Random five for August 10

We are family – This weekend is our family reunion. It’s always great to see the extended family but there is usually some announcement that comes out. Sometimes it’s good news like a new baby. Sometimes not so good like a new health issue. Here’s hoping there is no news at all – just great companionship and wonderful food!

Circle of life – I have several frogs this year. In the past they would stay for a while and never be seen again. I love to observe them. (I know I need a life!)

They sit perfectly still for long periods of time until an insect comes within their range. Then in a split second, the tongue goes out, captures and swallows the bug. I’ve seen them eat bees and wondered how they don’t get stung. When they swallow lightning bugs, the bug continues to light up inside the frog for a minute or so until it’s dead. Most bizarre looking.

Beep, beep, beep — There is a house under construction in back of us. It has been under construction for months. The structure is complex with odd roof angles and lots of small windows. That’s not the problem though. There are two long driveways into two different garages. There has been heavy equipment there off and on for at least three months, digging and moving huge boulders. It’s like living next to a stone quarry.

The icing on the cake was last Sunday when they started the heavy equipment at 5:30 a.m. (yes that’s a.m.). I thought the truck was in my bedroom next to my bed! We have a noise ordinance with specific time frames especially for weekends. We didn’t complain (except to each other). It continued until 6 p.m. Fortunately no one had a picnic planned. I know I would have been very vocal if we had something scheduled. The neighborhood is completely occupied and I can’t believe how inconsiderate the builder has been.

Here is Morgan redesigning my vase!

Here is Morgan redesigning my vase!

A budding designer with four paws – I have a few tall zinnias planted in my vegetable garden for cutting. They are so beautiful – all bright colors. They last a long time in a vase. I always put something tall in the vase for balance. Our newest cat doesn’t appreciate balance. No matter how many times I put a long piece of graceful grass in the vase, I will find it somewhere in the house all chewed up. Fortunately, that’s the only plant that she chews.

Excuse me! – I live between two grocery stores. One is closer to my Starbucks run so sometimes I stop there. I hate it. I call it the “white trash” store but it has nothing to do with trailer parks or even the race of the folks to patronize it. The clientele is very rude. I am convinced it has a big (invisible to me) sign that says, “Rude people welcome.” Or perhaps it says “Discounts for jerks only.”

This morning a young woman aged 18 to 20 backed out of her parking space without looking. She was busy fluffing her hair instead of checking for clearance. I had to completely stop or she would have hit me. Then she gave me attitude for being there. Fortunately I already had my mocha latte so I just laughed at her. If she keeps driving like that she won’t be around long. (Hopefully not long enough to reproduce!)

How was your week?

41 thoughts on “Random five for August 10

  1. I hope the family reunion was just the best! I do hope you had the opportunity to enjoy some good food–I think this wold be a good eating experience. 🙂 I’m sure you must have seen the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” and recall the scene where Kathy Bates takes on the two rude young girls in the parking lot? I think of that when I have those parking lot encounters!


  2. Let’s see. We never have family reunions so I have nothing to say about that. We used to live in a place with toads… and I enjoyed watching them, so I get what you’re saying about the frogs. I’ve lived beside a couple of houses being built and the noise + dirt almost did me in; however, when the houses are built the quiet is divine. I love zinnias– bad kitty. And I, too, have the choice between a pleasant grocery experience or a snobby one where my fellow shoppers are rude. *sigh*


    • There is one more vacant lot near our house. Then our entire development is well…developed. It’s an old development started in the 80s so most homes are beautifully landscaped with mature trees. They built a mcmansion on this small lot which has been part of the problem. One garage is in the basement. There is no place to put the dirt they are digging out so it’s each time they dig, they have to load it in a dump truck sometimes blocking the road. It’s so slow. We had rain yesterday and today. It’s glorious. No noise.


  3. I love the random 5…favorite…we don’t complain, only to each other….Tops’ remark about your assistant made me giggle…and the frogs…lightening bugs lighting them up like x-rays. And here’s hoping there is no bad news at the reunion, just great champagne and food.


  4. I enjoyed the song, “We Are Family.” Simple but fun. You must have a scientific bent to watch frogs eating. It’s interesting that the lightning bugs continue to light up for a while inside the frog. I run into a lot of polite people in the grocery stores where I shop. It’s the old people and the kids who don’t seem to notice they’re blocking the aisle. I hope I won’t get like that.


    • Sometimes the old people shuffle slowly blocking the aisle but for me that’s easier to overlook than the kids who are clueless. Frogs are really very interesting. They are prehistoric looking up close like lizards and alligators.


  5. Living near construction is never fun. How rude to start work so early. I guess they figure if they’re up, everyone else should be. 😦
    Looks like Morgan has a future as a florist…great photo! Enjoy your family, Kate!


  6. I do enjoy these random five posts of yours, Kate. Today, I shall respond to the beep-beep-beep item.

    You have my deepest sympathy. The property across the road has been sub-divided into 5 lots. The second of the five is under construction. The beep-beep-beep is relentless. Fortunately, (or not, depending on how you feel about early-to-rise) I am up at 5:40 am weekdays [yawn] about three hours before construction starts and the builders go home at dinner time like the nice self-respecting contractors that they are. What I don’t get is this: how can they stand to work around the heavy machinery all day long without loosing their cotton-picking minds? That shrill chirping would drive me mad if I had to be any closer than I am. I have concluded that they must be habituated to the alarm noise and think to myself, well, that’s something of a design flaw, wouldn’t you say?


  7. In my imagination I always find out where the noise maker lives and then take the bagpipes and play them under his window just as he is dropping into REM sleep 🙂 Continuously! When he complains I respond sweetly – if not a little breathlessly – if his noise making sounds any different to the ears of his listeners ……….. In reality I would probably stomp off and yell obscenities at him!

    Love the photo of the kitty – great catch!


  8. Hoping it is a wonderful experience. Reunions do hold a wide variety of activities and lots of fun, too. There can be some exciting news, along with challenging pieces in announcements. Hoping for the best!


  9. Kate. I love this. About the rude people at the store, yes we have them too at a certain place. (Oddly near Starbucks)
    In China, they used to publicly execute people who committed crimes. The genes were eliminated from the population. Same, you are saying, with that fluffy headed woman!!!


  10. Oh Morgan is a beauty 😀 I understand what you mean about bad drivers and builders lol! They demolished a house across from us and it was three days of mayhem in our road. Enjoy your reunion! hope its good news all round.


  11. I hope the reunion is going well and there is good FOOD! “We are Fam-a lee!!!” Is what we all shout when CH’s family all get together.. 🙂 There is a Harley dude that just put on the loudest pipes you can buy.. he leaves for work at 5am.. bah!


    • The good news is that 1) he doesn’t work on Sundays (hopefully) and 2) he doesn’t live in my neighborhood! I live with all pencil pushers and dentists so no one leaves early. But I do love families that don’t have inhibitions when it come to singing!


  12. I was wondering how the grass got plucked out without the vase getting tipped over . . . I see from your comment that tipping the vase over is part of the grass extraction process.

    Hope you’re having a blast at the reunion.


  13. Hope you have a great time at the reunion today 🙂 I know what you mean about the rude people who are bad drivers – the ones who glare at YOU when THEY do something dumb. Grr!

    Your flower arranger is quite cute – great stretch!



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