Hey! You! Get out of my space!

+ Kiss kiss

+ Kiss kiss (Photo credit: غzǻҰёll ♥ RAINBOW !)

One of my quirks is space. I don’t like folks standing too close. I don’t want to see their tonsils or teeth fillings or the shrimp stuck there from yesterday. I don’t know the exact measurement that I need to feel comfortable but I know when it’s not met.

I can be a huggy, touchy-feely person just not too much. My family is not particularly touchy-feely at all. We never kiss to greet and only hug when the situation is grave – like at funerals, weddings (yes, those are grave), terminal illnesses and when someone had something really bad happen. It’s a demonstration of solidarity that we don’t waste on just saying “hi.”

We don’t do air kisses either. I always thought that might be cool (it’s so French!) as long as there was absolutely no touching. Let me make this perfectly clear. Absolutely. No. Touching!

I have attended weddings where the bride looked like she was greeted by Freddie Krueger. Either that or her lipstick was put on by her old blind aunt Maude. That’s just nasty. Women who wear red lipstick should not be kissing anyone.

For a time I was married to Brand X whose family was very kissy-kissy. They didn’t like each other. They preferred demonstrations of affection instead of the real thing. Egad! They kissed on the lips. Before eating. After eating. After drinking a case of beer (do you know what that smells like???). Gross. It reinforced my aversion to all that.

I do like hugs and feelings of affection (preferably expressed with Starbucks gift cards).

Now that I have said that (or put it in writing) I am known to kiss my cats on the snoot. We all know where what was recently, don’t we? I never said I made sense, did I?


26 thoughts on “Hey! You! Get out of my space!

  1. The line of the week:

    I do like hugs and feelings of affection (preferably expressed with Starbucks gift cards).

    I’m not a toucher either and when one comes toward me boy, is that not a great moment for me. I become so tense you could bounce tennis balls right off my back.
    Nice piece…and snarky too 🙂


  2. I am good at sending hugs via cyberspace….. in person I get the creepy crawlies. My family are undemonstrative except at funerals maybe. Kisses are reserved for dogs and cats. We are alike Kate. Sending hugs……. Love, Dor


  3. We lived in the Philippines for over fifteen years, and people there require a smaller personal space. I think I’m about average for an American, which meant that when I stood in line at the post office, I left a foot or two between me and the person ahead of me. People walking past always cut through that space. It was the only one available in what was usually a very long line. Everyone else left a space of only a couple of inches.


  4. I don’t see my family but about every 3-4 months so I do give them a hug each time we visit. No kissing…just a hug to greet and leave. If we met oftener I am sure we would not.
    My son and his new bride have a beautiful golden retriever. They are slurping over it all the time. I have no problem with that……as long as the dog knows not to slurp me. And it doesn’t!!!!!!!


  5. I like lots of space, but in my family we have to hug and kiss hello, goodbye, excuse me I’m leaving the room for a moment…otherwise people are hurt and offended and then we have to kiss and make up. Easier just to kiss the first time around!


  6. I do not like air kisses. There is almost always touching (what part of AIR kisses do people not get?) and mostly I’m worried about my glasses knocking into someones face. Hugs are good with me though. *bear hugs*


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