Visiting daytime TV

I am not a daytime TV person. In fact, I am not much of a television person except for a few cherished programs that I will cancel life to be sure to catch. Those programs will remain a secret. You see whenever the network execs find out that I like a program, it is cancelled. I am not their target demographic. That means if I like it, the younger kids who seem to buy although I have more expendable income than they do, won’t like it so they need to wipe it off their slate.

However, when I am not feeling good, I do turn to daytime TV for company. It’s like chicken soup. In fact, I can relate my program love affairs with various illnesses I had.

I met the cooks from the Food Network through a few surgeries. There is nothing more comforting than to visit with Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, and Sandra Lee. Giada has been added to the list this last time around. I am not fond of the reality programs, competitions or the programs where people are yelled at or berated. I definitely will not watch programs where chefs are given secret ingredients like liver and pancreas (sweetbreads) to create something new. Really? What can I learn from that? I will never use obscure meat products to make a dish.

Sickness is how I got to see Tom Cruise jump on the couch with Oprah when he fell in love with Katie. I learned how to dance from Ellen. All in all, it was very comforting.

This past week I have been revisiting daytime TV. There are less actual cooking shows. I got to see Kelly’s new partner and Katie Couric’s new program. Overall though, there were fewer shows that I found interesting. Maybe the fact that it’s an election year had something to do with it or maybe not.

Our cable company recently included the Hallmark channel in our package so I was anxious to see what they had. I was rewarded with two hours of Golden Girls every day. At first I didn’t think I would really enjoy it. After all it was done in the ‘80s. The comedy was probably out of date. What I noticed was that actors dressed better back then. They wore clothes that looked attractive on them even though they were a bit dated. The humor was about dating, relationships and an aging mother and not much has changed since then. I think I have become seriously addicted!

Other information I gleaned from various programs:

  • There are all kinds of expressions used for the sex act and I thought I knew most of them. You know – like bumping uglies! Well, there is a new one – boot kicking. In fact I wasn’t sure what it meant for a while.
  • They now make Lady Bic pens. I am not sure why. Maybe they are safer for that time of month. Maybe it’s the color selection.
  • Last week was national cat week on Ellen. I think that’s great! She is a great champion of animals.
  • Rod Stewart said that he is tired of sex. This started a fairly lively discussion on whether he is tired of sex or has just realized that it works better with a loving relationship.
  • I saw a clip of Kim Kardashian squeezing Kanye West’s behind. He is her main squeeze now. That also started a discussion on a talk show as to the appropriateness. It seems that she should have grabbed an inch to the right instead of where she did grab.
  • Hugh Grant is looking old. Perhaps it was a bad shot or maybe he is aging just like the rest of us.

That pretty much sums up what I learned this past week. Oh yes, that and antibiotics actually made me sicker!

Note to fellow bloggers: I haven’t been on the computer much this past week. I have quite a few posts to read. I will be slowly catching up with you.

31 thoughts on “Visiting daytime TV

  1. I discovered the Kardashian’s for myself a couple of years ago when I was home with the flu. I had never seen the show at the point, but had heard about it. I couldn’t turn it off and had a marathon! I was too sick to do anything else and I was mesmerized. I hope you’re feeling well now!


  2. Oh, I’m sorry you are not feeling well Kate. This was such a funny post and brought back some of my old old old memories. I used to listen to Stella Dallas on the radio when I was a sick young girl home from school (no t.v. in our house yet). O.k. – showing my age again, but I am with you on remembering the company we kept during illness. Get well soon! P.S. I am definitely addicted to the Golden Girls too. 🙂


  3. My favorite cooking show . . . Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen! She cracks me up. There is also a cooking show, French Cooking At Home, with cool music and lovely recipes.

    And Ellen . . . rocks! 😀

    But, like you, we rarely turn on the TV during the daylight hours. Unless we’re sick. Feel better soon.


  4. This made me so happy! My husband has a similar issue with most shows he likes (that are new) being cancelled and it drives him crazy.
    But yes, daytime TV drives me crazy for the most part (I can’t stand talk shows), but I have an inner guilty pleasure for reruns of older sitcoms (like the Golden Girls or the Cosby show). When I can find those, my time spent on the couch (often in sickness, as well) is golden (no pun intended).


  5. I love the Golden Girls. Unfortunately I saw most of them the first time around. It is still a daytime goto if I’m watching TV at that time. Even if it is just to hear the intro song..thank you for being a friend 8)


  6. Hope you are feeling better! I seem to get ill during diasters, so that is what I get to watch. I especially remember the Mexico City earthquake about 27 years ago. I laid for three days and watched nothing but wall to wall coverage of that event. Every year when the anniversay of that disaster is mentioned I also get reminded of a particularly bad virus.


  7. You are on target about the network execs hungering only for the younger viewers. We do have more disposable income, but the feeling is we’re brand loyal so they can’t get us to switch to the “flavor of the month” product.
    Get well soon, Kate. It’s always a drag when you aren’t feeling up to snuff.


    • That can make recovery long. During this illness, I had some dry eye which means that I have difficulty focusing up close. I couldn’t read or work on the computer for the better part of a week. Daytime TV saved me from jumping out a window.


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