Random 5 for February 26 – It’s all about the weather


My pond and it’s inhabitants enjoying a spa day. Those two bumps on the backside of the heater is another frog.

We have had unseasonably warm weather for a while. Some days it is more than 20 degrees above normal. It affects a lot of things. Here is a random collection.

Happy (horny?) frogs – They came out of hibernation early. In the above picture, you can see the heater donut which keeps a hole in the ice cover so the gases can exchange when the pond freezes over. It didn’t freeze over this winter but the fish and the frogs enjoyed a spa-like experience around it.

Frisky neighbors cavorting outside!  – Those pesky Christmas decorations around the neighborhood that were strung too high to undo in the cold are coming down. Back to the attic until next holiday season. Can’t say that I am sorry to see them go. Santa and daffodils don’t go together.

Exercise – The beloved husband has been hitting the trails. He stays fit. During the summer he bikes and during the winter he works out on a treadmill. He has transitioned to outdoors walks and couldn’t be happier. I’ve accompanied him to point out all the landscaping work that needs to be done in the neighborhood. Good thing he has selective hearing.

The wildlife – Chipmunks came out of hibernation too. Juncos, birds that winter over here, seem to be disappearing. Perhaps they are catching an early flight home. Squirrels are quarrelling over corn cobs. I can smell skunks in the early morning. Can mating season be far behind?

I don’t need a freakin’ nap! – All winter I’ve been lethargic. Several times a week I’ve needed an afternoon nap. I’m not talking about a 20 minute power nap but a two-hour flat-out deep snore. My annual check-up is soon and I made a note to ask about that. Maybe I’m deficient in something (besides energy). That happy old sun came out and I haven’t napped since, but I’m still asking.

This is all the power of the weather.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

51 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 26 – It’s all about the weather

  1. Just yesterday I saw a brown, ready to burst into flames at any moment wreath on a door. It’s time for that to go.
    The nice weather put extra pep in my step. Walking outside without counting the minutes to be indoors again is a good thing. This weekend is not looking too good … boo!

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  2. I love to see your frogs and fish! It’s really something to read about your unseasonably warm temperatures. We’ve been cold and wet, which is unusual even beyond drought years, and I have really missed the sunshine. I’m completely onboard and appreciative of the rain and cooler climate, but I’m definitely more lethargic and don’t have the energy that is typical for me. I think our bodies really do respond to sunshine for an energy boost. It will be interesting to watch your climate shifts as we move into spring and I wonder if all will be typical or will you be in for more surprises!

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  3. We have friends from DC coming this weekend. They too are experiencing mild weather, and it’s gotten me wondering if they’re even excited about coming at this point. Were I in their shoes, I’d want it to be 20 below the day they leave. Your pond looks really cool, especially for February.

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    • Getting away and being with friends is wonderful. Good weather just adds to it. The pond is not only cool, the water is cold! We are not on a weather roller coaster. A few cold days and another warmup, more cold days and then a warmup. Better than a snow storm!

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  4. It’s hard to believe it’s going to be pond season again…frogs canoodling…chipmunks running relays across your yard . You have that nice, new patio furniture you bought last season.

    I’m looking forward to the warm weather when it actually stays…but time…it flies by so fast, doesn’t it?

    On a happier note, it will be Gracie’s first pond summer…:)

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  5. Sigh. I had hopefully unpacked sweaters and winger clothes (finally!) around Thanksgiving, but no. Only a few real winter days. I’m bored bored bored of all my warm weather clothes…and Molly isn’t too happy with the 85+ temps we’ve had – should be in the lovely 60’s. Once it hits 90m she doesn’t get to go out and play much as she is dark and gets overheated quickly. We are trying to get her out on the local trails while we can, …and they say we may drop back into the 50’s next week. Meanwhile the wild flowers are blooming, and the lawn is far too gwass ( as above). And I had to rake leaves all weekend as the oaks are dropping, pollening up, and putting on new duds.
    Had to laugh over the fish spa – reminds me of those monkeys that hang out around hot springs in the snow.

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  6. You and I would get along perfectly out for walks around the neighborhood, discussing what needs to be done, tsk-tsking our way along. And I agree: Santa and daffodils don’t go together. What is wrong with these people? Honestly.

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    • It’s the only (maybe) time I get real judgy! We had a neighbor paint their shutters cherry red. Bright cherry red. Yeow. A month later the painters came back with a more subdued deep red. I like decorating other people’s houses (outdoors). It’s cheap and keeps my interest going.

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  8. I hope it doesn’t get too cold again and harm the guys who came out of hibernation!!! Have you checked your vitamin D level? Mine is low and it was found only because I was feeling rundown. Apparently it happens to a lot of women.

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  9. For some reason, I don’t really feel like it’s spring until Target starts to display their outdoor merchandise… and I saw it last week – YAY! We have a house in our neighborhood that is still decked out with their Christmas lights. They turn them on every night so it’s not like they are just too lazy to take them done… it’s on purpose.

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  10. Funny, our Juncos are still hanging around. Perhaps a sign that winter hasn’t left the South…I hope not. We’ve been enjoying walks outside too. I still have to do my elliptical or treadmill to get in my hour of guaranteed daily reading time. Enjoy the weather, Kate!

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    • We have some Juncos, just not as many. You are such a good person. I don’t ever use the treadmill at home unless I am desperate. I go to the gym and do walks instead. Maybe a bright sunny exercise room would help but that’s not going to happen!

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  11. We are back to walking, too… walking the golf course. I need to keep CH on track for walking and not let him go back to the car and get his clubs. We already have daffodils, I posted our first to Instagram. It went down to 24 last night after Florida like temps last week… now they are talking snow showers… we need RAIN! I am anxious to hear pond stories from you! Our Juncos are gone too. I can hardly wait for Mr. Tanager and Mr. Baltimore to return in April! I mainly take 20 minute power naps… I don’t sleep well at all at night. I am too excited thinking about what good things I am going to do the next day… 😀

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    • There is an excitement to the air! We are back to cold today but another warm up on the way. With nice warm ups, I can take the occasional cold day. I am so done with snow (not that we had much). We have broken at least 5 record highs in the past 2 weeks. Warmest February on record and it’s not over yet. Nothing is blooming here yet (at least in my yard) but they are up.


  12. I loved our brief respite from Winter. Although, it hasn’t really been too bad, (yet)! I remember one the worst snow storms came in March. (I think it was in 1995) But, the sun and warm temps. warmed my disposition and my soul. Thanks Mother (Nature).

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  13. Like you and your hubby, we’ve been “hitting the trails” to enjoy the fine weather ~ around the neighborhood, on the beach, and at Disney. We got annual passes for the first time and have visited 3x. Each visit has required LOTS of walking ~> 6.7 miles, 10.4 miles, & 7.6 miles.

    Have fun getting ready for Spring in your ‘hood.

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  14. We had our first rainy winter here in years. And down into the forties at night! Usually I like the rainy (or any kind of weather), but I’m starting to get antsy. So’s the husband. How do I know?

    He’s willingly looking at patio furniture.

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