Cats taking over….again…with good juju | For animal lovers

Kate is under the weather so she asked the cats to update you. No one is accepting responsibility for the sketches.

Mollie: It’s been a while since we posted. This was the summer of people staying in the house. It wasn’t too bad until someone took over MY bedroom. They were four people but two of them had very short legs and high pitched voices. Very odd. They were called granddaughters.

Hazel: The best thing was that they ate often so there was a chance there just might be food on the floor. The bad news was that they ate oranges. Yuck! They weren’t near as good as Dan though! He’s the best. He misses his mouth every other forkful! Yay!

Jake: The best thing was that the food was relocated. Since we were moved out of our bedrooms, everything got moved around and there was more food. I love guilt and over-compensation. It’s the best! More for me! This is good juju!

Mollie: Yes and we all got to stay in the big bedroom with Kate! Oh wait, we always go there when we want to anyway but there were more treats. Definitely good juju!

Jake: I had to teach the visitors how to scratch behind my ears. They were quick learners and did a good job. I didn’t share my catnip though. That’s mine!

Hazel: They drink their catnip from cans that say Coors! How strange. Seems to work but they don’t roll on the floor like you!

Jake: Too bad for them. They are missing the best part.

Mollie: There are more house guests coming. I hope they don’t stay in my bedroom!

Jake: I don’t think so. They will be in Hazel’s bedroom. I just hope there’s more guilt and over-compensation.

Hazel: I am working hard to make sure there is a nice soft layer of fur on the bed! Sure hope no one vacuums! Maybe a little hairball or two to make them feel at home.

Jake: Nothing but the best for our house guests.

15 thoughts on “Cats taking over….again…with good juju | For animal lovers

  1. I hope by now you are feeling better, Kate. I enjoyed hearing from your sassy cats! They display a reasonably hospitable attitude about guests, and I’m sure the guests will enjoy knowing they have a little gift waiting for them! 🙂 Debra


  2. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope you feel better real soon. And when you are feeling better, I would check the house for presents in the form of “hairballs.” I know Molly, Jake, and Hazel had the best intentions to cheer you up!


  3. Sorry you are sick. Hope you get better really soon. Truly amazed you got a post out whilst unwell and a very amusing one at that. Glad the guests “catnip” didn’t get them rolling on the floor, although I have seen it happen 😀


  4. what wonderful chatty cats you have, sorry to hear you are unwell and sadly as I have allergies I will never stay in hazels or Mollies room … sigh … love the drawings thing someone should take credit. Get well


  5. Oh, I’m so sorry Kate is under the weather, but your story of the visitors is cat-tivating! I especially love your description that read, “They were four people but two of them had very short legs and high pitched voices. Very odd. They were called granddaughters.” Please remind Kate that her blogger friends are thinking of her and wishing her well.


  6. Dear Kitties,
    You may not be aware, but this could be held against you in a court of law. Humans call this a confession, especially the part about the hair balls. However, you can redeem yourselves by curling up with Kate and keeping her feet warm while she’s under the weather.
    Yours truly,
    A Friend


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