Random 5 for June 13, 2021 – Flowers, Gus, downsizing, windows, houseguests


Discovery! – The new house has basic landscaping.  Not a lot of beautiful gardens or flowers but I have found a few. There is a gorgeous peony in the back. Unfortunately it’s at a spot that you can’t see from the windows or the deck but the previous owners divided it. There is a small plant in the front yard and readily visible. It was very pretty. There are some other things coming up that I’m not familiar with. It will be a surprise when (or if) they bloom!

So I put on a few pounds! No big deal!

Holy tugboat Gus – New cat Gus (adopted last July) had a weigh in yesterday. He gained two pounds since July. He was a three year old at adoption so fully grown. Life must be good for him here. We asked if he wants to go back to the shelter. He give us the stink eye.

Downsizing in general – We have downsized our housing in our last move. We gave away a lot of furniture (goodbye sweet piano) that wouldn’t fit in a smaller house. This week we downsized our grill. The old one was large with big shelves on either side. The new one is much smaller (but big enough to grill comfortably for a small group) and the side shelves fold down. When you think of downsizing, you think about the living space but it’s a package deal. Not all the furniture fits. Some of your favorite pieces may not work.

But there was a surprise – When I moved, I decided to take my window treatments. That’s usually a crap shoot as to whether they will fit or work in the new place. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the window widths are the same as my old house. I am able to use most of them to carry me over until I decide if I want something different. People don’t do much in the way of window treatments these days but I like the softness fabric brings to the room.

In the Target toy section in 2011.

The invasion is coming – This week we are getting house guests. It’s the first time we will see the granddaughters since the pandemic. It’s also the first time we will test putting people up for a few days. The spare bedrooms are set up and there are air mattresses for overflow. Extra margaritas have been procured. We are ready!

This picture is from last year!

So how was your week?

65 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 13, 2021 – Flowers, Gus, downsizing, windows, houseguests

  1. That pink…Wow! I can ‘almost’ see the stink eye. I still like the softness of fabric for window treatments and easier to clean. We have a combination in our house. Exceptionally adorable granddaughters, Kate. Soon they will be drinking margaritas with you. Enjoy!

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  2. Wow, have those girls grown! Have fun with them! Of course Gus gave you the stink eye! You big meanie, you. hahaha I see that he’s almost 16 pounds. That is HUGE! Omigosh. Perry is so big, but he’s only 13!

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  3. So is Gus eating food from someone else’s plate? He’s one happy cat!

    Enjoy the girls. It should feel like a celebration to have them visit. I can’t believe they’re all grown up, but I’m sure it’s more of a shock to you and your husband. I hope you’ll be able to share a little bit about your time with them. Enjoy!

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  4. Gus is content so that’s a good thing. He’ll keep his boyish figure even with those two pounds. Lucky you not needing no window treatments. You need to get something special since you saved money by painting yourself and not waiting til the painter was free plus no window treatments. Now you can indulge.

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  5. Aww, your granddaughters are adorable (both then and more currently). Here’s to having a lovely visit.

    As for Gus gaining some weight, love can do that for you. 😁 Still he looks great whenever caught loving on his main squeeze.

    Congrats on being able to reuse the old window coverings till you decide what you really want. Draperies are so expensive and when you’re overwhelmed with acquiring the new stuff that works, it’s nice to not be hit with that additional expense. Yet. 😆

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    • I did! A kind of relative (niece of my SIL) that’s an active musician. He already had an upright but this piano was digital with all the cool buttons to make it sound like an organ and other instruments. He was very grateful and I was grateful it didn’t land on the trash heap. I was trying to sell/give away for five years before I thought of him. Seems like kids don’t play instruments much these days.

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    • At first I thought you were talking about Gus’ granddaughters (which he doesn’t have, having been snipped at 6 months). It will be fun for everyone but Sasha who does not like strangers. We’ll see if she warms up after a few days. I’m not betting on it. She’ll live under my bed by day.


  6. Sounds like everything is coming together nicely at the new abode. Nice surprises you are finding in the yard.
    Enjoy your visitors.
    Maybe Gus is just a big boy like Teddy. Teddy weighs 16 pounds, and he only gets 1/4 cup of food a day, same as Jack, and Jack weighs 10 pounds.

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  7. It’s fun to see how beautifully the granddaughters have grown.

    I like that kind of peony. My grandma had a similar one. On the other hand, I like all the varieties.

    I’ve been thinking recently about getting some fabric curtains to go over the blinds. I agree about the softness it brings to a room.

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    • I’ve never had a single petal peony. They all been multiple petals like a chrysanthemum. The color is stunning. I hope I can divide and add some more. Peonies don’t like to be moved.


  8. Peony… my favorite flower! You are going to have so much fun with the houseguests! This Tuesday makes our third group of houseguests and while I am not fond of having houseguests it has been very nice to have family and good friends close again. Gus, can’t say a word about your poundage because I gained more than you! Hmmm, margaritas sound festive and tasty… party!

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  9. Tell Gus that Teddy weighs 25 lbs. so Gus is officially a “lightweight” ! Will be nice to see the granddaughters – I’m going to see my sister for the first time since the pandemic next week. A year is WAY WAY too long between visits! Enjoy the company AND the margaritas………….. 😉

    Hugs, Pam

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  10. Hope the margaritas aren’t for the grandkids, They look a tad young for drinking. I hope it is a fun visit. And tell Gus to get his butt moving and work off some of that weight!!

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