Random 5 for June 16 – Bad food, itchy nose, medical terms, new inflection, gym member

Falling off the wagon – I have a touchy GI system and some foods don’t sit well. Some foods are just rentals! Hot dogs are one. I rarely eat them. They are salty and highly processed but tasty. In the past two weeks I had several of them through different circumstances. My body finally made it plain that this will not do. I will listen. #bellyachesgalore

Is it just me? – Or does it happen to you? I am in the middle of a project with gloves on and cleaning solution spritzed and my nose itches. It started when I was cleaning those dang Venetian blinds but continued right through all my projects this past week. #lousytiming

An encounter –That is the new code for office visit. I received a bill from a doctor’s appointment I had a month ago. It was an office visit but listed as an encounter. The meaning for the noun form is “an unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something.”  Sounds like a chance meeting on the street. Not something that cost money and required an appointment. #whyamipayingforthis

Young people talk funny – I was at the hair salon this week. It was full of 20 and 30 somethings. Their speech pattern is different. Their inflection goes up at the end of a thought and every other sentence starts with “like.” Holy cow where did that come from? #affectedspeechdoesn’tmakeyoucool

New gym new person – There is a new guy working out that looks just like George Takei (from Star Trek). The resemblance is uncanny. I almost asked for an autograph but what would I do with an autograph? I’m not a trekkie fan nor do I collect autographs. #neednewglasses

So how was your week?

Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating!


63 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 16 – Bad food, itchy nose, medical terms, new inflection, gym member

  1. Is your GI sensitivity a relatively new thing? I ask because I am having new GI troubles, probably in the last year or so, although maybe it began before that, depending on what’s wrong. Seriously starting to wonder about IBS or IBD or whatever it’s called. So many foods that bother me now. Even avocados, which is totally unacceptable.
    Hot dogs are ok, though, but only turkey ones.
    About the way young people talk. I’m not sure. My kids talk a lot like I do. Even daughter’s BF and DIL. Maybe I lived in California too long? Because I do use “like” inappropriately. Of course, these four are all 30 and above, so maybe the ones in their 20s talk differently?

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    • I have had GI issues since my 20’s. It was originally called spastic colon but now it’s called IBS. IBD is a much more serious condition with Crohn’s or chronic infection and I don’t have that. I have the type that runs to diarrhea with discomfort, cramps and urgency (at the most inopportune times). Some people get the constipated variety. It is triggered by foods and stress (but you never know what exactly). There is a great article on it by the Mayo Clinic. The problem is that there is not definitive test. It’s a matter of eliminating other things. I doubt whether you use the sing-song speech that we are seeing with the young’uns these days. You would know because it sounds fake.


  2. Maybe you had an “encounter” with the 3rd kind. Not the first kind of office visit; not even the second kind. Turned out be the third kind, which I’ve heard through the grapevine is the free kind. Call and protest the bill! ;-0

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  3. An office “encounter” with a medical facility? I think that’s the silliest thing I’ve heard recently! Does that mean you passed someone with a lab coat in the hallway? Maybe just being there is a charge. Imagine what it would cost if you had an actual appointment. I’m being snide, but I think this is crazy. I may be more at ease with the lazy speech patterns of the young than this. LOL! Perhaps it’s intended to “ease” our nerves when we “visit” the doctor. I don’t think it will work on me!

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  4. I cringe listening to millennials talk. “I was like” or responding to your question with a snarky “Really?”
    Even the millennial country singers have started singing with that sudden rising inflection to the end of a verse. Throws my mind out of sync, I can’t listen to it.
    Itchy nose? Always happens while, or just after I have worked on a lead acid battery. Either I get something on my hands (should wear gloves I know), or it’s imaginary. The itching goes for an hour, no matter how well I wash.

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  5. An encounter – what an unusual way to describe an office visit. My mom visited her orthopedic doctor once a year to get her prosthesis checked and during the year for cortisone shots … and they coded as “long” and short” visits respectively. It irked me to no end that he spent very little time actuall talking to my mom, and instead would dictate his office notes right in the room, not even in the hallway. In my opinion, you are dictating on my mom’s dime, insurance or not, and I found it incredibly rude. The only time I really encounter young folks is when I go to Best Buy and they talk at the speed of sound, and between the “geek speak” and the fast-paced speech I leave there fereling like an idiot for asking a simple question. It is like they are in a hurry to either get to the next customer or read their phone and how many times to you go to the grocery store and the stockboys are in a corner, behind all the boxes they are supposed to be loading and reading their phone. There are times I’ll be doing grocery shopping and I am the only one not reading my phone – peoople are reading their grocery lists or checking out coupons I guess. I feel like a dinosaur all the time.

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    • What out for asteroids! When I go to BB, I usually declare my ignorance and ask for a short tutorial in what I should be looking for. When I bought my last laptop, it took three purchases before I kept it. The first two guys weren’t synced with my needs but the last one got it. He must have a grandmother that he is close to because he understood perfectly.

