Random 5 for August 14 – Cravings, pessimism, plumbing, dresses, memories

Want! Now!

Want! Now!

The power of suggestion! – My local Starbucks is renovating. They close at 3 p.m. every day when the workmen come. Although I rarely go after my morning run, I have been getting cravings at exactly 3:10 p.m. every day. Weird, isn’t it?

Coincidence? I think not! – My mother thought things came in threes. Deaths, bad luck, just about anything. I had a very bad start to my day on Friday – Internet Explorer wasn’t working; I couldn’t get my bird feeder open to fill it; and I had to wait for a train TWICE (that never happens). All this before 9 a.m. I decided that all the bad stuff had happened and I wasn’t going to obsess about it. That didn’t work out so well. I am chalking it off to a really bad day when everything went south.

Postscript to the washer appliance storyWe got the new one installed only to find out that the water shut-off wasn’t working. We needed to get that repaired in case it flooded. Yikes! Cost almost as much as the washing machine.

I forgot about dresses – We met some friends this week for lunch. It was really, really hot. I wore shorts that hit my knees and an airy tee-shirt. I was drenched when I got home. I changed into a loose summery sundress I had and then I remembered how much cooler they are. No heavy fabric around my butt! So much better! My mother always wore sleeveless dresses during the summer.

The old homestead – The home the beloved husband’s parents built after the kids were gone, is up for sale. It’s an hour from where we live. We went to see it. The house has a great layout but the years had not been kind. It’s been empty for three years and needs work inside and out. There isn’t any grass left in the yard, the water in the pool was suspicious looking and the bathroom and kitchen were the original from the early 60s. It’s a pearl for a DIY-er as it’s located in a high-profile neighborhood. My husband never lived there but was sad to see it in such disrepair.

So how was your week?

40 thoughts on “Random 5 for August 14 – Cravings, pessimism, plumbing, dresses, memories

  1. A friend had her 60th birthday on Saturday and we planned to walk at Chanticleer Gardens. Luckily I did wear a floaty dress. The heat was too much, so we ended back at my house on the patio with a fan. I’m looking forward to the break in humidity today 😅

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  2. The power of suggestion is sort of like the reverse psychology we use on children.

    When we lived in the Philippines, I wore dresses (usually cotton) almost exclusively. They really are the most comfortable clothing when it’s hot and humid.

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  3. We’ve been installing ceiling fans with lights for 4 days now. The electricity in this old house needs rewiring badly. I was afraid at one point we’d have to call an electrician and could see the $$$ signs. But H pulled through! ~Elle

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  4. Funny you should mention dresses. Had that experience too. Had light trousers on and a T-shirt feeling incarcerated, then changed into a little cotton Jackie hanging out in Virginia shift, and it became a whole other ballgame. This humidity is challenging.

    Sad about seeing your husband’s old home. Hopefully it’s new inhabitants will treat it with care. I often wonder how things fall apart just sitting there. sigh

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  5. Plumbers cost a fortune. I had my kitchen faucets changed and it was almost $300 plus the cost of the faucets that I bought at Lowes. I always get in trouble with the plumbers when I rant online. I have threatened to marry a plumber or a carpenter, so I can get things fixed. LOL

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  6. Glad your water woes are wiped out. I am not a pool person, but this oppressive heat is making me want one! Somehow, I always forget about wearing a dress. I have a few and they are so comfortable…but my go to is always either shorts or a little longer than that pant.
    How are your fish?????

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  7. Ha, I’ve never found that bad things never limit themselves to threes. People say that to me, “Well, that’s three, you should be fine now,” and I immediately tell them “Bite your tongue!” and start looking around anxiously for a rabid dog or runaway train.

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  8. I’ve been looking for some lightweight summer dresses on the sales racks (we have at least three months of summer weather yet to go but the stores are already stocking up for fall) but haven’t had much luck. I don’t want short and I don’t want maxi. I may need to get out my sewing machine.

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    • I have two. The comfortable one is from LL Bean. The fabric is drapey enough without being clingy and it’s modest. The other is an old one from Coldwater Creek (prior to the reorg). I’ve also bought one from one of the cheaper catalogs you get in the mail. The bodice back was elastic so the fit was good no matter what your size was. I’ve typically wear them to picnics when it’s hot. My butt sweats on plastic chairs which is made worse by lots of fabric there.

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  9. At least you figured out the water shut off before an emergency need for it. To me that is boon that makes up for the bad day. My life seems to be scattered with undiscovered “broken water valve” problems that show up like grenades in my life.

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    • That was my husband’s attitude too. On the other hand, I added two minor plumbing jobs in with it and the final charge was $100 more than the washer. However….no floods and I have two easy functioning faucets. If we didn’t have the washer changed we would not have known about the valve. The installation guy couldn’t turn the water off so he had to turn the water main to the house off.

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