A family Christmas story — Santa on commission


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When the beloved husband’s oldest daughter was around 4 or so, they went to visit the mall. There was a Santa there and you could tell him what you wanted. She was very excited and got in line. As her … Continue reading

Do kids bike today?


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Yesterday I saw a very unique sight. It was a child of maybe 6 or 8 riding a bicycle in my neighborhood. I live in a mixed residential area. There are families of all ages here. Some have young children. … Continue reading

My Children Were Kidnapped | HR Memories

Here is another story from my days in Human Resources. This activity killed three hours of time for the whole department and ripped out the heart of every parent.

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“My Children Were Kidnapped” – There was an employee who had three young children in elementary school. Her mother always picked them up after school, took them home and babysits until someone came home from work.  One day the employee started screaming at her desk. It was really loud screaming. The kind that you don’t hear at work. Bloodcurdling!!  Everyone stopped working and came running. 

The employee’s mother was at the school. She called the employee to say that the children were not there. No one saw who picked them up. The grandmother thought someone had kidnapped them and her daughter reacted.

Her supervisor called the police who came immediately. She was absolutely hysterical. She had no idea why someone would do that. She had no money for ransom. The police couldn’t get any information out of her. Then she received the call from her husband.  It seems that she had asked him to pick up the kids that day…..need I say more?