Calling all fashionistas! Leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans decked out with goose bumps!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATall boots with skinny jeans fascinate me. The look is long and lanky (said by a short person barely 5’2” tall) and kind of hot (at least on a twenty-something). I got the urge really bad.

I threw out my last pair of high-heeled, knee-high leather boots several years ago and replaced them with ankle-high, fleece-lined boots. They tuck nicely under pants but look like crap with skirts and dresses. That’s not a problem though. I don’t wear skirts and dresses when it’s cold. Heck, I hardly wear them when it’s warm! The boots are stylish enough but certainly not a sexy look. They are more of an old lady look. Is there an old lady chic look?

After admiring the boots for a while, I shopped until I found a pair of boots that was comfortable and somewhat practical. Practical means no high heels, padded insoles, with zipper, in breathable leather. Perfect!

Then there was the color dilemma. I mostly wear jeans these days and prefer brown with jeans. All the dressy skinny pants I found were black. Obviously, I would need two pair – one brown and one black. First problem solved!

Too look really good you need to wear tight-fitting pants that you can tuck inside. What’s the point of putting your new boots UNDER boot-cut pants? The only thing that compares to the duress of swimsuit shopping, is skinny/leggings/jeggings shopping.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was an incredibly painful shopping trip but after trying on a lot (I mean a lot) of skinny jeans, I found a pair that doesn’t make me look like a lollipop; stays where it should; allows me to eat a light meal; and let’s me bend over without too much pain. Now for the black boots, I needed to find something a little dressier.

Do you know they make fleece-lined leggings? I haven’t seen anything that warm since second grade. I was really tempted but that would fall in the old lady chic style!

I ended going to one of my old standby stores and bought a pair that was called “easy leggings.” Doesn’t that sound inviting? It was on sale (that’s always a sign from above that you need to buy them) and then I had a coupon. Yay!

They were wonderful! They didn’t feel like a body girdle. I could get them over my rump (hey, it’s not big but still….) and they felt good. They stayed where they were supposed to stay rather than directly above my knees. They are made of Ponte fabric so they didn’t show every lump and bump and ripple and dimple. Another winner!

I have worn both outfits a few times and there is one little problem. They are not warm. I have never found leather boots to be warm unless they were flannel/fleece/fur-lined. The skinny jeans/leggings were a thinner material to stretch easily. I wore one outfit to an indoor concert with a good walk to the parking deck and nearly froze my thighs off. I had heavy socks on to keep my feet warm but I never did warm up. Those fleece-lined leggings are starting to look good again but they have to make you look….um…..plumper…or maybe fluffy. That’s never a good look for me!

Cuddle Duds to the rescue. I have a silky pair of long johns that work just wonderfully under both pants and don’t add much to the girth.

I wonder if those young sexy women have as much trouble getting comfortable, fashionable outfits as I do or maybe when you are young, looking sexy keeps you warm and comfy. I don’t remember! Suggestions welcome!

21 thoughts on “Calling all fashionistas! Leggings, jeggings and skinny jeans decked out with goose bumps!

    • Ack! In a fit of revelry, I threw out my pantyhose when I retired (yes, I know….dumb). I could get a pair of thin tights or buy another pair of pantyhose (sigh!). The moral of this story is to never throw everything out!


  1. I think the slim pants/high boots idea is meant for riding horses. There, you get heat generated by the friction and the exercise. Not recommended for sitting on something which doesn’t jiggle about. 🙂


  2. You have ventured in to fashion territory that I fear: old styles that emotionally scarred me for life first time around that return as if they are new styles. I admire your gumption in facing up to leggings & boots. You are a brave woman, indeed.


  3. Winter fashion is overrated if it’s not warm and safe to cross over ice. I’ve seen some in jeggings that wear them as pants – Ouch!
    So wear what feels comfortable and warm. Worry about fashion once you peel down – only boots and coat off – and are fireside indoors. 🙂


  4. From what I can gather of the “younger generations'” fashion sense, they are willing to sacrifice comfort and warmth for sexy – at least that’s what it seems like seeing what my 16 year old daughter’s classmates wear, But as a woman of certain magnificent age, I’m all about trying to find the balance – especially when it comes to warm, based on this morning!


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