Blog ideas — brilliant or freezer burn

Courtesy of clipartpanda

Courtesy of clipartpanda

“Trick or treating” isn’t the only activity done in groups.

For me topic inspiration appears in large overwhelming groups.

(Yes, I am aware that happy hours are best done in groups too but that’s a different post.)

Blog ideas almost always come in a baker’s dozen. Use one now and store the others. Put them in the freezer for that rainy day.

That doesn’t always work. Sometimes by the time I need it, the topic is passé. Or maybe I have lost interest. Or some other blogger peeked at my list. Or the idea got freezer burn.

Sometimes I don’t recognize the topic because of my cryptic notes. (This happens more than I’d like to admit. Some topics that I am convince would win awards can’t be deciphered.)

I can’t read my own handwriting. You would think I learned penmanship in medical school. They teach it right after dissecting humans which may account for the illegibility.

I was taught the old-fashioned way – with a mean nun and a ruler. The ruler was for my knuckles if I went out of lines. It was effective. (I’ve often wondered if people who attended Catholic school were more susceptible to arthritic knuckles.)

At the end of the day there is always something to write about. There is always cat barf, stupid people, Starbucks addictions or something incredible that just happened.

You can learn things from people. (Did you know that cheese puffs come under dairy products? This would make an interesting post. I wonder how many people use this technique to avoid healthy food?)

Perhaps I’ll be reaching in that freezer for a hearty soup of abstract ideas that I can’t read for my next post. Or maybe that’s what this post is. Stay tuned.

Oh yes, happy Halloween!

28 thoughts on “Blog ideas — brilliant or freezer burn

  1. Kate … I’m in the same boat. Just when I think I have some “evergreen” ideas for my blog, I do find that they are all on the same theme. Then I have to scramble for newer ideas and hope that readers find a connection to them. 😉


  2. You’re so prolific, Kate. I wish I would get blog ideas in large overwhelming groups. I usually get them one at a time. On the positive side, I can almost always read my handwriting. It’s mediocre and has changed several times over the years. (Does that mean my personality has changed? I wouldn’t be surprised.) My mom had beautiful handwriting until the day she died at the age of 91.


    • My mother had gorgeous handwriting. As she became more ill in her 70s, it became choppy but you could read it. I am getting a big knuckle on my right thumb that is affecting my handwriting and sometimes I am in a hurry. Neither one of those things helps.


  3. I’ve got post #200 coming up next, and I want to do something worthy. Since I can’t think of anything worthy, I may go the reverse and write something underwhelming. Less pressure on me if I preemptively write a bit of meaningless fluff.


  4. Blog posts with freezer burn! Blahahaha! I love it. I have one in the wait line too and it never seems the right time to post it. Nevertheless, you are once again giving me inspiration when you say there is always something left to write about, and even the mundane (like the ones in the wait line) might gain flavor with time. 🙂


  5. Clever post! I sometimes come up with ideas for posts while I am out jogging. And they seem to come in clusters too. Happy Halloween to you also! And thanks for the visits to my blog – I appreciate them and do not take them for granted. I always know I will be greeted by a lovely cat when I visit yours. Cheers!


  6. Happy Halloweenie. Haha, I read your answer to Jill. Not Ebola? I remember hearing those stories about the nuns’ rulers, although I didn’t go to Catholic school–and I still have arthritis in my hands. In high school we had a teacher who used to go up to kids sleeping, heads down, on their desks and tickle them. That was pretty effective, especially since she was a 60 year old very stern looking “old maid” lady. You should have seen the look on the boys faces when they awoke haha. Sorry, for the tangent. See that’s a group blog idea.


  7. I always try to stay 10 – 15 days ahead with posts in my Dashboard. Then I make groups and sub groups of ideas yet to come, search for pictures and down load them … just in case. Then I head for the thesaurus and rhyming dictionary. Then file all the stuff in my Secret Filing Folder that I can never find.
    All this I do for my few followers some of which I am sure like me without ever reading. lol


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