Random five for November 2 – Grandkids, cats, election ads and more

mumsSay what? – Despite the fact that I get positive comments on my random five postings, it has lower readership than my other equally inane posts. Perhaps the title isn’t search-friendly or maybe I don’t understand something. Today I have included search terms in my title. If any blogger has some thoughts, I’m all ears.

Left behind – In searching under a bed for a cat, I found an empty juice box from the granddaughters’ visit six weeks ago. (No judgments on my cleaning please!) It’s amazing how the memories come flooding back. (No the cat wasn’t there.)

Speaking of which – My overactive playful young cat Morgan is getting affectionate. She has always been people friendly but lately she’s taken to hopping on my lap for scratching and hugs. It’s always nice and appreciated. She has also started to lick the glue off of envelopes. With her I can always expect the unexpected!

Election crap – Election Day is coming up and as usual I’m am beyond nuts with the TV ads. Some are over the top. There is a cartoon ad and one that has a Halloween theme. Both are humorous negative ads that I don’t believe are appropriate. (Neither candidate is in my district but I am subjected to the ads.) If you want my vote, tell me what you are going to do. Don’t bad mouth your opponent (or use really bad photos). That surely will lose my vote.

Seriously I'm just big boned.

Seriously I’m just big-boned.

Annuals check-ups – I knew it was going to happen. Mollie and Hazel (aka thunder thighs) had their annual check-up at the vet. Miss Hazel gained yet another pound. A pound on an already overweight cat is a lot. Putting her on a diet means putting all the cats on a restricted eating schedule. No one is happy, not even the humans. We’ve been down this road before. Let’s see how strong I can be.

How was your week?



45 thoughts on “Random five for November 2 – Grandkids, cats, election ads and more

  1. Interesting that Morgan is becoming so affectionate. My black panther Trixie is also becoming very affectionate of late, even to the point of wriggling under the duvet and snuggling up with me, so perhaps it really does have something to do with the winter weather.
    But – licking glue? That surely can’t taste good ;-(
    However, my Caspurr loves licking my hands when I’ve been using White Musk-scented hand cream.
    As they say – go figure 😉


  2. I think most people are afraid of the “Randoms” because they are mostly too long. Yours are not but the perception is the same. I had the same reaction – less readership than say just a photograph with no writing to go with it – only a title. The numbers go way up. They say people don’t like to read long blocks of copy anymore and prefer headlines. Good luck with the kitties’ diet regimes. See, I read your Random 5 all the way through! 🙂


    • Interesting. I try to keep my word count the same no matter what I do. Personally if I see a high word count in a post, I put it aside to read later. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but I’m talking 1500 plus words. I’ve been wondering if the longreads posts are popular. Thanks for the perspective.


  3. Kate I hear you, the election stuff can be unbearable I hope you can tune out with the hungry cats. Im a sucker for huge yellow eyes and a sad mew. My cats eat more in the winter and if I don’t feed them they eat mice, how do I put them on a mouse free diet? Kath.


    • Mice are good for cats. It’s natural as are birds and chipmunks. We feed them unnatural stuff that comes from bags and cans with more carbs than they need. Of course I’ve never seen canned mouse flavors for cats…..


  4. I write and post when moved to do so…who knows what’s best? Not I but it’s such an awesome feeling to write…I love it. My readers comment by e-mail…must be bashful. But that’s okay…I love them and thankful for readers…makes for a good blog.
    Gibby saw the Vet last Monday and she is on antibiotics…she likes to eat rubber bands. Ouch! She’s feeling super again and has taken up sleeping on my bed and oh what an appetite. Good thing she and Hazel can’t communicate.
    I once thought campaigning was just sort of like a year before elections but now? Ha, it is ongoing from one election to the next…do they never get it? No longer take the phone ads and the mail is full of them…filling out just one should be enough to tell you how I think and feel. Please!

    Oh how I wish integrity would make a big comeback! I make all of my cards and on the back of my family cards I always put this:
    “There are seven things that will destroy us;
    Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience;
    Knowledge without character; Religion without sacrifice;
    Politics without principle; Science without humanity;
    Business without ethics.”
    Mahatma Gandhi


    • Love the Gandhi comment. Glad Gibby is better. Mollie (one of my cats) used to play with rubber bands, chewing on them when she was younger. These days, nothing excites her. Guess we all get less excitable as we age.


