Merry Christmas to the beloved husband

dan-2016When you get older your perspective changes.

Holidays are not about the presents. You can buy your own in a color you really like.

It’s not about crowds of people because you can’t connect with anyone in a crowd.

It’s not about insane activities. You’ve seen and done all that. A 50th version of the Nutcracker Suite holds no interest. (Although a 50th viewing of White Christmas at home with a loved one does.)

We’re past the parties. We haven’t been invited to a real Christmas party in years.

So what are the holidays about?

Reflection. Gratefulness. Hope.

So much happens each year – some good, some bad. The bad always takes center stage but the good is there in spades.

The good comes in small packages that often go unnoticed — a new crop of cardinal babies or baby rabbits munching on my new spring plants. (How can you get mad at that?)

Silly squirrels and chipmunks racing around the pond. (Me with a net ready to fish them out if they slip but they never do.)

Frog eggs in the pond that turn in to tadpoles.

A chore that goes away because someone else did it.

A stranger buys you a drink at Starbucks for no reason. They don’t even know if you’re naughty or nice. They just do it.

Cat purrs when you’re sad.

Just when you think that the bleak winter will never leave, Mother Nature pushes out leaves and makes everything green again (and just in a nick of time!).

Ripe tomatoes picked from your own garden (enough said).

Intimate dinners with a few people so everyone gets to talk and catch up. (More importantly I can hear everyone!) That’s when you feel the connection.

Family that you know will be there if you need them. With bells on. (And maybe some strudel.)

Best of all, having a good year with you! We’re healthy. All synapses snapping (mostly). Intimate pizza lunches at the mall (I always was a cheap date). Wrestling for control of the TV remote (you fall asleep!).

It’s the normal routines that bring peace and tranquility.

Merry Christmas to the beloved husband.

51 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to the beloved husband

  1. The holidays are for children. I love the excitement in their eyes as they open their presents….but then even at a young age they find joy in simple things like – “grandma, can I have this box to play with”?


  2. You made me smile. And hug my own hubby. My words this holiday have been – love, light & kindness. Almost a mantra. Wishing you love, light & kindness, this holiday season and through the next year.


  3. You are so right about how we change with age over this stuff. The excitement and overstimulation are the worst. The little things the very very best! Ask Kana: she got a BOX yesterday and it has crumpled paper in it for nesting!!! Merry and happy to you! xo

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  4. I love this! Merry Christmas Kate ❤ I am 29 but I already don't like going out on Christmas eve or during the holidays haha…

    I actually told everyone that I don't wish to be involved in any social gatherings during my two week staycation and will see them in the new year :p

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  5. A lovely reflection and tribute to the man or your dreams and reality Kate 💕
    Mine is downstairs starting to prepare for our feast for 2 this afternoon! Lots to be grateful for 😊
    Merry Christmas 🌟🎄🎅

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  6. Merry Christmas to all of you, (the cats included). Your list of the true Christmas blessings is so true and beautiful. Celebrating with the Wisconsin branch of your family!

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