Another post on stupid people

These drivers are smarter than the one I saw yesterday.

These drivers are smarter than the one I saw yesterday. Courtesy of Dabbler on Flickr

There is a heavily trafficked, multi-lane intersection I drive through every day. Since a major interstate exits into it, a lot of 18-wheeled tractor trailers use it. The lanes are tight. They are car-sized but big enough for the trucks unless the trucks are making a 90 degree turn. Then it’s a real nightmare.

The traffic engineers have drawn lines on the road to show where you (as a driver) should stop when the light is red. The turning lane is always further back to allow those humongous trucks to make a turn safely.

For some unknown reason (at least to me) most drivers do not take those marks seriously. I don’t know why. It’s not like you get to your destination any faster.

Yesterday an intellectually challenged driver drove right up to the edge of the intersection for a red light. One of those humongous trucks with colorful fruits and vegetables painted on the side tried to navigate a turn. It wasn’t pretty. His choice was to take out a light standard or drive over the car. You can probably guess my choice. His choice was not to do anything.

Mr. Stupid Cell Phone Driver was not concerned. He was on his cell, most likely discussing some critical factors concerning world peace. He may even have had the president on the line. The truck driver was all jack-knifed up blocking most of the intersection but the car driver was oblivious.

That meant no one moved. Good thing I already had my mocha latte or I would have been really cranky – not so much at the truck driver but at Mr. Stupid Cell Phone Driver.

So we all waited.

The light turned green for the car and Mr. Stupid Cell Phone Driver drove through without a care in the world allowing the truck to complete the turn and the rest of us to resume our day.

I don’t think Mr. Stupid Cell Phone Driver even noticed. My soapbox has been put away for another day.

By the way, I haven’t seen any breakthroughs in world peace today either.

25 thoughts on “Another post on stupid people

  1. I love the cute picture, but the reality is too close for comfort. I was nearly sideswiped by a young woman who was–and I’m not joking–talking on her cell phone AND applying mascara! Several years ago a tourist in Colorado was talking on his cell phone and drinking coffee when the coffee sloshed over, startled him, and he drove across the median and hit a school bus. Lots of kids had to go to the hospital but no one was seriously injured. At first the man wanted to blame it on the coffee being too hot…later it turned out the guy didn’t have insurance because “…times are tough and insurance is expensive…”


  2. It is truly mind boggling. How do some of these folks get drivers licenses?
    I was at a red light, prepared to turn left. The impatient driver behind me beeped his horn. When I failed to move, he went into the next lane – a lane where you could go straight ahead or make a RIGHT turn. Then he turned LEFT as he went thru a RED light (for those turning left) and was fortunate that he wasn’t hit from 3 different directions. What an idiot.


  3. On a similar note: I went to the Macy’s cosmetic counter this week. The clerk there told me about two customers who came in for a make up application by said clerk. Both had symptoms of the flu.,..guess they were looking to share them! Oblivious, self-centered, self-absorbed, uncaring…your post captured the world we live in!


  4. You bring out the vent in me. 🙂
    Cell phone driver missed his stopping point and drive right into my lane. Life flashing before my eyes, I stand on the brake, hold my breath, and pray there is no one behind me. I stop about a foot short of his car with hand embedded in the horn. He smiles at me, reverses and carries on his conversation. He could have least looked scared!
    Thanks, I feel better now. 8)


  5. I know those things bother me. I just tell myself that I am not responsible for them (thank goodness), shake my head, and walk away. (I’m a pedestrian.)


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