Random 5 for October 8 – Lists, pond, ads, runs, followers

The funny thing about “to do” lists – A note popped up on my computer. It said “think about closing pond.” That means close it for the winter. It’s not a lot of work but requires going into the pond and cutting back all the plants (less vegetation to decay), putting in the bubbler, removing the filter (and cleaning it) and placing the waterfall on bypass until it’s too cold to have the waterfall going. Takes maybe two or three hours but there is an emotional consequence. It’s sad to close it up. My note said to think about it. I did and decided to wait another week. It’s tricky because you can’t wait too long or you freeze working in the water. Too early and you’re cutting off blooming water lilies. Next week will work.

Please don’t close the pond!

Speaking of the pond – In the spring I go a little nuts with it. It’s bare when I open it as the foliage hasn’t yet grown so I always buy more plants than I should. This year with the extremely warm weather, everything grew wild. There was a point where I could only see pinpoints of the water. Everything else was foliage. I had to cut back again and again. Next year I will not overplant. (That is my mantra. Will I be able to do that? We’ll see.)

Weird ads – There are a few “beauty” sites I loosely follow. As with anything on the internet these days, it’s flanked with stupid ads. I saw a whopper this week. Nose hair extension. Yes these are real things you can buy. Why? To catch wayward boogers?

A sea of pink – I did my usual Starbucks trip yesterday morning. There were over a hundred people there, all dressed in pink running outfits. It was a cancer run. I’ve been going there for a long time and this is the first time I saw so many groups here. They had a perfect day for a run. It was in the lower 60s at 7 a.m.

For bloggers – Followers are always welcome. However, there are real followers and others. (I am not talking about those folks who read with regularity but typically don’t comment. I call them hoverers and if they enjoy the post, I’m grateful.) This week I received a lot of “floorsander” followers. There was always a different word before “floorsander” but it sure looked like the same person. This is why a blogger should never get hooked on statistics.

So how was your week?


79 thoughts on “Random 5 for October 8 – Lists, pond, ads, runs, followers

  1. Judging by how long it took me to scroll down to the comment box, I’d say you have more than just hoverers. ☺️ As for next year’s mantra [That is my mantra. Will I be able to do that? We’ll see.] maybe set another reminder? I know I do the same thing in my garden. Mostly I keep putting it off but sometimes…

    Have a super weekend!

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  2. I used to enjoy clicking on some of the weird ads that cropped up on webpages, but with all the recent talk I’m a little paranoid about bedbug tracked for any perusing that seems even slightly suspicious, and I’m not sure I’m skilled enough to recognize what that might mean! Prior to my concern I loved seeing ads for things like the nosehair extension! On one hand I almost envy the fact that you can quiet the pond and let the garden sleep for the winter. Our work is so year-round! But I can easily imagine that this is a bittersweet responsibility. Let’s hope winter is kind this year!

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    • I wouldn’t mind a LONGER summer or maybe a long spring and fall. I’ve been seeing the pictures out of California and thinking of you. I know you don’t live in the wine country but it sure looks like the whole state is burning. Hugs.


  3. Your pond is so beautiful. You must get a lot of pleasure out of it. Your hard work pays off.

    About ten years ago, my daughter and I did a 5K breast cancer run/walk in Nashville (all walk for me). It was huge, must have been a thousand people there at least. I still wear the shirt.

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  4. “I will not over plant.” I tell myself that every spring too, with respect to the garden. Then I think, “A few more hills of pumpkin won’t hurt. How big can they possibly grow? Twenty to thirty pumpkin plants may look cute when they first come up, but by mid-summer, my husband can be seen shaking his head muttering something about not being able to mow because the monsters I planted are taking over the yard!

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  5. I love your pond, and you’ve never mentioned a waterfall before. It’s hard to believe another season has gone by. I see your frogs packing heading for the train. Think pink prevailed here too. It’s amazing how many people participate. My doorman had a pink ribbon on his lapel to honor his wife he said, he brought pink roses to. Touched me when he told me. As for blog readers, cyber peeping Toms, the online peanut gallery, at least they’re reading something. Like the term, hoverers. I think we all just maybneed a pond of our own. Ribbet. 🙂

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    • Yes a week will help. Once the weather is cooler we’re not out as much. Even now with the earlier darkness we rarely eat dinner on the porch. I look forward to pulling out the flannels and fleece but would prefer to pack them away around March.


  6. Nose hair extensions… just no… no. I had a guy follow my blog last week and his blog or maybe his profile was all about how enormously endowed he is… another. just. no. I can’t see why anybody would follow me now, I haven’t blogged in 7 months! I keep thinking I will shut down the blog and park it in private mode but I haven’t done it. Floorsanders… I wonder if they popped up from when you put down the hardwoods. I will know it is spring when you talk about the amorous frogs… 😀

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  7. I gave up on stats figures some time ago as everything seemed so erratic, and some of the new followers are closed sites or commercial services. I’m happy with my lot as is, and love the comments as you know.
    I haven’t seen the little frog again, nor worked out where the pond is that he was aiming for!
    And as for our To Do list, it’s getting longer, not shorter! Oh happy days!!

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  8. I never heard of ‘Floorsander’ followers before. Even my BFF, Google, offered no information on this one. If they don’t have a blog they want you to follow, I wonder what their angle is? Knowing me, I’d trash their comments for sure…and empty the bin!

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  9. I can’t believe that nose hair extenders are a real thing. I wonder if it was just a virus link to get people to click on it? Next time, we demand pictures!

    I’m constantly amazed at some of the followers I get. Businesses, young twenty-somethings who love to post pictures of themselves in exotic locations, others who obviously have no interest in a blog written by a retiree. I figure most just want a follow in exchange (ummm, nope). When I get a new follower who writes well and about things I’m really interested in… and better yet leaves comments, I am so pleased. That blogger, I will probably follow back.

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  10. Now that’s just gross! I think we should invent leg hair extensions (good for holding up your socks in the dead of winter!) I, too, am trying to get motivated to get out and cut down all of the perennials before really bad weather sets in. Wish I had the motivation! It’s 45 degrees out there this morning!

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  11. I feel the same way about closing our screened-in porch for the winter as you do about your pond. The wicker furniture has to be stored in the basement and the plants have to be tossed, nothing difficult to do, but I put if off for as long as I can.

    I agree about not getting hooked on stats. I would’ve given up on blogging years ago if I believed they mean anything. All I look at them for is to see if there’s an overall change in pattern, not the specific numbers that show up there.

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  12. I saw that picture of the nose hair extensions and I think I saw the real thing at work the other day. I didn’t want to stare at the girls face but it definitely looked like there was something coming out of her nose that wasn’t just a nose piercing. GROSS! As for blocking unwanted followers, I went to WordPress to look that up and you can delete a follower but you can’t really block them. According to them the internet is public. You can delete them and that way they won’t automatically see you in their feed. Happy Sunday.

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    • Ewww! Can’t imagine someone with extensions or natural nosehairs that they don’t trim. I don’t feel stalked so at this point I won’t do anything. Just can’t figure out what the point it. It’s not like I’ll get my floor sanded!

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    • You can block, you can remove followers. Reader page – see top left: followers. Click on that. For blocking, go to your [now I can’t find it!] your profile/preferences page – ask the WP happiness engineers. Sorry – big fail (I’m still learning, but really don’t appreciate the bot-followers and get rid of the ones I’m sure are bots.

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