Random five for father’s day 2014

It’s father’s day! – The weather is promising to be warm and wonderful and there may be a trip to the ice cream parlor on our dance card. Happy father’s day to the beloved husband and all Dads everywhere!

A new job? – The beloved husband asked me to accompany him on a shopping trip (did you hear the angels sing?) for summer shirts. We picked up a collection that he liked (I had veto power) and he headed to the fitting room. It was empty but a couple came after a while and the husband also tried on some shirts.

As the husbands alternated coming out for critiquing the other husband suggested that we start a business. We would stand outside dressing rooms and provide feedback to men as they tried on clothes. He said we sounded alike and used the same phrases. “The shoulder droops on that one.” “Too big.” “Too small.” “Nope, nope, nope.” “That makes you look portly.” “Ah yes, that one is perfect.”

Cleaning out – When I met the beloved husband his favorite color was brown. (Yep, that sofa went to Goodwill.) A kind (and blind) person would call his stuff earth tones. I would call them muddy. Over the years, I have rubbed off on him. He looks fabulous in jewel tones and can wear primaries and some dusty pastels really well. Dull earth tones wash him out. Think wallflowers fading in the background. I was pleased to see that the last of the muddy-colored shirts were in the donation basket.

I’m conflicted – Yes, I am. We had a rainy week here. The good news is that I didn’t have to work on the pile of mulch that is sitting in my driveway. The bad news is that it’s still there waiting for me. The older I get the less I enjoy yard work.

Kabuki? Seriously? I think it's dinnertime!

Kabuki? Seriously? I think it’s dinnertime!

Update on the chubster – Hazel has been on a diet for 10 days and has lost (drum roll please) exactly a half pound! It may not sound like much but at just under 17 pounds, that is a good for a cat. It’s not healthy to lose it too fast. She is still stealing food from the other cats but not as much. I don’t write much about Hazel. Her claim to fame is her “I haven’t been fed sad eyes” which appear 15 minutes after she’s been fed. She is not very vocal. She could do kabuki theatre. It’s all about the facial expressions.

And how was your week?





23 thoughts on “Random five for father’s day 2014

  1. Michael’s Fathers Day was spent minus sons! One was in Honduras building huts for people, one was idling in Atlanta prepping to move in our vicinity, one on his way to San Antonio and the other was with his three sons…they’re awesome guys our sons! Each had a long, long conversation with M…nice! He and I celebrated with foot long chili dogs for dinner…yay! (Some would call us deranged). And voila! Michael has appointed me his wardrobe mistress…ta-dah…onslaught of jewel tones which look magnificent on him. Vibrant prints…bright solids…ooh boy! This guy has a full head of gorgeous hair…no thinning…dark blonde with natural highlights…yes, yes! One little problem…he cannot gain weight. No way can he gain…Amyloidosis (Amy as we call her) must have a secret weight scale. We’re simply thankful that he’s winning the race! By the way, yay for Hazel…way to go girl.


    • Love your new pictures (or maybe it’s not new and I just noticed?). Sounds like a good FD to me. My husband’s kids are across the country so there wasn’t any in-person celebration but they all called. We did do ice cream and that was wonderful. Sometimes I think guys are happy to relinquish control of their wardrobe. That works for me!


  2. My kittens, Reggie and Jean-Louis, could team up with Hazel. They have that sad eyes thing going for them, too.

    Kate … I also am delighted that my husband, Dave, moved on from bland colors to colors that bring out his blue eyes and fair skin. Glad yours was cooperative.


  3. First let me say, if I told Dan he looked portly, he would be vaguely proud of his accomplishment. But imagine for a moment someone’s husband said “That makes you look portly” (which is a super nice word for fat). Said husband would be found in pieces in a trash bag somewhere. So give the guys some credit for not giving a rat’s behind!

    And congrats to Hazel! When I lose weight I like to celebrate with a fattening treat. I think they call that a vicious cycle. Very vicious!


    • An old friend went to a men’s store and was directed to the Portly Department (yep, they had the gall to call it that in big letters). He never shopped there again. Portly is a manly word for fat. There is no lady equivalent — not that you can use and live. Hazel wants to celebrate. Fortunately she doesn’t have opposable thumbs.


  4. Jewel tones, primaries, and pastels. Sounds good to me. Today it was raining in W. Washington State. I went shopping for an upcoming trip to Maui. Bought sandals–silver with gold–and a new tote that is peacock blue with cinnamon brown trim. Now I can retire the old black leather purse.

    Happy Fathers Day. And enjoy the ice cream for me. I’m avoiding dairy, hoping it will help my asthmatic cough.


  5. I love when you reiterate. You made me think of the wagon wheel coffee table in When Harry Met Sally when you said your husband’s favorite color was bachelor brown.

    As far as Hazel’s anorexia is concerned, a half a pound on her just may be too much. If she starts looking too thin, try a pleated collar.

    Ice cream…I like to put mine in the microwave till it looks like soup.

    Happy Father’s to all the dads, here and gone, in your life Kate. Sweet, funny piece:)


  6. Enjoy your ice cream run. Hope hubby doesn’t drip on one of his new jewel tone shirts. I think you’d be perfect for the job of fitting room checker ~ and you’ll be inside in the A/C instead of hauling around mulch.

    A 1/2 pound loss for a 17 pound cat is equivalent to a 5 pound loss for a 170 pound human. That’s progress!


    • I’m a little skeptical of the loss. I could have weighed her at her highest and lowest so the loss maybe less but will reweigh this coming Friday to get some traction. Not totally surprising, the scale broke right after she was weighed. The batteries gave out. There must be a message there somewhere. I had looked up her records and she has weighed the same thing within a few ounces for the last 3 or 4 years. None of the other cats are very excited about this diet because it has affected them too. That is except for Morgan who can scale tall buildings in a single bound.


  7. I love Hazel’s “I haven’t been fed sad eyes” ha ha ha!

    Good for you for getting hubby away from muddy and into color 🙂 That’s not an easy transition, I know 🙂

    I worked in the yard last Sunday for 4 hours. I never do that. Then I had an epiphany: I don’t hate yard work, I hate it when it’s 4,000 degrees and humid, which it usually is here now. It was 70 that day = ahhhh!!



    • The weather does make a difference. We spent yesterday working on that mulch pile and it wasn’t bad. It was 70 and breezy with no humidity. My thighs are screaming today. Just another hour or two and it’s done for this year!


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