Scattered thoughts

I write a humor blog mostly. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to do. There have been so many mass killings lately that it’s overwhelming. I worry that as a nation our empathy will get worn out. Or we will look at these things as sad rather than getting outraged. Only outrage will change anything.

After boasting about my new gym, I am recovering from an injury. (No good deed goes unpunished!) I don’t know how I did it exactly but my butt hurts. Yep, only I would get a sore butt from gym equipment.

Crazy mild weather continues and I’m loving every minute of it. Today is no coat Monday. I will long for this in January.

Got to go and figure out how to soothe my aching glutes! Have a wonderful day.

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54 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts

  1. I can only take so much news before I have to turn my attention elsewhere . . . if I don’t, my sense of humor takes a sabbatical and life becomes more of an uphill slog.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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  2. I think I’ve felt scattered since Sunday’s shootings. I’m just plain old troubled that we can’t even have a reasonable discussion about gun violence without extreme rhetoric and inflammatory accusations. It’s wearying to my soul. But we need to take care of ourselves, and your gym routine is one way you manage your own stress, so I do hope your “posterior” is less painful. 🙂

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  3. Ooo…forgot to say Kate..we really need the humour blogs. The regular media saturate the airwaves with the horror stuff…they’ve got it covered – so there’s no need for the rest of us to add to it. So – thank you… you were.

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  4. As you often do, Kate, you took the words right out of my head. I’m trying to wrap my head around a post today that will avoid everything I’ve already said on the matter. It’s kind of hard when we’ve seemingly said or thought everything about rationality at this point. – Marty

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  5. I can’t do the gym any more. My brother still does, and he said he laughs when he watches out the window to the parking lot. A car will circle 4 or 5 times to find a space real close to the door. Then out steps a herculean weight lifter. Of all the people to be lazy and park close, then lift hundreds of pounds of weight this should not be one of them.

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  6. I agree. How can it be possible for people to get guns so easily? I’d love to think that voting matters but after the last election when the popular vote meant nothing, I’m beginning to lose faith. Rest that backside. I think I would have been too embarrassed to go to the urgent care to say “my butt hurts.”

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  7. I don’t trust any blogger who has a humor blog and doesn’t occasionally get more serious. [My post today for instance.] I’m sorry that you got hurt and I understand all things aren’t always funny, but you wouldn’t be real to me if you pretended otherwise.

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  8. It’s impressing to see how much muscles we have in our body… and how much pain-nerves ;o( I nearly killed myself once with a sit up bank from teleshop… i had to call a doc who had mercy and gave me a shot… that was the last thing I’ve ordered via tv…

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  9. There’s nothing quite like an injury to make you acutely aware of a critical muscle you’ve never given any thought to before!! Hopefully it’s nothing serious that some rest, mild stretches, and ice packs can’t resolve.

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    • To be honest, this ache started over a month ago when I was doing yard and pond clean up. I’ve had trouble getting rid of it and have tried walking it out. There is one (maybe two) pieces of equipment I need to stay off at the gym. I could feel it strain while exercising on Friday but it took until Saturday night (always the weekend) to get critical.


  10. That’s the sad part, Kate. We’re not outraged anymore. We’ve become used to another day, another mass shooting. That seems to be who we’ve become as a nation. It really surprised/shocked me that change never happened after Sandy Hook. If the thought of innocent five and six year old children slaughtered in a closet classroom doesn’t generate outrage, I can’t see how anything will. And yet, we seem content, as a nation, to allow politics and greed to guide our lives. People being picked off enjoying a concert or worshipping at a church? Just another day. It’s outrageous.

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    • I so agree with you. Sandy Hook (and no changes afterward) stunned me. They were just about babies. Who can shoot babies and why do they have that equipment? I have given up believing I will see change in my life time unless someone truly high profile gets killed that way. There have been so many I can’t remember all of them. We also have a lot of homicides locally. Not mass shootings but stupid shootings (I know they are all stupid). Over the weekend a guy had an argument with his girlfriend so he killed her. He wasn’t young (52). What happened to splitting up or walking out? There needs to be more conflict management taught in our schools and a lot less guns out there.

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  11. I suspect there are muscles in that area too. Maybe you have “muscle fever.” That is what they used to call aches and pains that come from working unused muscles….like the way you feel after gardening in the first days of spring.

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