Sassy cats — New discoveries

It’s the peep today. Gracie is at the casino and the others are having their after breakfast coma nap so I’m doing a public service announcement.

Over the past couple of weeks, someone new has been popping up on my Facebook page. It’s Charlie the golden. He’s a golden retriever with two dog siblings and a cat. He’s a hoot. They all are hoots. The language is salty with fluffing and hekking and holy heckballs used profusely. His owner goes to Starborks (that’s no typo, it’s what he calls it) so of course I love her. His big problem yesterday was that his sis Daisy did a “booty scoot” on his favorite toy Quackers and he had to do a “beatdown.”

I may be a cat lady but I love dogs too (and horses and goats and birds and fish…you get the picture). You cannot have a bad day when you watch these videos. If you are a Facebook person, it’s worth a looksee! I think he’s on Instagram but the videos are also on YouTube. Better than Xanax.

Gracie promises to return next week….maybe. Depends on her winning streak. Have a great weekend!

31 thoughts on “Sassy cats — New discoveries

  1. I was following videos of Olive and Mabel, two labs (yellow and black), who belong to a British sports writer named Andrew Cotter. He started making funny videos at the beginning of the pandemic and even wrote a book about them. The videos are a stitch.

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  2. Hope Gracie is home and has a bag of money! I checked out Charlie the Golden on Insta and I am following… it’s pretty funny! I told our niece in England about him. They have a Cane Corso, a black Lab, an English Bulldog, and Gus the Ginger cat who rules with a ginger paw… it is chaos there. Thanks for sharing Charlie. Hope you are having nice weather and get some porch time in!

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  3. Dog videos are addictive. A young Canadian on Insta (JauncyDev) has some really funny ones where he acts out what each dog breed would do if a robber showed up at your house, or what music they rock out to, etc. Some of those are spot on.

    Thinking of doing reels for my rescue. 🙂

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