chocolate Mocha person lately. I am not a coffee drinker so that is as good as it gets.. which is pretty good!


  4. I am not much of a breakfast person…toast and iced tea for me. But after I am up awhile I like to go out to breakfast. I pass on the Starbucks…not a coffee peep..but I do go there occasionally with friends. How lovely to see Susannah’s picture. No more kitties for me 2 is my limit…but it is hard to see the sweeties looking for homes.


  5. Michael and I thank God every day that we are able to live independently…such a blessing. So many friends are in ‘homes’, etc. and for the most part…unhappy! It’s heartbreaking to give up one’s home…but there are many instances that make it impossible to survive on one’s own. When and if the situation should arise, I pray that M and I are able to make the transition smoothly…as will our children. My mother told me many times that she just prayed she’d go to sleep and not wake up…that’s exactly what happened. Sweet. My dad had a massive heart attack and went quickly.

    Black Friday shopping drives me crazy and after one mad foray w/a daughter-in-law years ago I swore…never again. Not worth the frazzle or crowds. No way am I going. Ouch.

    Kate, we have some wonderful friends who adopted a baby girl in Viet Nam. She had been horribly mistreated…now she’s a beautiful young woman in her early 30’s w/mental special needs. They are our age…w/no other family…grappling with what to do for her future if/when they are unable to care for her due to their very advanced ages. Heartbreaking!

    I love, love, love breakfast…w/lots of delicious coffee…mmm, my favorite way to begin each day.

    Random 5 is always a treat…hugs to you…and all the super cats!


  6. Smart move, not going shopping Kate. People are crazy on Black Friday. I don’t want any part of it. I’m with you on your previous comment, I’d prefer a quick exit any day and would rather have that for my loved ones. Of course, at a reasonable age. Have a great week!


  7. What you wrote just thrilled me…didn’t see it coming.
    Love the picture of the old couple, and yes…watching someone you love lose ground is a nightmare. We must all navigate these stormy waters….love this line because there truly isn’t anything one can do.
    You’re right about Starbucks coffee…it’s like none other. There is nothing worse than a bad cup, especially when you really need one.
    As far as going to Petco, I haven’t run it yet, but yes…stay away from cat adoption.


    • You were lucky to have help both with the work and the decisions. I was fortunate that my mother was ill for a very short time and my brothers, niece and nephew pitched in. My Dad had a heart attack in his sleep so he was never ill. I’d like to book one of those exits myself.


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