Put your dancing boots on!

Courtesy of picgifs

Courtesy of picgifs

We did it again last night! We went dancing! Wahoo!

We go a couple of times a year to a local place with some friends. Dinner is part of the deal and a DJ plays “oldies” music although last night the music was a very eclectic mix of oldies, country, polkas, contemporary pop and line dances.

It is a delightful experience for anyone interested in human behavior. Most of the couples were from ages 45 to 80 (heavier on the older side) and a lot of them were there to do serious partying.

I have saved you the trouble of attending with me next time (although you are invited!) and jotted down some notes for your next book on odd people.

It’s all about the tailgating – Yes, I know I said they served dinner. It’s free beer and soda too but you would never realize it. People came in with ice chests that could have taken them to Antarctica for the season. They pulled out trays of ring baloney and cheese, shrimp and cocktail sauce, chips and snacks and…..wait for it…..enough bottles of booze to stock a commercial bar. Seriously!

We sat next to such a group. They were nice neighbors but they didn’t share (Boooo!). I learned a lot from them. I never heard of pudding shots before. They drank their liquor through a medicine syringe (no, not the ones with the needles but the ones you use to give your baby or cat liquid medicine). I was in awe! I am talking about people in their 50s and 60s! Wow!

Gas, gas everywhere – For the first hour after dinner, the dance floor was packed. At a dance with older people there is no waiting until everyone warms up because you could be dead by then. Everyone is out on the floor by the second beat of the music.

Back to the gas – It smelled like a sewage plant. I have never smelled so much gas before for such a long period. Next time I am going to insist that they have Gas-X in some mints for after dinner. The beloved husband didn’t smell it. It must be because my nose is at ass level and his isn’t. Argh!

Oldies, really? – We danced almost every dance for the first hour or two but then something happened. We no longer knew the songs. That’s when the mix came in. There was a big batch of line dances. I know the Electric Slide but they did others I never heard before. They line danced to the current Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

Then there is the line dance dilemma — The beloved husband is a great sport but not a great line dancer. He is always pointing the wrong way, moving front when everyone is moving back. Only my niece Anita will line dance with him. Best to sit those out or perhaps we need more lessons!

We were home by 11, tired and happy. Thanks to our friends who find these amazing dances!

I have another post on oldies dancing you can access here.

30 thoughts on “Put your dancing boots on!

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    • Mostly I don’t care how I look when I dance but in a line dance you kind of stick out if you don’t know the fancy steps. Blurred Lines has been in my head since Saturday and it’s Wednesday. I actually listened to it last night on my Kindle cause I was missing it.


  2. Loved listening to Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke and The Roots’ “Blurred Lines” (much better than the video on You Tube that Robin Thicke has).

    I love to dance, but I’m not so great on the directions to “The Electric Slide,” etc. Sounds like you had a great time despite the GAS. I’ve hard of jello shots, but not pudding shots.


  3. Now that’s happy dancing while you sit! You’ve got me singing as I make pancakes in the kitchen (visualize the hips swaying, spatula swinging and the spoons clicking) “Yes, I want it, oh yes, I want it…some happy dancing” Gotta love the kid-colorful xylophone.


  4. Love the Jimmy Fallon clip! He is amazing-funny, can sing, does incredible impressions. Find a clip of him doing Bruce Springsteen, you won’t even know it’s him! Anyway, I’m one of those people who couldn’t line dance my way out of a wet paper bag. I am constantly going in the wrong direction, kicking when I should be stepping, scootching when I should be standing still…it’s really, really bad. Glad you had fun, although the odors would have driven me out…


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