It’s my birthday and I’ll laugh if I want to!

Today is my birthday. It is a good one. Everyone had a part in making my day special. I received some wonderful birthday cards. Most cards had cats (I know, hard to imagine!) on them. One card had shoes! It made me giggle so I thought I would share it with the shoe people out there!bd card

Here are some other things that contributed to making my day special:

  • Cat number two (Mollie) barfed on the bed. Actually, not just on the bed because I had already turned the bedspread back so she barfed on the bedspread and all the blankets. Big laundry load! Happy birthday to me!
  • Beloved husband took me to my favorite Greek restaurant for dinner last night. I love Greek food and this restaurant is a good one.
  • We visited a dead people exhibit at our local college. It’s real bodies that have been plasticized. They are in different displays so you get to understand how the body works. These exhibits fascinate me. The first one I saw was at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I would have been a doctor if it hadn’t been for the real body fluids, the smell and people.
  • I had a bad-ass hot dog for lunch. Probably shouldn’t say more about that.
  • I snuck in an extra mocha latte. Hey, it was my birthday!
  • The beloved husband is cooking dinner. Yay!

This birthday was already celebrated with some friends last week. I like to start early and go long. After all, it’s January and there isn’t much else going on.

Greeting card from Recycled Paper Greetings – Thanks Anita!

45 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I’ll laugh if I want to!

  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kate! And you deserve the 8 free pairs of shoes! And the badass hot dog too. I do love the way you celebrate and you’ve got a good man there. 🙂


  2. Happy birthday! Remember, the barf was just the cat’s way of giving you a gift. Though perhaps a dead thing would have been a better choice. But you got your dose of dead from the dead people exhibit, which my daughter and I saw for Mother’s Day two years ago here in Denver – we loved it. Yum on dinners, and you go – have a birthday month!


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