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      • I got my first laptop at Radio Shack and there used to be a wonderful store manager there – she was around my age and I swear she knew everything about every product and was really into her job and providing customer service. I was there to buy a small TV for my mom who was confined to bed and they had just gotten HP laptops in and I still have it to this day almost 10 years later. I used to take my radio remote in there to get the battery changed – she had a gizmo and did it for me. I was really sorry to see them go out of business. You were lucky to get someone so accommodating at BB, and who spoke at the same speed as you; at BB I’ve never had that experience.

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          • I devoted two hours to this Windows 10 laptop which is still not on the table and I’m still not using it. The week before I tried to use the wireless keyboard and it wouldn’t work. Saturday (when I was calmer) I discovered the batteries that were installed at the factory were in backward. I am using a wireless keyboard with this laptop and took it out of the box and it worked. Workers put the batteries in wrong? The box wasn’t opened. Then I had to create a pin – no words for this experience. I don’t have a smart phone and no e-mail on my phone. I clicked to “bypass the pin” so I could set up the wireless mouse and keyboard … the next field they sent me code so I could connect in and get a pin. Sigh. I had to go turn on the other laptop to get it and when I came back the computer was doing updates. Last week we had to order a longer wall cord – too short for it to reach the kitchen table. The HPs have a three-foot longer cord. The computer guy did not do anything to it and I cannot remote all the way in – right now it is useless and taking up space!

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            • This is very frustrating. I hate when it’s something like the batteries were in wrong and you go crazy trying to figure out what’s wrong. Wishing you the best in this transition. (That’s all I’ve got other than cuss words!)

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              • Ha ha – I was kicking myself for not thinking to try it … I mean, what does that say for Logitech workers? Thank you … I will need it and new accounting software, first time since the 2003 version. Not loaded on yet – either the computer guy is very busy or has forgotten the second part of the install. I have said many cuss words to date on this equipment and I included Microsoft for phasing out Windows 7 which I like. This Windows 10 has too many bells and whistles for my liking. I operate on the KISS principle always! And I asked for an HP laptop, not a Dell. My Dell desktop was doing a Service Pack install and crashed and burned and I had to send the monitor back 2X, so no fan of Dell. My boss asked for a Lenovo and he will have the same model as me … computer guy is either obstinate or doesn’t pay attention. The only redeeming factor is its 17.3 inch screen but I looked at my blog site while on there the other day and I didn’t like how it displayed on the large screen, lots of margin space and looked odd. This laptop is a 15-inch screen.


  6. I don’t know which drives me more crazy when I listen to young people converse: “up-talking” like every sentence is a question, or that strange creaky, craggy “vocal fry” that many, mostly female, speakers use. Every once in a while, I hear a radio commenter use one – or both – of these vocal affectations and it makes me question their qualifications. Oh well, I’m probably just an old fart that no one pays attention to anyway.

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    • Up talking and vocal fry are great ways to describe it. When people do that, I put them in the “kind of dumb but trying to be cool” category. Maybe that’s wrong but what can I say? They sound like they belong in a reality show about inane people.

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  7. Hot dogs are a rare, nostalgic “treat” – but now only the all beef, low fat high quality/expensive/Kosher (sometimes) ones seem to be tolerated – summer fare – but only with great care. A little sad.
    What is the mess hand and itchy nose connection…planting flowers/ putting out mulch is the worst!
    “Encounter” I hate the new doctor coding (which was developed by whom? Not doctors…insurance companies and computer geeks probably. Once we get used to it, they will change it again.
    Happy today to you and yours!

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  8. I used to rent hot dogs too until I discovered the one and only one that I can actually have a relationship with – Nathan’s Skinless Hot Dogs. I’m assuming it was the casing that was causing my issues but not sure about that either. Pork and I aren’t friends but beef hot dogs and I can at least shake hands. I can relate to how stuff happens to me at inopportune times in that when I’m mowing the yard I ALWAYS ALWAYS sneeze (about ten times) – do I have a Kleenex with me? No……sleeve? Sometimes……Do I remember this from week to week so I can put a Kleenex in my jeans pocket??? Heck no. Have a good random week ahead Kate!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Nathan’s skinless all beef! Good to remember but it will take some time before I recover from my last gorging. I get the sneezies at the gym but only when there is no tissue in my pocket and my sleeve too short! 🙂

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  9. My nose itches or I get a hair in my eye when I have my long gardening gloves on. I like to think it’s the wind and not a mental thing.

    Talking to my WWII vet neighbor Mike made me aware of certain generational speech patterns. He would end sentences with “see?”

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  10. Hot dogs and I used to be the best of friends. I even ate them cold… developed that taste from SSNS. Sadly we are no longer friends, especially if they are grilled, and they are as you say “rentals”… you crack me up! Add potato salad and baked beans and they are very short rentals. That whole combo makes for a stay at home or don’t go too far away kinda day. The “encounter” deal leaves me without words. I mean, what the H E double L with that? I was a bit of a Star Trek fanatic but only because of Leonard Nimoy… had a crush on him and not as Spock but his true self. My week has been one of frustration with WordPress and the frustration continues.

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  11. I haven’t had a hot dog since I was pregnant with my first son 34 years ago. To this day, the smell of a hot dog still makes my stomach roll a bit. I have so many other bad habits though, I can hardly celebrate this one piece of ‘virtue’ 😉

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