A holiday random five

This is my skin doctor!

This is my skin doctor!

I thought it would be a quiet holiday weekend but it’s not shaping up like that. Out-of-town company is coming today and my family is coming for a picnic on Monday. Nothing quiet about that. It will be great to see everyone and my grandniece is making my Mother’s strudel recipe so I don’t have too. It doesn’t get any better than that!

What’s going on next door? While trying on capris at a local department store a person entered the stall next to me. I heard noises that sounded a lot like she was having sex or her constipation had finally letting loose. It was very unnerving. Then she said, “It’s a size 8! I don’t wear a size 8.” There was no one else in the stall so I guess she just needed some conversation.

Where was this 20 years ago? My new car is pretty cool. I have my smart phone (which I barely ever use for phone calls) synced up to the blue tooth thingy. As I was driving I heard the text tone. Someone was sending me a text! There was one button to press and a nice lady who lives in my dashboard read the text to me. Pretty cool!

Cranky smanky! I hate doctor appointments. I have completed annual check-ups except for my skin doctor. Since I waited so long, the soonest I can get an appointment is September. I have something that needs to be removed so I am going to the cranky partner. (Isn’t it ironic that I can get an appointment with him the next week?) My big girl panties are already laid out so I can be as confrontational as he is cranky.

They were singing in the rain! We had a brutal night last night. The beloved husband had a bout of insomnia caused by nothing. I was awakened around 4 a.m. by the “Cat Tabernacle Choir.” Our stray visitor was back and singing the top ten hits with Hazel doing background vocals. Neither one should give up their day jobs!

How was your week? For those of you in the US, have a great holiday weekend.



30 thoughts on “A holiday random five

  1. The Cat Tabernacle Choir–apparently they’ve been a traveling troupe of late. I heard them myself! You keep on being cranky until the doctor sees you. These delays are unacceptable when we have something that needs addressing. I’ll be cranky with you!


  2. It is almost time for my yearly doctor stuff. I am still trying to get last years bill straightened out. The insurance company paid…I have a copy of the paperwork as does the doctors office but somehow it is going to collection as unpaid .Grrrr.


    • Sounds like such an easy fix. Last year I have the same thing happen but it was my deductible and I paid it. The collection company was very easy to work with. I sent them a copy of the cancelled check (which I had sent to the doctor’s billing company) and they cancelled the debt.


  3. My week was boring compared to yours. Except for the encounter with the guy at the bus stop who got on his phone and started screaming at someone named Cameelo, on and on, “It’s all your fault Cameelo! All you ever do is sleep, Cameelo!”

    And those of us listening were having our own conversation, saying things like, “If I had to live with him and didn’t have access to drugs, I’d sleep, too,” and “why doesn’t she just hang up on him?” until finally he said, “Are you there Cameelo? ….. Cameelo….. hey, Cameelo…. CAMEELO!!!” and I said, “Cameelo’s sleeping!” and the whole bunch of us started laughing and he stomped off.


  4. I must say I love how you handle those “big girl panties” with such care…had to laugh out loud imagining you laying them out on the bed…lol! Enjoy your long weekend. I’m off to “run” a 5k in mud & foam this morning….should be interesting.


  5. Fun post, Kate. I’m impressed with the lady in the dash who reads your texts to you. And LOL out the lady who is NOT size 8! Have a fab weekend with your guests and your family and a big piece of strudel.


  6. Best part is they are coming to your house and you don’t have to drive. We are all spread too wide apart this year, so guess there will just be texts and emails instead of crowds around the tables.
    That’s one great cat poster!
    Enjoy all the long weekend fun


  7. Great week…finally whipped my smart phone and ipad into shape and now?
    I know what I’m doing! Yay, yay! What a breakthrough!
    We had our big weekend last week…another grandson (#7) graduated from high school and a big party the next day w/much of our family. Good time but…I had to wear my ‘big girl panties’ to contend with one female…as usual.
    Oh well, who wants to be disappointed? Loved the time together tho’.
    Size 8 sounds good on whoever…dressing rooms and ladies rooms can be off the wall. Fun!
    My hubby’s the one who has been seeing all the doctors recently…every week.
    Friday his Urologist asked him how his erections were and M shriveled up his index finger!
    No sweat…we have a marriage that’s so awesome; planning to keep it up!
    Looking forward to this weekend holiday time…everything is the way it should be…wonderful.


  8. I love when you itemize your life. Big girl panty line was the best. Also, love the cat chorus while you’re trying to sleep. Hazel sounds the Loretta Young in your household…singing along…welcoming….I can see her coming down the stairs in a caftan 🙂


    • Dr. Cranky’s son works at the same practice. I wonder if he is the same way. There is a physician’s assistant that I usually go to but she is very popular. You start growing mushrooms on your body as you age. I like to get them off but because the practice is so annoying, I tend to put it off. I wonder if you can die from mushroom overdose?


  9. Ha ha! The description of your experience in the dressing room is hilarious, Kate! I always thought it would be interesting to be a dressing room attendant and listen to all of the crazy chatter.
    I had a great week and I’m looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Have a wonderful holiday!


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