There’s a new kid in town! | For Animal Lovers

Sleeping Nora horizontalThe beloved husband has another grand pup. Among four adult children he has at least 10 grand pets. Obviously it’s an animal loving family.

Puppy Nora with new best friend

Puppy Nora with new best friend

The new gal is a rescue puppy that was adopted by the oldest daughter and her husband after one of their dogs passed on. She wasn’t quite ready but her husband found this pup who needed a home. How can you say no to someone who needs a home? Especially when they are fluffy and cute?

They named her Nora (after Nora Charles from The Thin Man). It seems that people names for pets and pet names for children are popular these days. I’m not judging here as all of my pets have people names. It just happens.

The best guess is that it’s a corgi-cattle dog mix which they refer to as American Puff Ball weighing in at 8 pounds.


Finn and Nora, Best Friends Forever!

They have a bunch of lovely cats and a crazy dog named Finn. Seriously the dog is crazy. He is huge (90 pounds) and good spirited but his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. He is a Catahoula Leopard Dog mix with crazy thrown in.

He will knock you over with friendliness.

Clean off a coffee table with the swish of his tale.

Move a sofa by putting his front paws on it. Get the picture?

“They say” he has gone to obedience school. I think he failed but he continues to get by because he’s lovable. I wonder what Cesar Millan would say?

We welcome the new pup to the extended family which has more animals than people (and that’s the way it should be!).

Seriously, I didn't do it!

Seriously, I didn’t do it! Not me! Must have been some other puppy!

32 thoughts on “There’s a new kid in town! | For Animal Lovers

  1. Thanks for this happy post, Kate. My heart is still smiling. Our rescued dog, Maggie, has been a wonderful part of our family for more than 11 years. Our grandchildren have grown up thinking she’s a sister–a very furry and gentle who sighs a lot and watches out for them.
    The picture of Finn and Nora, BFF, is adorable!


  2. Gosh she’s a cutie pie. I loved the description of the other dog “the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor” — ha ha ha!

    Had to put Frankie, our 13 year old lab, to sleep a couple of nights ago. I can’t write about him yet. I can’t think of him without crying. So hard. Not ready to get another dog but I did enjoy the cuteness in Nora’s sweet face, thank you.



    • I am so sorry. I know that pain. It took me 6 weeks to get over (if you can call it that) putting down my beloved cat Magic many years ago. My cat Jake is 15 and I fear this is his last summer. The daughter-in-law also was not ready for another dog but her husband works with someone who volunteers with the rescue groups. She was trying to find a home for this pup. He couldn’t resist. It’s a bit of a distraction but it doesn’t take away from the grieving process. When you are ready, write about Frankie. He was quite a dog from the other stories you have written about him.


      • Thank you; I know you get it. We were able to tell oldest boy tonight (he didn’t know, had his kids last night, and we didn’t want to upset him when they were there). I am able to talk about him a little bit. I sure miss that fuzzy face when I come in the door from work.

        Thank you for understanding, MJ


  3. What a cutie pie! And she and Finn are the perfect odd couple. I love a family with more pets than people. Bravo to all of you!!!


  4. Thanks for the post about our new puff ball! Sadly, her right ear isn’t floppy any longer, so she lost just one level of cuteness. Happily, big crazy Finn (yes, he is crazy. a little bit.) is warming up to the new addition and has actually played with her a few times… gently. She is a little love! ❤


  5. Nora is just gorgeous. She does melt your heart. We also love our grandpuppy, Riley, who greets us enthusiastically every time he sees us – even if it’s only 5 minutes earlier. 🙂 Best wishes to your new family member.


  6. Nora looks like she’s adapted quickly! I mostly like animals more than people so I think it’s good to be outnumbered. And Nora is one of my all time favorite literary characters, but not Nora Charles. I love Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. It’s a good omen for Nora the pup, I think.


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