Random 5 for November 5 – Music, mice, haircuts, favorites, events

Cyndi Lauper look-alike – I got a haircut from a new stylist two weeks ago. I watched in horror as she snipped my top hair and bangs short – really short. It stood straight up for two weeks! I should have dyed it red!

I’m turning into my mother! – I was shopping at the “big” mall this week. I love the Macy’s there. Lots of choice. I was in the casual clothes section and the music wasn’t bad. Contemporary but not crazy. Then I went to another floor for socks. Yikes! I was assaulted by some really strange stuff, weird and loud. Someone my age checked out my purchase. I asked her if the music bothered her. She rolled her eyes and pointed to the MAC cosmetic counter across the aisle. That’s where it’s from. She said she learned to block it out. I had a headache! I guess loud music sells lipstick. BTW there was no one buying.

No mice! – This is an update on our mouse-geddon. The new plug-in thingies that make some noise neither humans nor cats can hear seems to be working. No mice in several weeks. Woo hoo!

What no gingerbread? – A few years back I bought some gingerbread candles on sale. They were fabulous. Not perfume-y but just like gingerbread baking in your oven. I used the last one last year. This year no gingerbread candle in sight. Maybe I’m too early but it is November! I hate when a fad I love goes out. It’s like platform shoes all over again!

There’s something about November – Friends that we see once or twice a year call to get together. The calendar gets full. Where were these folks in August? Probably at the beach!

So how was your week?

The picture is a very young Cyndi Lauper. WordPress is wonky tonight and won’t allow captions. This one was found on google without credits.




60 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 5 – Music, mice, haircuts, favorites, events

  1. Cyndi Lauper is in a commercial running for a dermatological drug and although she’s not as young as in your picture, she’s still adorable! I think you probably did miss out when you didn’t at least streak your hair with a little red or purple! 🙂 I tried to make arrangements today to see my cousins, and we gave up and said let’s try January! I think it’s pretty clear that the major department stores aren’t trying to attract us with ambience. What ambience, right?

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  2. Once shopping with my daughter and grandson at the mall, she dipped into a store that sold young, hip clothes and played loud rock music. I was holding my two-year-old grandson’s hand and had to wait in the hall. He wouldn’t go in.

    I always wear bangs these days. I hate to have them hanging in my eyes, but the difference between too long and too short is a fraction of an inch. It’s so easy to get them the wrong length.

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    • You have a wise grandson. Bangs are like that. This is the shortest I’ve had them cut since pre-school. She was texturizing and got a little carried away. Overall the cut was good except for that. I would try her again with more specific instructions about the top.

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  3. A while back, I actually drug my husband out of a restaurant without ordering because of the loud music. I don’t mind listening to different styles, but someone screaming “Highway to Hell” at the top of their lungs really didn’t inspire me to try the banana cream pie.

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    • Can’t think of any food that goes well with that. A local restaurant burned down. It was an old, old building. The owners rebuilt a very stylish place — high ceilings, lots of hard surfaces. I can’t even hear myself think. If I can’t get a seat along the perimeter I don’t eat there. They are putting acoustical material on the ceiling and working with some other ideas now because of the complaints. Their major clientele is well over fifty. Something they forgot to tell the architect.

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  4. As a curly girl nothing looks worse than short bangs. I feel your pain. I, too, would like to know where these people are in August? We have the same dynamic going on here. It’s nice to see everyone but couldn’t we spread it out over the whole year– not jam it in Nov & Dec?

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  5. I am impressed with the success you have had with the plug-in thingies. I have googled them and think that we may buy some just to be sure. I have a thing about noise and I do not like eating at places or shopping at places where they have music… no matter what the volume level. Our grocery store chains that we shop at do not play music, not so at the places we like to eat.

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  6. I laughed out loud at your ‘I’m turning into my mother’ comment as I too seem to be at that crossroad in life. I’ve also lately find myself saying ‘the world was a better place when I was growing up’ a lot lately. This is my father’s favorite statement – so I must be turning into him too :-). Glad to hear the mice are gone. And I am happy to report after a very bad haircut in July that it does indeed grow back :-).


  7. I recently found a place that does $10 haircuts. I’m in/out in literally 15 minutes. My wife said she was jealous because she spends literally hours looking at salon websites and reading about their different stylists. She wanted to try my place, but I told her she’d probably never forgive me afterwards. Better for her to be jealous. I hope your quickly hair grows back the way you like it. – Marty

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    • It’s just about there now. Gorgeous should try your place. It would be a bargain. I’m like her. I scan the website reading what the various designers are skilled in. Doesn’t seem to matter. My hair still looks the same except this time I had the bangs of a 6 year old.

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  8. I hear you about fads. What drives me nuts are fads I didn’t know about in things that shouldn’t have fads, like washing machines. Like the tall narrow drums they think are necessary in washing machines now. But what if I can’t reach the sock at the bottom of the drum? Too bad, this is the “fad” now in clothes washing!

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  9. LOL on the hair. Good thing it grows, although mine is getting thinner and thinner and doesn’t seem to be growing as fast lately. Our store is already playing some Christmas music. Not constantly but enough so people are commenting that it is a bit early. I agree. Glad the mice deterrent is working. I am finding the same problem with teas. I want the Pumpkin and the Gingerbread teas to hurry back. Happy Sunday, Kate.

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  10. Great news on the mouse thingy! I’ve noticed that each year those occasional returns lessen until, like you, this year there have been none. Hope that’s a lasting trend.

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  11. I always find that everyone wants to do something on the same day! Can’t they spread themselves out so I can consistently have a life🤣
    I dislike it when my favourites are discontinued too!

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    • They have to be Yankee. Not all candles are made the same. Too late for a photo. They have grown just enough to bend over. Bangs still look like a 6 year old but I can scoot to the side. The thing about hair is that it grows.


  12. I can never understand the choice of music in retail stores. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes it’s just obviously wrong except for a very specific age group who probably doesn’t have the money to buy anything on their own. Makes you wonder who’s making the decisions and what their reasoning is.

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