More gym observations

Who would have thought that a gym where no one talks would generate posts?

Although folks aren’t talk-y, I flash my pre-coffee smile as broadly as I can (at pre-coffee it’s not too wide). Sometimes I get a twitch back. Sometimes not.

They are not sure what to do with this middle-aged (no judgments please) woman who is trying to be perky at dawn. (For the record dawn is 8 a.m. Maybe it isn’t exactly dawn but potato-potaato, you get it.)

If you ever read my posts from my old gym you already know that I’m barely perky post-coffee. I must be really trying!

This week a new middle-aged guy was there. He’s built like a teddy bear. Not slim but not overly large, with a slight Buddha belly. When he’s on the arm equipment, his tee-shirt rides up and shows his fuzzy belly. Hairy, sweaty bellies are not attractive.

Some people are pushing the envelope. They will do 10 reps with heavy weights. Then they walk around waving their arms for 10 minutes to recover. I may try that to look cool.

I didn’t think there would be any drama since there is no conversation but something is going on at the front desk. Not sure. I’m using my best busybody listening techniques with can be taxing when you have hearing issues. (Picture me using the hand sanitizer A LOT!) Someone may be forced out. Sure hope it isn’t the only employee who is near my age.

All this keeps it interesting. Because of the non-verbal communication going on, I have been working on my snooping skills. It’s not only my body that gets a work out.



51 thoughts on “More gym observations

  1. I think you’re exerting age-appropriate behaviors! You’re skillfully practicing eavesdropping! While doing your best to overhear the front desk conversation and also reading body language, you’re merely being practical! If as you age–waaaay down the road, of course–and perhaps lose some of your hearing acuity, you’ll be so glad you were practicing these skills now. You send a good message to each of us as we APPROACH middle age–I can play that fantasy age game, too, Kate! 🙂

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  2. One of my complaints about our old gym was that the entire staff was under 30, including the manager. Our new gym is nearly the opposite: there is only one person under 30! We go post-coffee at around 9:30 most days, so our perky level is probably on “medium.” – Marty

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    • There is only one staff person on at 8 so I’m not sure who would replace him. He was very helpful and a good fit for the morning crowd although at 7 a.m. there may be younger folks who work. I sometimes catch one or two taking a shower when I come in.


  3. For being pre-coffee you sure are observant!

    If a shirt rides up on a woman when she’s in the gym, she glances around and quickly yanks it down. Men don’t seem to care, or they are oblivious (Yes, I’m making generalizations, but still.)

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  4. I look forward to your gym observations… I really really do! And now with the addition of some drama it takes on a whole new kind of interesting. I bet they do wonder about perky you and your fit self. Hey, you are doing better than I am by just walking in those doors at eight oh clock in the morning. Snooping skills keep the brain cells firing… go Kate! Those cats crack me up!

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  5. Most people at my gym aren’t chatty, either. Including me. I’m there to get in the workout and get out. But the 30-50 year-old white, entitled, males are really starting to piss me off. I WISH they’d get off the equipment and move around like yours. Instead, despite the signs that tell them to let other people work in, they lounge on the equipment between sets. Last week, after waiting 10 minutes for the tricep press, I pointedly asked Mr. Machine Hog if I could work in.

    He said, “Not right now.”

    Of course there was no staff member around.

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    • I get that more with the young women who are doing something on their cell phones but sitting on the equipment. The guys hop around and you could get on it between their “sets.” At the time I go, it’s so empty that it’s not an issue. There is one machine, an ab one, that gets constant use. There is only one. There are multiples of almost everything else. I’m surprised that they guy didn’t let you go in. They seem (although I’ve never tested it) more polite here at 8 a.m. but again we are not jockeying for the same equipment.

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