They forgot to fly south!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have had a large flock of robins hang around this winter. They have certainly picked a cold and snowy year to stay north.

There have been at least 12 couples lodging nearby frequenting the premises. Robins typically eat insects and berries. They have de-berried my holly bushes and decorative pear tree, eaten the crabapples and frolicked in the heated bird bath.

I keep the bird bath clean and full for all of the critters that visit but the robins enjoy it the most. Besides having a good drink they will also have splash parties with the bowl filled with birds and water everywhere.

I have been trying to get a picture of them for a couple of weeks but this is the best I could do. One minute before it was taken there were 8 birds in the bath.

It was taken through a glass window. No matter how I tried I could not open the door even a sliver to get a clearer shot.

Now here is a good morning message from my cats.

cat on post-bull bits

19 thoughts on “They forgot to fly south!

  1. I think maybe you should take their congeniality as a sign that spring is coming. Listen to them, not Punxsutawney Phil! 🙂 How nice that you provide so many winter comforts for them. I’m sure they’re appreciative.


    • I wish! We don’t listen to P. Phil. He’s pulled from his hidey hole pre-dawn and he’s never seen his shadow because the sun isn’t out yet. It’s all about the hype and the money! This morning a squirrel was knocking at the sliding door because I was a little late getting out the ground seed. I guess that’s appreciation!


  2. I’m pretty sure that every cardinal in Virginia is hanging out in our yard, perhaps because of the tub o’bird seed on the squirrel deck. My kitties chatter away at the birds and squirrels, and will be taking the sage advice your kitties offered today. Yep, don’t bat at the dangling bits…


  3. We’ve had a slew of robins stay through the winter too – perhaps they’d had it with Florida? I feel terrible for them, for they sure chose a tough winter to stay up here.


    • We have a heated bird bath which was very popular this winter along with bird feeders and I also put seed on the patio for the ground feeders. The cats, especially Morgan loves her “friends.” She cackles at them all day.


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