Spring fever and three unruly cats | For Animal Lovers Only


Mollie: Kate has a bad case of spring fever and is out talking to the fish in her pond so we three cats decided to post for her. I am Mollie, the 7 pound alpha cat. The black cat who looks sleepy is Jake, our resident diabetic and the grey cat is Hazel. Both of them are bigger than me (17 pounds) but they listen to me anyway.

Hazel: Are you sure that is Jake? Did you smell his butt?

Mollie: No, I didn’t smell his butt but I am pretty sure. Why don’t you have a sniff to verify?


Hazel: Hmmmm. Smells like….ummm…..actually, it smells like catnip! Jake, did you roll in the catnip again? You have flecks all over your fur!

Jake: What? What? Someone call me? What are doing at my butt?

Mollie: This is just like the airport. We have to verify that you are who you say you are so we need to smell your butt.

Hazel: Hmmmm….yes, it’s Jake. I got past the yummy catnip and it sure is Jake all right.

Mollie: With that out of way, I’ll tell you a little about us. Jake is the only cat that is allowed outside. It’s because he’s old and he always was an indoor/outdoor cat. He just refuses to stay inside. Myself, I love it here and have no interest in going outdoors but Hazel would like to once in a while but she’s not allowed.

Hazel: One time I took a flyer out the second floor window but that wasn’t fun at all. I had a boo boo for a week. They called me Hazel Wallenda for a long time after that. I like to smell the grass. It’s ok because Kate brings grass home all the time.

Mollie: Well, actually, she’s been a little stingy with the grass lately. There are only three pots right now. I like it during the summer when she has a big pot going. Yum!


Jake: The best part is we grown our own ‘nip! There are a couple big patches in the yard and I love to roll in them. Sometimes I take a nap right in the bush. I think Kate is a drug dealer because she carts the stuff all over town for less fortunate cat friends. One time she mailed it in the Christmas cards to friends with cats and one of them ripped it open and there was catnip all over the house!

Hazel: Wow that must have been wonderful!

Mollie: We live in a very doggy neighborhood. There are two barking water buffalo that live on one side.

Hazel: They are not buffalo, they are Portuguese water dogs.

Mollie: Yeah, whatever. Jake likes to sun himself so they can see him but can’t get to him. They must like that because they really bark a lot then.

Mollie: On the other side is a little dog. She is really a cutie.  Too bad she’s a dog. Across the street is a golden retriever. He’s not really interested in barking or cats. There is a pug and a shitzoo on the block too.

Hazel: It’s not a shitzoo, it’s a shih tzu.

Mollie: That’s what I said!

Funny looking cat photographed through screen

Hazel: Actually we get visitors here a lot. There are birds, squirrels, chipmunks and some very strange-looking big cats. Here is a picture of one that visited us last fall. He ate some shrubs and then he was off. Goofiest looking cat I ever saw.

Jake: Chipmunks? Did someone say chipmunks? They really good taste.

Hazel: Don’t let Kate know. She hates it when you eat her friends.

Jake: Jeez! Does she name the chipmunks too? We are not allowed to eat anything that has a name. That makes it really tough.

Mollie: That’s all for now. Kate will be back soon with some blog about hair, liver spots or something else that’s on her mind.

Hazel: The hair thing is out of control. She should just have fur, like us. So much easier.

Jake: Mollie, Hazel and Jake signing off! Where is that catnip?

15 thoughts on “Spring fever and three unruly cats | For Animal Lovers Only

  1. shitzoo … too funny! the last thing you need is a shitzoo …
    you are already living in a kittyzoo, and they are a bit on the wild side! 🙂

    p.s. saw your comment, but haven’t had time yet to get around to answering any comments … still trying to get caught on on lots of missed posts … I’ll get there sooner or later.


    • They amaze me. We get a lot of wildlife because we live a half mile from a preserve. We had two beautiful mallard ducks try to establish a home in our pond. Jake just sat and watched them. He didn’t chase them or bother them at all. He walks by oppossums and Canadian geese too. It’s just the chipmunks, voles, mice and he would love to get one of the birds but he isn’t fast enough. He has maybe two teeth but he can certainly gum a mouse to death!


  2. RC Cat: “We welcome such amusing mews from our distant cousins. The sun is finally listening and adjusting itself to warm our favorite afternoon spot – which pleases us greatly. Old Tiger was an outdoor/indoor cat until Our home changed locations. He said he never missed the outdoors – and we concur as it is very loud and odd stuff clings messily to our fur (which caused great irritation as it is removed). We are please to leave the outdoors to lesser creatures – such as that large pictured animal. WIshing you tender green shoots to nibble. Adieu”


    • Mollie: Old Tiger was smart. Jake howls if not allowed out and no one, not human nor cat, can stand it. Other than that, he is a wonderful pal even if he occasionally bats Hazel on the head (she deserves it!). I love sun spots! It keeps my color nice.


      • Tiger in younger days was quite independent. To lock him inside was to invite him to eat wallpaper/ door, or risk tornado force frantic activity until he clawed his way out…he slowed down as his vision dimmed at around 16 yrs…live 4 more. Quite a character


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