Reunion afterthoughts

Our family reunion was great. Weather cooperated and covid only hit one person. No bad news. That means no over the top blog post either. There are some observations.

The aging process – When you only see someone once a year, you can see the difference. Aging looks much better on the young. Our two grade-school boys grew a foot taller and were sporting the latest in hair styles – shaved sides with a fluff on the top. Much better than the extra wrinkles all the post 60 folks were sporting.

Food changes – Who said less is more? More is…well…more…except at our reunions. I remember one where there wasn’t room for all the dishes on the counter and you really couldn’t try everything without needing a stomach pump. We are much more laid back these days (or is it more lazy?). We had more food than we needed but it didn’t look like the Sixth Fleet was coming for supper.

The games change – I haven’t seen beer pong in years. That was big when the kids were in their twenties. They are now 40+. No one is interested in badminton. No karaoke or crazy line dancing. Bean bags was the most active sport there. The rest include refilling your plate, getting another drink and waving to new arrivals.

Are there more adults? – There are some who would say that there aren’t any adults in our family. Not too far from the truth even though almost everyone is over 40, many over 60 and two over 90. Maybe adulthood is more a state of mind than an age. Hope I never quite get there.

That’s the wrap-up from this year’s reunion.

47 thoughts on “Reunion afterthoughts

  1. I’m so glad you shared the family photo. And thank you for sharing some more observations. I feel like these reunions are tremendously important. I think it’s just wonderful to hear the age-range represented in. your beautiful family. A lot to celebrate in that photo. 🙂


  2. Sounds like a wonderful time – good eating (within moderation), no one picking a fight and you got a great picture of the whole gang. Sounds like a win-win to me. For me, having six relatives at a dinner table when three were your immediate family tells you I have no conception of how nice a family reunion could be. My grandmother had eight siblings so my mom would talk about holiday get-togethers with aunts, uncles and cousins galore and how nice it was.

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  3. The good news is that there is no earth-shaking news from the reunion. Everyone got along, played nice, and ate the food. I have photos of my mom playing beer pong with my nephew (he was 18, she was 80). I hope to continue with her age attitude!

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  4. Sounds pretty typical as family reunions go. Is that you at the end in pink pants? At least everyone is speaking to everyone else. We used to have reunions, but the original siblings have all passed now and the cousins are not that interested. The locals were going to get together for a dinner periodically, but COVID took care of that.

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  5. Quite the gathering . . . glad you had nice weather, good food, and a great turnout.

    I still like games at gatherings ~ Bocce, Horseshoes, Corn Hole, Pool, Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, etc. Nothing too strenuous with lots of chances to chat.

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  6. That looks like fun–so glad the weather worked out.

    Our family is too fractured (and possibly too big!) to have all the siblings come at once. I had one brother (and all his kids) and one sister (and all her kids) come this summer to visit and it was A LOT. But since they flew out here, all the cooking was on us.

    Also A LOT. Andy broke out the fryer and I made so many baked goods.

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