The house of diet – For Animal Lovers

One of my cats is grumpy – really grumpy. Hazel has been put on a diet.

Cats don’t do diets very well. They don’t care if they are svelte. They just want to eat!

If they go outside, they supplement their diet with a bird or mouse.

They won’t exercise. Except for Morgan, getting out the cat dancer toy brings eye rolls from the other cats. Forgetabout the laser thingie. That’s a thing of the past.

When we added Morgan, Hazel started to eat more. Perhaps she was self medicating or just making sure she got her fair share. She gained several pounds in a short period of time. She looks like a fireplug – a big gray fireplug.

Putting one cat on a diet when you have four cats including a diabetic and youngster, isn’t easy.

They eat each other’s food even though they all get fed in separate rooms.

They steal each other’s food even though they all get the same stuff.

Sometimes one doesn’t eat at all and you have no idea which one ate the stuff you put down.

It’s hard to make sure everyone gets their own rations. I had to stop free feeding (keeping dry food available all the time). That made everyone (including me) cranky.

Jake needs a 5 a.m. snack. He’s diabetic so he eats every so many hours. That means I get up at 5 to put down some dry crackers for him to snack on and hope that Hazel doesn’t suck up the leftovers. I’m sure she does. I also think she’s sneaking bug snacks like spiders too.  

Next week Hazel is going to the V-E-T who won’t be happy with the weight gain. We will run some tests to make sure it’s not a medical issue. Then it’s serious weight loss.

I wonder if they have Nutrisystem for cats.

GoodLife (2)

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.

28 thoughts on “The house of diet – For Animal Lovers

  1. Our first cat needed to lose weight and he was UNHAPPY about the reduced rations. Now I have two kitties who were rescues. Neither one of them is particularly food motivated which has been helpful since. Good luck with, Hazel.


  2. Tell Hazel that our two cats feel her pain. They weight 17 pounds (Reggie, the female), and 19 pounds (Jean-Louis, the male). I used to be able to put down dry food and leave it out. But these two do not ration their meals.

    Good luck on cutting the cat’s weight. We put ours on a D-I-E-T about a year ago (Iams ProActive Health and some wet food), and it seems they’re always hungry.


    • I am hoping someone will give a suggestion that is easy but I guess weight loss isn’t easy for any species. Hazel weighs 17 lbs but she is a small cat. Jake weighs 15 lbs but he is tall and long. He looks thin and not anything near a fireplug.


  3. Poor Hazel. I’m on a diet and I am not happy and I don’t have to watch anyone else eat. Well, there is Teddy but I don’t even like the smell of his food so it is no problem.


  4. Wow, cats are more trouble that when I had them. Ours lived in the barn. Of course, the fatality rate among them was ridiculously high, but I was always told that’s just how it is for farm animals and I was too young to think there might be another way. Lucky Hazel, that you’re watching out for her. (But being a cat, she probably doesn’t appreciate you…)


    • When I was a kid we had indoor/outdoor cats and they only lived about 2 years. It was so hard. I would get attached to one and then it was gone. Fortunately, getting them spayed/neutered and keeping them indoors keeps them both healthy and alive a lot longer.


  5. OMG . . . this made me howl.
    Especially, “She looks like a fireplug – a big gray fireplug.”

    Putting an “only (cat) child” on a diet is tough enough. I can’t imagine attempting to get one cat to suck it up while other cats in the household are sucking it down.

    Good luck!!!


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