Random 5 for June 26, 2022 – Hands, feet, snakes, emails, birthdays

My feet looked like this yesterday!

A weird sign of aging – One of my hands is typing faster than the other. It scrambles my words. I had a hard time figuring out why my letters get flipped and that’s the only explanation I have. I don’t know if one hand got faster or the other got slower but they are out of sync. I wonder if there is grant money to do research on it.

Another sign of aging – One morning this week I woke up and had someone else’s feet. My feet have always been attractive. No bulging bunions, bumps or nail fungus. They were always slim. Maybe a little flat footed but you didn’t notice that. This week my nails were thicker. I needed a hack saw to trim them. No fungus just steel nails. My feet still work without pain but I’d sure like my pretty ones back.

The neighbor – My next-door neighbor has a gorgeous yard. It’s terraced with all sorts of plantings. I love that I look at it but don’t have to take care of it. Best of all worlds until this week. She was out there weeding. It was hot but she had on boots. I looked at them and she laughed. She said it’s for the black snakes. Yikes! There are black snakes in my area? I know they are good ones, but I don’t like any snake. I don’t have areas of deep plantings so I’m hoping I don’t meet up with any. If I do you will hear me no matter where you are.

Junk mail – Lately I’ve been getting a lot of junk email about lip injections. Never researched it or scrolled it. I have no intention of doing anything to my lips. They are what they are but I’m starting to wonder if there is a message here. I checked in the mirror and they don’t look any worse than anyone else my age — a little wrinkly and thin but they can chatter a mile a minute when necessary. Delete, delete, delete!

Happy birthday bro! – My brother is turning 92 this week. The number seems so old but if you meet him, he’s not. Still plays golf. There is some sort of anti-aging bubble over him. I must get one of those. If you are going to live to a ripe old age, this is the way to go. Healthy and active.

So how was your week?

60 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 26, 2022 – Hands, feet, snakes, emails, birthdays

  1. Your brother sure looks good for 92, but I recall your sister-in-law did not look her age either. Wow about the black snakes. A friend lived in Richmond, Virginia and it was not in a rural area either and she would come home from work in the Summer when it was still really sunny and find a huge black snake sunning itself on the wooden porch railing which was flat and wide so she could put pots and planters on it – there was the snake, not particularly upset to see her and she was pretty cool about seeing it and walking into the house. Me … well I would not go home until I knew it was gone/dead/whatever. I turned on the bathroom light this morning and saw a centipede in the bathtub, on the side … they USUALLY cannot climb the tub as it is slippery. Soon it was climbing higher, higher and it might as well have been a snake to me – it climbed out before I could grab a long-handed something to push it down so I could run the water. It ran down the bathtub and hid in the bathroom and is still at large.

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  2. I can’t type worth a flip anymore. I think it is arthritis in my hands, groan. I have every minor ailment you can think of: fungus, blisters, warts, and a new one that causes purple spots. I give up. As far as critters, I’ve never seen a snake in the yard (knock on wood), but I saw a Fisher Cat the other day. I had never even heard of such a thing. Now I’m afraid one will jump out of a tree and land on my head or eat the dog when we take it out.

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  3. I really like the format of your random five posts. Gives me a broader sense of your life and ideas without wasting a minute. I could learn from this but I don’t: I just enjoy and move on.

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  4. I was only recently noticing that I’m not the typist I once was. Either that or the keyboard I bought last year, which I liked so much at the time, isn’t doing me any favors. I’m’ going to go with the keyboard rather than any hand/eye coordination issues. If that’s a recent picture of your brother, he sure doesn’t look his age! – Marty

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    • The picture is about 4 years old (he was 88) but he looks the same. My other brother’s hair turned completely white but this brother has a light sprinkling of gray. I don’t have his dark hair hair but I don’t have much gray either. I think it’s a faulty keyboard!

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  5. Happy Bday to your brother, and I hope he celebrates with a great round of golf! 🎂 Let’s not talk nails, well, at least not those on the lower extremities. Snakes – I run or these days move quickly to get as far away as possible. I’m scared to death of all of them. Hope you’re enjoying that new and handsome deck.

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  6. Happy Birthday to your brother!! I don’t like snakes either. My mom has one that sits on a bush by her door so I dread going to see her during the summer.

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  7. Your brother is amazing! You probably have basically the same genes.
    Some years ago, when my daughter lived in Nashville, a big black snake got into her house and glared at her from the top of the stereo. When her husband got home, he and the neighbor eventually got the snake out. How they did it is a long and hilarious story.

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  8. Funny about the junk mail that we get targetted with. Mine is for bras. A steady stream of all kinds of bras and all kinds of brands of bras. I don’t remember every filling in any forms about bras, goggling them or researching them in any way. I’d love to make them go away!
    Happy birthday to your brother!

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  9. Sometimes when I am typing I think my brain gets ahead of my fingers, but maybe one hand is slower than the other. Nothing seems to work the way they used to. If I need boots to garden because of snakes, I am not gardening! Happy birthday to your brother! That’s the way to go older.

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  10. I have also noticed that one hand types a little faster than the other; luckily it doesn’t happen very often. It’s kind of a relief to know that I’m not the only one!

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  11. I’m glad you have always had pretty feet – I have had the opposite…..and arthritis in them on top of the ugly-factor. I just ignore them. They get me from here to there so that’s the main thing not what they look like I guess. SNAKES? I’m like you – I don’t care if it’s a “good” (?? snake or a bad one – I don’t want to encounter ANY of them. Teddy clued me in to the last snake that was around the house – he was by the garage and was only about 18 inches long but he might as well have been a man-eating 10 foot monster…..I still screamed , grabbed Teddy and came inside as quick as my ugly feet would take me! LOL

    Hugs, Pam

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  12. I love looking at well-landscaped yards too…but so not interested in doing the work. Marley loves gardening, but our ideas of good landscaping are about 180 degrees different. But since he wants to do the work, I guess he wins!

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