Random 5 or September 4 – Social signals, anticipation, entertaining, designers, grandkids

The granddaughters

The granddaughters

Guests – As you are reading this, there are two 10-year-old munchkins visiting their grandparents (that would be us). I have vitamin E, margaritas and Xanax stocked. Oh yes, I did get regular food for them. They leave right after the holiday so I’m expecting to spend a lot of time in recovery this week.

Reading signals –People read social signals differently. I’ve always been good at that and if I’m not sure I ask. (Is it time to go? Do you want help? What can I bring?) I also accept the answer given, not imposing my own feelings. Sometimes people read things into actions when it’s unintended. After serving dinner I am fearful of getting up for a bathroom trip. People read that as it’s time to clear the table or end this portion of the evening. I have started announcing that I’m doing a bathroom run and no one is to move until I get back or I will come back to find the chaos in the kitchen during an attempted clean up (and no that’s not the outcome I want). I wonder how Miss Manners would handle it.

Anticipation – Despite anything Carly Simon said, anticipation is a mixed bag. Sometimes the joy of knowing something is going to happen is better than the event itself (way too many times!). Sometimes it masquerades as dread even though the event is a good one. There may be work before and after that you’re not looking forward to doing or it could be one of those crapshoot events that may or may not be fun. Some people don’t do anticipation at all. Sure wish I was one of them. I can wear myself out with the foreplay rather than wait for the main event. Perhaps that’s anxiety.

One thing works, another doesn’t – The beloved husband made steaks on the grill for some friends. I forgot how good they are. We don’t eat them often. We have been eating healthier this summer. On the other hand we had a quasi-vegetarian over for dinner (she eats chicken and fish) and somehow that meal didn’t work out so well. I was so concerned about including meat products. I wasn’t happy with the outcome. It’s silly to get hung up on the “need to please.” Next time we are sticking to pizza. I know she likes that.

Shopping – Our local store had a large sale with coupons plus a senior discount. I decided to buy a blouse I had been eyeing (but really don’t need). It didn’t look good one me. The designer put tabs on the bottom sides of the blouse to give it a rutched effect. I do not need awkward rutching at my hips. What were they thinking?

So how was your week?


28 thoughts on “Random 5 or September 4 – Social signals, anticipation, entertaining, designers, grandkids

  1. I hope you had a wonderful time with the girls. It’s true you’ll probably need some recovery time, but time with them is happy time for all of you, I’m sure. I never thought about the fact that getting up from the table, for any reason, often signals a shift in the conversation and perhaps abruptly changes the energy at the table. I think your announcement sets the right tone! I will think of doing the same next time this comes up!

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    • I was struck with that social revelation within the past month. It’s happened twice. One time (and seriously I only peed!) I came back to find murky water in my sink and the plates (and my sharp knives) “soaking.” I don’t ever do that and would never presume to do that at someone else’s house. For me the most “helpful” people always cause the most work.


    • That’s the weird thing about kids. We see them once a year and they look so different. They are almost 11 with all that comes with the pre-teen. One of the things they wanted from Target was make-up. I didn’t even know they made kiddie make-up!

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  2. Visitors…as cute as they are can drive you crazy. Xanax…will I find that in produce or the dairy section? Of only.

    I’m not a meat eater but now smell Elsie sizzling on the hibachi. Of course if I succumb and go buy a porterhouse, you know it just won’t be the same…sigh

    As far as that, don’t need it, blouse goes…life’s short.

    Go get it.


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  3. When I first met the twins, they were 5 . . . or 6. Now they are tweens!
    With all the mixed signals being a tween can mean.
    We anticipate they will get older . . . while wanting them to stay young.
    The same goes for us.
    In contrast, pizza never sends out mixed signals. It’s ALL Good.
    Unlike a rutched blouse. Not a fan of rutching or ruffles . . .

    Except for the Ruffles with ridges.

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  4. Your granddaughters have grown like weeds since I started reading your blog. They look like happy girls, although I would be too if I was holding an Amazon gift card!
    Anticipation has been running hight here for about a month. My sister, whose son is getting married today, has had her full. She just wants everything to be over so she can breathe. Her anxiety is through the roof and I need to be able to bill for my therapy sessions.

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  5. I hope recovery goes smoothly for you this week. I can appreciate the process.
    I like anticipation in some things but you’re right, sometimes it’s better than reality and then you’re left disappointed. Were you relating it to your recent visit perhaps?😊

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  6. The rutching designers were thinking, “This will give a coat hanger or a size -2 mannequin some flair!” Sometimes they forget real people wear clothing.

    I’m an over-the-top, super-pleasy hostess, too. I find out all dietary requirements and dislikes ahead of time and I’m determined that no one will lift a finger.

    So perhaps I am also a control freak.

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  7. My week was great. I visited Montreal for my daughter’s 46th birthday. Her three teen-aged boys are very sweet and loving and funny. Then her husband gave her the deed to a piece of land where they are going to build their dream house!!! A great week with many blessings! Your granddaughters look sweet!

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