Year end wrap up or how did I do this year!!!!

NYE-gif-5-edI don’t do resolutions — not at New Year’s, for Lent or any other time. If I need to change something, I just do it. However, you should look back every so often to evaluate where you are. Did things get better, worse, or maybe just different — or are they the same. Here is a 2012 look back for me.

Exercise — This was a good year for exercise. I joined a gym, finally. Sure it was an old lady gym but I learned a lot about life through some of the most far-fetched stories ever told by the inmates!

The gym takes time. There is travel time and of course a stop at Starbucks on my way home. What good is exercising if you can’t reward yourself for good attendance?

My back-up for when I can’t make it to the gym is a walking loop in the neighborhood. I made a lot of doggie friends through that. Last back-up is using the treadmill (yawn!).

My treadmill is a basic model but it displays how many calories you burn. It takes me 15 minutes to burn the caloric intake equal to an orange. AN ORANGE! First off, who put calories in an orange? That’s just wrong. It probably was the person who discovered trans fat and ruined eating for us all.

By my calculations it could take me a whole week continuously on a treadmill to work off a slice of cheesecake.

On the whole, this one is better!

Hairballs — No laughing please. Hairballs are a big deal in a house with three cats of middle to old age – one of which has a tooting problem too. In the past year the middle cat has learned an unusual way to hack up a hairball. She is theatrical and prefers an audience of friends and relatives rather than saving it just for us.

Mollie starts with slow moans. (Think “When Sally Met Harry” — more on that later). People get concerned. They think she is dying. I know better. There is one caterwaul which terrifies anyone who has never heard one. Then you hear the slow progress of the hairball while she convulses her body. She can do it in rhythm to music. Any music will do although her favorites are ‘80s and country music. After she is done, she picks herself up; takes a bow; says, “Thanks dahlings!” and is gone. Move over Meg Ryan, you have company.

The other two cats leave us presents someplace where we will step in it with our bare feet. Yuk! This one is worse.

Healthy eating — I naturally prefer fruits and vegetables so this one wasn’t hard at all. That is until we got to the holidays when we had lobster (with brown butter of course), prime rib, cheesecake and Viennese pastries all within three days. However, we are cleansing our bodies with a pizza tonight and will be back on track on January 2. I declare this the same.

Gardening — We have an ongoing love-hate relationship with the wildlife here. Although I am very generous and feed them, they eat my prized plants, shrubs and vegetables. As I have gotten more creative so have the critters. I do get tomatoes and a few other veggies after installing a 10’ x 10’ x 6’ dog pen but there are still no peaches from the trees for me. Worse, worse, worse!

People — After I retired I wanted to be sure I continued my friendships and did not become a recluse with 80 cats. (Yes, I can do that!) I find that since I no longer have to fire people or write “thou shalt not” emails to employees, I like people better. Or perhaps it’s that I can pick and chose who I spend time with. Over all I have enjoyed my friends more than ever. I just wish they didn’t have to go back to work so soon after lunch. Better!

Overall it’s been a good year. All the bad stuff happened at the end. We lost some friends and there were some annoying illnesses. We are here and looking forward to a great 2013!

What? You never saw “When Sally Met Harry?” Heavens! Rent it please but here is the best part!









24 thoughts on “Year end wrap up or how did I do this year!!!!

  1. Well done, Kate! I’m glad you had such a happy, satisfying year 🙂

    I know about hairballs all too well. Our 16 year old cat, who passed away in December, could have won an Academy Award for the most dramatic hairball production. Our other cat could hack up a hairball half the size of his body and not make a single sound. Go figure.


  2. Meg Ryan’s scene in “When Harry Met Sally,” is hysterical. The line following, by the woman seated near her (Rob Reiner’s mother) was ad libbed. Perfect.
    Mollie sounds like a natural for an Oscar.
    I also fell off the food wagon around the holidays. Time to get back on track after tonight’s celebrations.
    Keep up the great stories. Happy New Year to you and yours, Kate.


  3. i love When Harry Met Sally…it’s one of my favorites! I love your thoughts on 2012, and I’ll look forward to your musings in 2013. You definitely make me laugh…like the comment on burning the calories of an orange for all your treadmill dedication. I hope the new year is peaceful and healthy. I think in the end that’s what we all want most, don’t you? oxo


  4. Great post, Kate! It’s amazing how far and fast we have to move to burn off a few measly calories. Love the pizza cleanse ~ exactly what we’ll be doing tomorrow night. With Chocolate Mousse Pie for dessert.

    Happy New Year!


  5. Reflections are ‘way better than resolutions.
    The treadmill observations are so true and so discouraging…but I can’t get organized to go to the gym…with all the holiday food, the dog walks need to be more frequent (so I can’t reach the food).
    Cats love nothing more than drama (except adoration, maybe – beautiful cat!)
    Have a Happy New year’s Eve…it’s not Jan 2nd yet!


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