The fall changes and abstract thoughts

squirrel holding acorn nut clipart

I’m not ready! Summer was too short. And too hot!

There is a change in the air. It’s warm but it gets dark earlier and there is a chill in the morning air.

Everything knows it – animals, people, and plants.

The cats are napping indoors (instead of the screened porch). It makes no sense. It’s very pleasant out there. They napped in the porch during the hottest, most humid part of the summer when they had the option of a nice air conditioned room with fluffy furniture.

The squirrels are stocking up for the winter (storing their treasures in the oddest places!).

The frogs have stopped frolicking despite the warm pond water and the fish are less active.

I'll never grow up!

I’ll never grow up!

Someone (Peter Pan?) whispered to my tomato plants that they don’t need to grow up. I have a lot of green ones but they are not showing any interest in maturing. Sometimes I feel like that too but it doesn’t work for me.

Starbucks has gotten busier. Vacations are done. Teachers are back in school and everyone needs their morning “joe.” My coffee needs are the same year round. Hate the crowds!

A storm came up the east coast of the US this weekend wreaking havoc along the way. By the time it came up to the northeast it was far enough off the coast that we (who are inland a couple of hours) did not have any effects. Beaches took a pounding though.

We always seem to get a storm in the early fall. If we’re lucky, this will be it.

Hope you are enjoying fabulous weather wherever you are!


44 thoughts on “The fall changes and abstract thoughts

  1. I just finished reading Janis’s post on the very welcomed change of season in her city. Your two blogs made great bookend posts! I too recently finished writing about changes brought on by Labor Day (to be published this Saturday). Labor Day is a time that brings many changes and fascinating points of view! Thanks for sharing this.
    PS – I too would send Janis some of our rain if I could!

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  2. Seems like everyone has their own personal triggers for getting that fall feeling. Mine have to do with gathering chestnuts, stacking firewood and waking up in the morning when it is still dark. None of those things have happened yet and it is 75 degrees and sunny outside. So despite the fact that the school year has begun – it is still summer for me.

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    • The end of fair season (although I don’t go) and free concerts are signals to me. Some of my working friends are teachers and they are no longer available for lunch. It’s definitely a different vibe and it’s not really the weather. I don’t do your first two but the light changes factor in too. I hate getting up in the dark.

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  3. I think this may be one of the first years when I really just got sick of summer! It was so darn hot and dry and I’m ready for change. We have fall in the air, which in California is more of a shift in the light than temperature, but I’m really looking forward to fall. The squirrels in our yard are in full activity burying the acorns from our oak. I think this is hysterical since we don’t have snow and they can go pick something fresh from the tree year-round. But their activity does tell me we have transitioned from summer to fall!

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  4. Summer is always too short for me. I love those long, long days. If global warming continues, I may have to get an air conditioner, but so far we only get a handful of days that are too hot.

    Some of my kids went to beaches in NJ and RI on Labor Day, so I worried a little after hearing the weather reports, but they all had a good time. The weather is seldom as bad as we hear it’s going to be. Here in WA, the weather is comfortable and a little below average at 68 degrees.

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  5. Our beach walk this morning was . . . PERFECT! Gorgeous breeze and LOW humidity. Nice change of pace after Hermine’s rain, rain, rain last week.

    I have a good recipe for Green Tomato Relish if they don’t turn red. Let me know if you want it. Also, I used to pull up tomato plants before the first frost and hang them upside down in the garage to let the tomatoes finish ripening on the vine.

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    • Hope you didn’t have damage from the storm. It looked nasty down there. The cherry tomatoes are slowly pooping out but they will ripen. The early girl slicers haven’t budged much toward the red side in the past week. If they are at least pink they will finish turning. Hopefully we have another month before the first frost.


  6. Fried green tomatoes? We have two schools to drive by on our way to the gym in the mornings, and with school back in session it means we have to slow down to 20 mph as we pass them. That’s a sure sign of fall, though it blows my mind that some kids go back in August. School never started till after Labor Day for us.

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  7. That storm going up the east coast meant the winds circled around from the north to us – less humidity and slightly cooler – we could even sit outside early morning and walk late in the day without melting. That lasted about 10 seconds. Right now we’re happy if the night temps are below 85F.
    Squirrels are definitely busy shopping and storing…and leaping ahead of Molly. Rumor is there’s a possibility of a slight cool-ish front maybe next week. Not getting the fleece out yet…but darn sick of these hot weather clothes

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  8. We have some summer planned for today – awful humidity and a high of 92. You may have it. Tonight we are scheduled for possible rain, hail and damaging winds. A week ago we had 4 inches of rain. The humidity has been pretty thick. In a week it should be better – more fall like, they hope. Rain like this holds up the harvest in Iowa.

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    • Wow! That is crappy weather. I did see we are going back into the 90s later this week. I’m hoping it will cool off at night. This past weekend had the best weather we’ve had all season. Pleasant, not humid (for a change!) and sunny.

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