  5. I wonder if cats get more affectionate with the cooler weather. My daughter says her cats are demanding a lot of lap-time this week.

    I’m getting good at not noticing ads of any kind. I fast-forward through them on my VCR, or if I’m watching a regular program, I get up and cook or wash the dishes. We use mail-in ballots in WA, and we have very good voters’ pamphlets with balanced messages from both sides. I read those carefully and ignore all the advertising.


  6. you mean there’s ways of increasing your readership???? I just write my blog and put every word I can think of that might one on the tag list and hope someone -anyone- will read my musings !!!! I was so excited when you started following me Kate, I think I have 15 people now 🙂 As for your Random Five – love all your posts pretty much


    • Thanks. You will get more followers. Just keep reading and commenting on other blogs. Bloggers who write interesting comments are usually interesting bloggers. People will visit and come back if it’s their cup of tea.


  7. Poor Hazel. I know all about the weight gain thing at annual check-ups. Teddy has lost 1/2 a pound. Maybe from stress of having a little bro now. Dolly used to lick the glue on envelopes…she loved the mailman! No political ads for me…no TV in this apartment. I like your Random Five. But I have been terrible in keeping up with my bloggy friends. My bad and no excuse.


  8. Kate … We get random political phone calls which I ignore. I only watch Project Runway on cable so I don’t get inundated with too many ads. Thank heaven!

    I cannot figure out what draws people to my blog or what sends them elsewhere. So I just write what interests me. If you build it, “they will come.” (Field of Dreams)

    Sorry to hear about Hazel. Can you feed her separately? Otherwise the other kitties might gang up on her cuz they’d be upset with eating diet food.


    • I have moved the dry cat food to the top of a dresser. I have 2 cats that prefer dry. The side effect of being overweight is that she can’t jump higher than a chair seat. She still cleans everyone’s plate of the wet food (if they are stupid enough to leave some) but if I can keep this up, she should lose some weight. If not, you’ll see her in the Guinness Book of World Records.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I love your Random Five! I often wonder how you come up with them – do you make notes throughout the week or just sit down Sunday morning and rift on your week? Either way, I enjoy your observations.

    As for the U.S. elections tomorrow, I am so happy to be on vacation. I haven’t watched TV for more than a week.


  10. I finally quit worrying if I got readers or not. I feel sorry for those who have hundreds of likes and comments that they have to answer. (oh sure) In fact if I happen to run across a blog that has millions of likes, I probably skip it. So each time I visit your blog, I will be counting your likes and comments. lol
    I like my nice little faithful group. 🙂

    The election tag might round up a few. I voted a week ago but can’t honestly say I knew what many stood for. 😦


  11. The incessant phone calls, TV ads, articles in the local newspapers, and daily pamphlets and postcards all serve to remind me that politicians are a sad lot.

    November 5th can’t get here soon enough.


  12. I love the random 5…it’s a clever concept I wish I thought of…Sorry about hazel gaining a pound. Can she walk a little more rather than starve. Maybe if you sat her down and explained how it might work better if she exercised. Okay, just a stray thought.

    Morgan licking glue…hmm…when I was his age that was the cheapest way of getting high. Have you checked his companions lately? Is he hanging around with some ferals when you’re not home?

    Elections. Yeah, my mailbox is brimming with pamphlets. I remember voting for Obama thinking life would change….it made me a little lazy voting wise, but I’ll go for all those women who lobbied for the vote they never saw in their lifetime.

    Fuck the masses…WE LOVE THE RANDOM 5


    • That’s what I was thinking too. Weekend readership is lower for me but I don’t usually post Friday-Saturday so that could contribute. I try to make my Sunday post fun and save the “heavy” stuff for weekdays. Of course I can never make sense of my statistics. January is traditionally my highest month. Guess northern hemisphere readers visit more when they are socked in with snow.


  13. Hazel is not ging to be popular around the house this week….poor girl.
    Kate, the Halloween themed ad was so beyond ridiculous I need to wonder what they think of our mentality. My mom can’t stand it either and her solution is watching endless episodes of Family Feud on a station without political ads …lol


    • Your mom has a great solution! Yes, you would be seeing the same ads I do. I get annoyed at the money spent on these elections yet it’s hard to become familiar with the candidates. After the recent judge debacle (or porngate), I’m reluctant to vote for people I am not familiar with. Perhaps monarchies aren’t such a back thing! 🙂


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